Why Don't You Turn Off The PageRank Feature In The Google Toolbar?

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Najah Geek: Should you be looking to acquire higher rank on search results, i propose using googlerankbooster weebly com. Just google it on google search

Metal Detecting Forum: I cannot understand why it is left? at the end of the day page rank is not changing any more on websites so its not really fair to leave it in place, you have already explained in the video that lots of people are still using it ? my point is that my sites and other have been frozen at a low rank which will no longer change and anyone visiting them who uses the page page to show how important a website is will look at mine being low ranged in a different light. When purchasing items of the net I used to myself in the early days use page rang to determine how highly ranked a website was before I purchased from it, many do similar, if it did not have a rank at all I would just leave it alone etc, There must be millions of new sites that show no page rank at all to all the people who still are using page rank and this is down to it no longer given genuine results but only frozen results ?

Pwolly: lies.

Michail Dimitriou: I agree! Now all old websites that have pr, have more value...

István Ujj-Mészáros: It is weird that newer sites have PR0, despite they are crap or have great content with lots of incoming links. So Google, please make your decision, update it, or drop it for all sites, just to be fair.

Joe Blackman: 1% is still 24 million or so users.

Spook SEO: I doubt if the reguar users even know about what page rank is. I know what Matt said about users wanting to see the rank but I'd bet if we talk about percentage, the numbers will be really low. Other users don't even know what a plug-in is, let alone the plug-in specifically for pagerank.

thechosen: I have a doubt that people look at Page Rank provided Internet Explorer does not allow toolbar while Chrome and Firefox browsers require certain plugins installed to view it. I don't think common user would make effort to search for plugins to see Page Rank except technical users.

feediza.com: How many regular internet users even know how to manage a huge site that they bought? after you eliminate techies, I would say 0%

BrasilaParis: To explain it more simple, Google is still tricking people with an absurd outdated tool ...

Intensive English: Matt, can you share any verifiable data to support your claim that many users rely on page rank? Sorry, but I find it very difficult to believe. I personally don't know anybody who uses it...and I know a lot of people :-). Sorry, but most web users don't need an arbitrary tool to judge the value of a site because we have our own unique and highly sophisticated tool of deciding...it's called common sense.

Piepkwiep: I use Search Status in Firefox. It's a great help while searching for the better linkdirectories.

Christina S: Most people use it for all the wrong reasons, chief among them being selling or even just the somewhat more innocent pursuit of trading links. Next is a false sense of value bestowed upon a site simply based on that toolbar PR, though there's no relationship between that and site relevance to anything. This is what has made it so useless, abused and the root of a lot of internet evil as it were.

Carter Cole: arent the toolbars that show pagerank on chrome making those calls against google's tos?

Domsa19: In other words, it will never go away. I'd rather stab myself in the face than use IE.

InfoProvide: I don't use Google toolbar because I have Google page rank chrome extension installed! I can only say that I like to check page rank of the page!

Jason Eyermann: 2 High factors of page rank is age and quality links. This signifies popularity and trust to me.

Jason Eyermann: If 1% of internet users all gave me £1 then i would be a very rich man. I would probably say the figure is a lot lower than 1% but that is still a lot of people.

David Duval: By "support" users I hope you mean you will not pass pagerank from hacked pages and blatant link selling as it is putting honest people out of business v7n.com/forums/web-directory-issues/332381-directory-network-gaming-page-rank.html

aga1nst: The only addon IE's users were installing was the Chrome Frame. Hell yeah they will remove addons :)

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Why don't you turn off the PageRank feature in the Google Toolbar?