How To Get Your Ex Back Fast!

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bruna kida: The was a time i had no connection on my phone I called my ex by mistakes it didn’t go through later I drop my phone was expect some ones call when my phone was rings was surprise it was my ex callx when I picked it up he wasn’t says any thing I called back n he said it was a mistake

Colt 45: Mic drop👍

carolina andrew: hi friends i most say this to you because it was a shame to say it before but now my problem is solve now, i was cheating on my husband because i was thinking he was cheating on me too so after two weeks while cheating on him he fine out that i was cheating on him, he push i and my daughter out then i was thinking the man i was dating will take us in but he rejected us and during the process of looking for an apartment i lost my job as a cleaner, i could not go back to my parents because is a big shame to say what happen that make my husband to push me out from his house, it look like the world was against me until i saw a testimonies on youtube on how people get back their husband and wife back so i took a step of faith to contact the man who helped me to get my husband back thank God for using Dr corey wayne who helped me out friends you can contact him if you are having issues in your marriage or relationship you can reach him here

2 Ksi speedy 420: I like this video a lot I miss my ex girlfriend so much we see each other for 5 months and 24 days and I think about her all the time I dream about her all the time then I get a random call 2 weeks ago random around 7:30 and 9:30 at night number I called back to first and then pick up in the second time they hanged up when he heard my voice my ex heard my voice she called my other friend too but I don't know why she was calling but now she's not calling anymore and I miss her so much like her pictures all the time and everything I just can't move on my heart is hers always be but hopefully we get back together soon ex Kate

Gill Adie: I used to miss my ex but now I'm just really not bothered about him anymore because I have a crush on someone else.

charming Gemini diva: u want ur ex back!! text, or call less frequent. half the amount u used to. STOP BEING so needy...... if they are were trying to change things u like about urself than this person isn't for u. and if the # 1 reason u really want them back was cuz of the great sex......, and the Communication sux. if ur lucky to be sex buddies go for it.
I been seeing a lot of these comments are links. wow!! just be honest, and if ur ex doesn't wanna at least work it out with u. look for links on how to get over urself I mean ex. 😂...... also give them space DAMN!

Shirleen kirigo: and what if after the breakup he got a babymama but still wants you back

Kyle Haines: I heard in this video that you have contacted people one-on-one on the phone. I was wondering if you might be able to give me a call or allow me to call you. I was in a long distance relationship with this girl for a year and a half as of July 8th but she broke up with me 2 days ago for no reason and it was so sudden! Idk what to do and I could really use your help!

siddheshwar patil: i had a break up......i pleaded n begged alottt....but she didnt agreed.....i forced her to talk and she complained to principle in college.....what should i do to get her back???? she is not even ready to look at me......

Varun Tomar: Recently I had a Breakup but I love her a lot.
I did a mistake before our relationship we were best friends and a
contacted her as a best friend within three days of break up.
I desperately want her back.
Please tell me what to do now?

Shannon Hearne.x: I love him so much but he just dosnt understand

Millennium: Thanks for the information, I needed it.

Kaan Kaya: 4:05 lol

Malek Souidi: hello, i've been in relationship that last more than 2 years and then he broke up with me and now he is dating new girl and it's have been 5 months since they are together but sometimes he call me and want to see me he hug me and kiss me and after we meet he don't call me he spend a while with no contact and then he calls me back i'm really confused 🤔by the way he always share he's photos with the new girl

Sandra Smith: i like the free tips in this video

Karen Robles: he changed his number

imba spirit: This is a bullcrap video, its all questions and will not give you the answer , i will never watch your videos crap stain

TheFrrostbite: im in the exactly same position you were in.

Hansen RJ: my ex girl call'in me when she found out I now wear $30k of jewelry and my mixtape dropped. Dam girl!

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How to get your ex back fast! 5 out of 5

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How to get your ex back fast!