Carbon Filter For Water Pipes

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HUnch Back: carbon fliter rocks right?

Stevie Downing: Grow up and get off drugs. ML, Stevie ** Sweetpuppy*com/BigBerkey **

Jay 0: ok....... so nothing is going to filter out all impurities.

Mac McGovern: once it clogges do u just clean it and it goes back to normal?

dadorean: are you sure it's ok to just use the stuff from the pet store? it clearly states on the packing DO NOT INHALE

Erick Avila: hahahahhahahhahahahhah! You graduated with a masters from english and you still can't spell "you're" correctly? hahahhahahaaha! I smell bull :P

Garrett Carrico: Your still an idiot either way. I graduated with a masters in eng lang so hop off deeeez nuttssss african americanAA. ps ur stil an idiot

Erick Avila: You're* ....sorry, who's the idiot now? lol dude come on, I know people who don't even speak English and know the difference between that, I knew that since I was in elementary....don't be talking smack if you're gonna fail.

Garrett Carrico: your an idiot

geetarfr34k: sick piece btw

Robert Sandoval: That's a freakIN BIG ASS NAIL!!! (BAKED)

deinemudda9000: in german we got special filters for bluntsmoking you dont feel anything in your lung but it taste good

SouthernOregonOrgani: Well when I lived in the droms these weren out yet. This was in 2008 ish, i used this gel called ONA gel. Picked it up from a hydro shop and boy did that stuff do the trick. I was hot boxing my room with blunts and never did any one suspect a thing. In fact people would complement me on how clean my room smelt. ONA gel, GET SOME IT REALLY WORKS!!

tiggakayz: are you guys still alive ?? no side affect from this carbon filter? do you feel fine? still use it? quite interesting...

Jarret Danzig: Bouta Week

Jarret Danzig: U will wanna put your carbon filter right under the bowlhead for best results, also should rinse carbon before u put in glass, Enjoy!

CSimeone21: Lol, doesn't keep your piece clean if you be smokin errl.. Wax.. W.e in fact doesn't change a thing but taste.

Ikius1: Hey, i have a good question. If i set it up this way, have a water bong, attach carbon filter adapter first thing, then put ASHCATCHER, and THEN bowl. so lets just say, we take a hit.. i ignite the bowl, the smoke diffuses in the ashcatcher (catches all the ash etc), then the somewhat cleaner smoke goes thru and filters thru the carbon filter, AND THEN the last filter into the chamber of my bong. is this the better way to smoke? or should i put the carbon filter before the ashcatcher. thank

Zachary Monticus: You're suppose to rinse the carbon with water and a paper towel before you sesh. If you don't you're basically inhaling charcoal with smoke. Do your research or go to a credible head shop.

Duke Errl: Are all CBDs non polar???

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Carbon Filter for water pipes 5 out of 5

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Carbon Filter for water pipes