Carbon Filter For Water Pipes

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Jay 0: ok....... so nothing is going to filter out all impurities.

Mac McGovern: once it clogges do u just clean it and it goes back to normal?

ransom1020: yes you should be able too, The guy at my smoke shop told me I can use that stuff. What that warning is referring too I believe is not smoking that stuff with flame. If you wash it off to get rid of any dust and your using the proper carbon filter glass piece, then smoke passing though it will cause you no harm. I have been using it for years and there is no ill effects. However if you have a local smoke shop pass it by them.

dadorean: are you sure it's ok to just use the stuff from the pet store? it clearly states on the packing DO NOT INHALE

ransom1020: Yes still alive! Still Smoking too! Toke up!

ransom1020: Thanks man, that's one of my veterans still kickin around here some place.

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geetarfr34k: sick piece btw

12VeTtE21: where can i buy the glass piece you put the carbon filter in?

12VeTtE21: i was looking to get some ona gel but i have a few questions for you. what size did you get? how big was your dorm (about) and did you cut a bunch of small holes in the plastic after the top to the gel lid is opened? or just let it be with all the air getting to it? also did u have it open while you were smoking or just after? and for how long? lol sorry i know its a lot but i wuld rly appreciate your help. thank you

12VeTtE21: Where can I find the glss piece he put the carbon fiber in? And what is it called?

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deinemudda9000: in german we got special filters for bluntsmoking you dont feel anything in your lung but it taste good

SouthernOregonOrgani: Well when I lived in the droms these weren out yet. This was in 2008 ish, i used this gel called ONA gel. Picked it up from a hydro shop and boy did that stuff do the trick. I was hot boxing my room with blunts and never did any one suspect a thing. In fact people would complement me on how clean my room smelt. ONA gel, GET SOME IT REALLY WORKS!!

ransom1020: @tiggakayz lol ya im still alive, there are no side effects, its just science and it works, gets you high as a plane and keeps the smoke clean

tiggakayz: are you guys still alive ?? no side affect from this carbon filter? do you feel fine? still use it? quite interesting...

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Carbon Filter for water pipes 5 out of 5

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Carbon Filter for water pipes