How To Make A Tekkit Classic Server

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Harley Todd: Anyone having problems with the java launcher you will need to go in a delete the mod_netherores because that is what is making your cmd prompt crash

Jace Crawford: Is the server free? I was wondering because I don't wanna pay for a server

Golden Gamer: dude next time dont show your ip. u could get hacked

Woody fur: When ever I try to join, it says: failed to connect: connect. what should I do?

Henry McCutcheon: did everything correct doesn't work

Blackdown: Why the freak was the username "virgin" ???

Daniel Quilling: You know how win-rar is free? Press "later" when it asked you to pay :D

Bandit Leader: thanks for your default gateway. now i can hack into your internet and shut it down forever! MWUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

MarioCastMC: Used to work fine for me, now this pops up in command prompt when I run launch.bat - 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Help. :P

bronxtown chris: Hey thanks for the help but I was wondering every time i play tekkit i want to use the texture pack sphax bd craft but i cant seem to get every texture loaded into one pack can you help me with that?

ArMyOfEpIcNeSs: thanks man Liked ;)

Timpu Eusebiu: im on upc how should i do it

TheMCBros: hay can any one make me one please

lachlan leone: Screen recorder ?

Daniele Chiapello: winrar is free too :P

Caleb Eades: i get a error mesage when i click launch?????

Wooden Spoon: Thanks that was really helpful

RebelOfDominator: @kellkrista same here ....

Aaron Leota: Winrar is free as well :/

george mcminn: thanks!!!

Foxy Boyz: kristia u need 32c bit java not 64 bit


Luke Matthews: Is this your moms laptop

Abbas Visram: Yes cmd runs my server and i don't lag get a better computer.

dylan england: you dont have to play

Abbas Visram: English Accent

LifeOfGaming: Hey, when trying to connect to my router it says the webpage cannot be found

Holden Nicholaus: Can you have more than 1 tekkit servers port forwarding at the same time?

SuperPookieee: thx you saved my life. thanks so much i want to hug you right now

Mursamunelegend: my gateway has two sets of numbers what do i do there

DedicatedAssassin: nope, just tried it. but if i go to reset it it says to enter the 10-digit system password printed on the bottom of your unit. what is it talking about.?

Olivia Northam: I figured out the port triggering but when I open the launch thing it says java is not recognized as an internal server command

matara013: Winrar is free.... the trial never ends.

SiegeMound: For those of you on the NETGEAR genie page, it is under Advanced > Advanced Settings > Port Forwarding / Port Triggering

Iramia MC: Accully no. i have it for free

Abbas Visram: Sorry man i have no idea on that router i only know for netgear routers

TretriousGamers Jake: so is winwar i know i use it!

cowboy515geek: it wont work on the launch part it says java is not recognized as a international command

deyoshi153: or admin

Km599: Dude, cmd is command prompt. how is it lagging you? get a better computer. u have some old XP or something?

Logan Orean: how do u do it on an at&t network

DedicatedAssassin: nvm

Mursamunelegend: i meant how do you add rules

Minasmins: you just dont get it kid

MinecraftPr16: When ever I run the launch.bat it stops at saying 7 more?

SideWinder: I have done everything up until running the file named "launch" but whenever I run it, it says "java is not a recognized batch file or command" then I am forced to exit. =/

Abbas Visram: NO i am a 13 year old BOY.

Abbas Visram: I think it's the same 25565 check it put on the internet if your not sure.

Nubs4Are4Beast: port forwarding is so easy ... what im confused about is why is it showing that i dont have all the mods i downloaded the server off classic tekkit and im using the correct Ver but im missing 4 mods?

TheSaltyblackdog: lol

How To Make A Tekkit Classic Server 4.6 out of 5

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