How To Make A Bow String - Continuous Loop Part 1

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Beca Johnston: Really nice Vid !!!!... watching your videos you make it feel that it is so easy to do a string... Im coming back to shoot after long time (years) that I have not touched a bow..... this help me lot to make considerations regarding the materials and technique to make your string .. Thank you so much for sharing...

Nader Shammout: ca I make it out of nylon cord

Paul Pierce: Thanks, I followed these instructions and my first string came out great on the first try.

princess peterson: so far paracord has held up fine but is not as "clean" looking.I have had no stretch issues from it.handles the friction well.

princess peterson: wonder how to make a crossbow this any my case I need a fatter cord as I use bolts and there is a higher draw form the bow.maby close to 100 pounds,not sure as I can't measure it

XinyiLHBF: Nick, first off, you're an amazing bowyer. Where'd you get all the knowledge you have? Second, thank you so much for your un-selfish sharing!

Drevon Molotov: I need a new drawstring on my re-curve bow, is there any type of string you can recommend me to use? The string snapped the first time I drew the bow.

Ícaro Von Schwangloss: any material thats not official "string material" to make the... strings?

Carlos Andrés del Valle: how does the pipe thick efect the lb force for stress it 1/2= ?, .... ,1 inch= ? this thinking on a bow of 20 inch all flat? if you have an other reference for the answere pleas put it in tha answere.

Mitchell Kratochvil: would you consider selling some
i want to make the hobbit bow but dont have the materials to make the string please let me know +BackyardBowyer 

DynamoUSA: Great video, use some of that string for a weed wacker LOL


Charles Douglas Contreras: what kind of string or material are you using for making the string? and thanks for share your knowledge

GrandOldPuba: I like how you have the other videos in this series up in the description. I wish everyone with multiple part videos would do that. Good job on the series. liked and subbed

Chris MacEnany: Hey Nick I really enjoy your channel. I have a question I made a re curve break down bow and it's about 47" long measuring by the method you showed and for the life of me I can't no way get the distance of my palm with my thumb up between the string and the bow grip. Your comments please. The true distance between string and bow is about 4 1/2". Is 1" schedule 40 too big for a break down bow or should I have used 3/4"? The bow looks great and is balanced and plenty strong. The problem is I don't think I have the strength to string it. But I finally did and tied plenty of knots in a paracord and strung it overnight. The previous measurements are the results of that.

Louis Ta: and the string is made of twine. though i don't have the proper string to use, it still works.

Louis Ta: i made my own 10 pounds longbow with trial and error. first 2 fails were using 1/2 inch pvc pipe and cutting the nocks way too deep. and when i pull back they snap off. so i made an ingenious way to do it is by not cutting the nock too deep and only cut a v about 1/8" and the depth is only the end of the thickness that way it does not break.

Keli Tony: This looks really easy to make. Thanks for the vid

ethan storey: Please can you show us how to make a PVC server

Dale Erwin: FYI the best place I've found to buy beeswax is on  I use a lot of it in my leather work.

Nathan Jennings: Will fishing line work for serving string? I made the actual string out of fishing line, and was wondering if I could use fishing line for the serving as well.

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
How To Make a Bow String - Continuous Loop Part 1 5 out of 5

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How To Make a Bow String - Continuous Loop Part 1