Samsung I8910 Omnia Hd Running WP7 Part2.mp4

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Wolve Chen: You guys just suck. Saying the posted movie is fake, without getting background infos. You guys just SUCK! Here is a link, that explains how it is possible: I hate guys, that just scream "Noob, FAKE and all the stuff without even spending a little time for research!" YOU GUYS ARE THE NOOBS!

Alin Trifan: noob

I. Delevra: windows middle button? fakeeee asshole

chandandey2000: freak you motherfreaker ur a fake if it possible then tell how and send all instictions and process u bloody fool

Nicolarena: fake,this is not the omnia hd, it's another phone, it's impossible to have multitouch in the omnia hd

TximTiftang: Nope, this is an early WP7 device, it just have the same case as the i8910

Khan Zada: yeh exactly i agree with u bro :-) but i have used alot of cellphone but as much as most reliable and friendly used phone is samsung i8910 is. no other is like that.

Furkan Can: Oha iyiymiş

Khan Zada: sir but have u listen the news that Samsung is going to launch the device same as omnia i8910 but it will be with WP7 (also windows button). if you donot trust then wait for some time soon you will got the news regarding this.

domnulnaspa: @Pazzle1 You can't, because this particular i8910 has a different 1 Ghz processor. It's a prototype not a stock phone.

KCS1000: wenn das bei mir auch gehen würde -.- .... habe dieses langweilige symbianOS aufm handy und man findet keine richtigen apps für -.- scheiß symbian

J0K3R: @Nicolarena what you're saying, is kinda like ... you can't have knetic scrolling... everything is possbile..even overclocking it

Vincent Ubbens: check this video they still use our phone!! Is there already any news about our phone iwth wp 7?

Pazzle: how can i flash the i8910 with WP7? pls tell me

psychotickable: Its the like the i8910 with a slightly faster cpu 5mp cam running Windows7 (which is multitouch). Ironic thing is that thanks to the efforts of Andy and Faenil (to name a few) i8910 now has a cpu speeds to match. The only thing the i8910 falls on is the multitouch which isn't implemented in s60v5. The i8910 screen is multitouch compatible. Silly samsung! If ....IF anyone does get around to porting Android or Win7mob to this device It'll be one of the most capable phones available :)

Richard Levin: FAKE! that is the windows phone you can see the middle button has windows logo @ 1:16

rashad2193: do u know how to install android os to ur samsung i890 hd

Intouch Bluecosmos: Huh Omnia HD Has windows button and back button ?

PCConquest: I know its been a while, but does this have a tutorial yet or what?

Khan Zada: well bro if u donot beleive then very soon u will see the Omnia HD same as in the video is. :-)

samsung i8910 omnia hd running WP7 part2.mp4 3.3 out of 5

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samsung i8910 omnia hd running WP7 part2.mp4
samsung i8910 omnia hd running WP7 part2.mp4
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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD - DLNA functionality (lang: Russian)
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samsung i8910 omnia hd running WP7 part2.mp4