Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Refinish

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Dylan Davison: Hey. Real question. I had a Tele and gave it to a friend that paints cars. He used car paint (white) and he just painted over the old paint. It seriously turned out amazing. So my question is - I have a strat body (sunburst) and want to order paint from Reranch and paint over the old paint (rather that strip the old paint). Is there a problem with this? It would save me time and money to not strip. Thanks!

Billy4269: This looks amazing, I plan on doing the exact same thing to my satin cherry les paul once it gets warmer out....I know exactly how to do the top and paint it gold but i'm not too sure how to get the back to be that natural yellowish brown color like you have in this video. How exactly do you achieve that finish on the back? The back of mine is cherry red with open grain you can feel all the little holes and stuff in it. Grain filler and then a dye??? 

Don Rossington: What color gel stain is that?

kostis orfanidis: Great job man Keep it up !!!!

Ralf Bokelberg: Great music! Awesome Job on the guitar. I have this 83 lp standard which could use a bit of love too.

Gibby: What is the color of the Minwax stain you are using? It looks great 

richard couch: Just a wonderful refin. Looks like the real deal and the "natural binding" looks great. I thought the LP Studios were finished in Poly which doesn't come of with removers so well but it looks like it came off pretty easy for you. You show Strip-X and Jasco Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover. Did you use both?

ezon: I'm thinking of doing this on my guitar as well. But I want a natural finish with the same back as the guitar of the video. any tips on how I would be able to do this???

Fernando Posada: Thanks for the video. I'm lloking to refinish my melody maker from the original white to a vintage TV yellow, as you see it on Les Paul Juniors and specials. How do you think I could manage to get that look? Thanks again!

strangebirdsir: Wow. This is seriously amazing. Hats off to you. I always pass on guitars with no binding on the body because it looks so much better with it. I don't know why Gibson just doesn't leave the maple cap binding exposed like you did here. It would make their studios and "Cheaper" guitars look so much better. Now if I only had the knowledge to do something like this. Would you ever consider doing this for someone else?

Ankur Nehru: wow

jimiz jimiz: CAN TEAH ME

enzo nuestro: i love cherry bust though

Paulinho Ph de Souza: top

BillieSebastian: love the back of the guitar!

VictoryGuitarShop: Looks great!

nintensam64: what kind of paint did you used ?

Stephen Page: You did an awesome job!!!! absolutely beautiful.

MrSleesch13: How much is it if I would exactly the same ? ;)

Pat Crowe: Nice video!

Rajay Khan: The quality of this work is to be highly praised. 

Boingusboingus: Lovely job. Looks like a million dollars. I just bought a stripped 1972 Deluxe that I'm hoping to get redone like this. It too began life as a sunburst.

Andy Russell: Amazing.

VictoryGuitarShop: Hi, I am having trouble finding out what kind of gold flakes Gibson uses in their current gold tops. It seems six years ago or so they switched from using #256 flakes from Crescent Bronze to something that does not turn green from wear. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks Peter Leveillee Victory Guitar Shop 401-392-3471

kieran mcgee: sick!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Howlinblind Muddyslim: Good Job

Rich Firyn: Very nice job with total attention paid to detail throughout the process.

frankiev1231: It's a Chick painting this Axes HELLO" fellas i wonder if she Cute?

frankiev1231: waiting days and mouth's waiting you're money " you should have bought a Classic model

enjoiamelon: great refinish, you should of done faux binding on the top like how you did with the maple cap for the sides

rnrchris: Thanks for the tip about the Bartleys Light Pore Filler but I could not find it online. Do you know a place I could buy some? Thanks again! Chris

MrForhelvede: It looks much better now. Nothing beats a gold top. But you should have closed the wormholes and thrown away the scratch plate. Then it would have been superb. At least in my opinion.

twinsmm1: @LastL98 Thanks for the reply! The guitar I'm speaking of -is- actually a, quote Goldtop unquote (Gibson fake). The existing finish color isn't even close to the real deal. Having said that, the paint on the top covers the binding to the edge of the guitar. I need to get the fihish off the binding too (to clarify). I'm thinking that sanding down to the binding is my only option here?

Bobby Smith: Looks great! But you needed to spray green first and then the Gold over that. This gives it the greenish gold top look like Gibson did it.

Shain Rochester: At first I thought this was a bad idea. Why would anybody want to change from burst to Goldtop? Usually you hear it done the opposite. Once I seen what you did, I knew why. That is absolutely rocking what you done with that Les!

Greg McKnight: Nice work. A question: Do you wet sand after each spray (primer, color, clear)? And what grits do you go through for the wet sanding? Okay, so that was two questions :) Like your website too.

Ivan Fornos: Great results!!! What do you use for golden paint ?? something from Stewmac?

Guilherme Brito Gomes: Uooh! Man, congrats on this job.

LapidaryDreams: @infernalmetaller You can see a few more of my guitar refinishing work as well as the process used in detail on Lapidarydreams dot cam .

bobbermanland: you do know that you could have just bought a gold top lp saved yourself a crapload of time

LastL98: @twinsmm1 Absolutely! Use a chemical stripper but stay far away from the binding. Tape it off with some 3 M Detailers Pin Stripping Tape. just sand "carefully" next to the binding & go very slow & methodically. Take most off though using a regular stripping agent. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the process. Best of luck on your project.

RiotBadger: Great work!

Bronze Oceans: @acdcruleurmom It's "La Grange" by ZZ Top...

Al Gonis: did you do all this work with spray?

TheMichaelConnor: You're freaking pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LapidaryDreams: Check our webs ite @ w w w LapidaryDreams . c om for pricing & process as well as the wait list & time schedules.

Martin Blue: Is it a studio ?

goodyear2602: I am sooooo happy that you left the mahogany as it was and used only clear laquer on the back. Superb!

LapidaryDreams: We refinish all types of guitars. We currently have two clients that are not Gibson or LP styles. One is a beautifully 'hand-built' custom Bass made with in Maple the other is a Warrior Six String Electric Guitar. Thanks for your interest.

njarnjas: Great video,also thinking to refinish my Studio to goltop finish,nice music too!

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Refinish 4.9 out of 5

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Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Refinish
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Refinish
Gibson Les Paul Studio LPVM5 Custom Guitar Refinish RRO Top Bursted Back
Gibson Les Paul Studio LPVM5 Custom Guitar Refinish RRO Top Bursted Back

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Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Refinish