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7munkee: Dancing with violin is not such a new thing, Celtic Woman has had a dancing violinists for years. Lindsey is AWESOME though...she doesn't have a 50 piece orchestra backing her up.

Randee Dragon: I say bouncing electrifying Lindsey and captivated me all the time. Indeed! I don't get it why people playing to be judge. In this world that we all live in and after only Jesus Christ can judge! More blessing to you Lindsey...

Wildstar1960: Ms. Stirling is stunning & talented beyond belief. Just WOOOOOW !!!

Randee Dragon: All I'm saying appreciated what she does and be part of that heart every time she plays if you love what you see!

Allan Palmer: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Gary Levin: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Edward Harris: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Derik Davis: Beautiful, music, and everything about her. Love you Lindsey! Keep up the fantastic work! 

Eboni Mayle: Nice own written song cool edge to it

Lance Olsen: Lindsey Stirling is amazing, intuitive and absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see her perform live in Salt Lake City, UT at In The Venue on 03/29/14. The Show Is going to be Stunning. I love you Lindsey and keep up the good work.

Raven5421: Flawless.

Witosz Bryła: Bardzo dużo nieczystości bardziej skupiała się na kroku i na show a nie na graniu, mimo to lubię jej wykony. :)

Hayder saleh: Lindsey Stirling

Harold Carey Jr: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Eboni Mayle: Love it 

Andreas Janke: Here's one of #LindseyStirling's performances on TV. It's from March:

Wishbone799: What makes a great musician is how they make something of their mistakes.

Lindsey Stirling GER: Here's one of #LindseyStirling's performances on TV. It's from March:

Jay J: Lindsey performs live on The Morning Blend!

Sergey LeeSoft: Еще одно интервью с Линдси Живое исполнение *Spontaneous Me* и *Crystallize* inside ;)

dancergirl40: This shows that even Lindsey Stirling has nerves that get to her! I bet when she practiced two minutes before none of her mistakes were there it shows that she's Amazing but human! :)

Ian Ault: I was making a joke and I've seen many live bands. I Have seen Lindsey live as well. Besides, I was using the Gandalf premise; that a wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

Jerma San: I heard a mistake but still. Great

Tony Silvio: Are you kidding? Of course it's possible.. Have you never been to a concert? Never heard a fast and/or complex guitar riff live? They screw up - or play it sloppily, at the least - quite often.

rquiksilver182: I really think it's the audio. Sounds like they set something wrong.

Glifter: ... at concert she got an other soundset as in the show y But !! she cant play perfect when she is moveing ^^ if u play musik urself u can hear it

Hoang Lao Ta Ta: Love watching you playing!

rigoleon1423: Dragon Ball Z song

SilverGreekFreak: And play correctly.

Crystal Xie: The best violinist/dancer/composer/singer of all time! :D

Isabel Portillo: Mom walks in. "What are you watching?" Me: "shhhhhh dont ever interuppt me when I am watching lindsey stirling!"

wide-eyed maid: she made tons of mistakes but I love her anyway. <3

Ewa92ful: i'm her fan since 3years ago...

Yaki Termocaos: I want to be lindsey's violion :L

threedfreek1: they dumbed down the dubstep element of the music... stupid networks

Diana Lorenzo: I'm sorry Lindsey but is your d and g string in tune or are you mistaking with your bow . I'm not being rude I'm also a violinist

larry potter: Apparently you did good Mathew. Can you use up the bow?

Jakers457: It's the art of performing music, if you freak up then act like you were supposed to do it.

Timothy Prado: I'm in the sixth grade and playing the violin

Sunny Xu: Lindsey, I'm a new fan but honestly, I don't think you understand how many people's days you brighten up with your music. It's not just phenomenal... It's motivating. It's like I can listen to your music and actually feel like doing something again after a bad day. Absolutely stunning. Keep it up Lindsey, we all love you. :)


Katja O.H.: Please come back to Sweden!! :')

Mitch VH: Great interview, but they made a little typo when she starts playing Crystallize. Its with a double 'L' instead of one.

Fabio Santilli: Great Lindsey!

AlainaNash: I saw her live in Nashville and she is always awesome. No one can be perfect 100% of the time. Anyone commenting on the slight imperfections should try to do what she does. This proves she did not fake these interview songs by dubbing them in. I love these live songs and embrace all the imperfections. Lord knows I could not be perfect on the trumpet every time.

The Demianonator: Sounds like a old floor :(

Isabel Portillo: aww man i watched lindsey stirling now i guess i am gonna stay up for a few days

MrJoeray11: moon walking the violin is awesome do a Castlevania lineage tribute

Tiger LoveHeart: they weren't errors, do you know her? no, then you wouldn't know :p also well she's human she can also get tired at some points she practice so much, you obviously wouldn't know this either

Deet Er: i've seen her live and it sounds better, but that's bc drew and gavi play so loud that you can't hear all the little mistakes and they have more control manipulating her sound at her own shows. with this kind of live audio feed with the backtrack, the violin is much more exposed so it's more obvious. you just can't play the violin perfectly and dance at the same time, that's why her pre-recorded vids are a better option for her

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Lindsey Stirling 4.9 out of 5

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