Lindsey Stirling

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Lauren O'Keefe: Love this performance! It would be better if it was in tune though

Tom Barnes: $5000 dollars wow!!!!

Only 1/1000th of what the best real violinists use.

sten lauritzen: hmm in eu she dont need to kiss a tv person because the icketts sell iself yes im from scandavian and here the tickect go like buter on hot bread bu in germany you blink an all he ickect are gone

Randee Dragon: All I'm saying appreciated what she does and be part of that heart every time she plays if you love what you see!

Randee Dragon: I say bouncing electrifying Lindsey and captivated me all the time. Indeed! I don't get it why people playing to be judge. In this world that we all live in and after only Jesus Christ can judge! More blessing to you Lindsey...

Wildstar1960: Ms. Stirling is stunning & talented beyond belief. Just WOOOOOW !!!

Raven5421: Flawless.

7munkee: Dancing with violin is not such a new thing, Celtic Woman has had a dancing violinists for years.  Lindsey is AWESOME though...she doesn't have a 50 piece orchestra backing her up.

Wishbone799: What makes a great musician is how they make something of their mistakes.

Derik Davis: Beautiful, music, and everything about her. Love you Lindsey! Keep up the fantastic work!

Witosz Bryła: Bardzo dużo nieczystości bardziej skupiała się na kroku i na show a nie na graniu, mimo to lubię jej wykony. :)

Eboni Mayle: Nice own written song cool edge to it

Eboni Mayle: Love it

Mad Boy: Moonwalk :O

CptBipt0: does it make me a bad person if i masturbated the whole video

David Allen: 1. At least She’s not lip syncing. 2. This is not the studio. 3. It’s human, it’s emotional, its beautiful.

Bree Leno: Okay, everyone who is commenting about how many mistakes she made, if you can't play better, which, considering the fact that you are on youtube instead of practicing your violin, you are definitely not, then you need to shut your ignorant, judgemental asses up. She's probably making more money than any of us commenters combined. Have some respect.

Chaos: I played the violin from 5th grade up till I graduated from high school.. then I put it down for almost 3 years, then I saw some of her work and have decided to go dig my violins out of their graves and start again..

Timothy Prado: I'm in the sixth grade and playing the violin

Tiger LoveHeart: they weren't errors, do you know her? no, then you wouldn't know :p also well she's human she can also get tired at some points she practice so much, you obviously wouldn't know this either

Lindsey Stirling 5 out of 5

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