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7munkee: Dancing with violin is not such a new thing, Celtic Woman has had a dancing violinists for years. Lindsey is AWESOME though...she doesn't have a 50 piece orchestra backing her up.

Randee Dragon: I say bouncing electrifying Lindsey and captivated me all the time. Indeed! I don't get it why people playing to be judge. In this world that we all live in and after only Jesus Christ can judge! More blessing to you Lindsey...

Wildstar1960: Ms. Stirling is stunning & talented beyond belief. Just WOOOOOW !!!

Randee Dragon: All I'm saying appreciated what she does and be part of that heart every time she plays if you love what you see!

Allan Palmer: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Gary Levin: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Edward Harris: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Derik Davis: Beautiful, music, and everything about her. Love you Lindsey! Keep up the fantastic work! 

Eboni Mayle: Nice own written song cool edge to it

Lance Olsen: Lindsey Stirling is amazing, intuitive and absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see her perform live in Salt Lake City, UT at In The Venue on 03/29/14. The Show Is going to be Stunning. I love you Lindsey and keep up the good work.

Raven5421: Flawless.

Witosz Bryła: Bardzo dużo nieczystości bardziej skupiała się na kroku i na show a nie na graniu, mimo to lubię jej wykony. :)

Hayder saleh: Lindsey Stirling

Harold Carey Jr: Lindsey Sterling: Violin dub-step

Eboni Mayle: Love it 

Andreas Janke: Here's one of #LindseyStirling's performances on TV. It's from March:

Wishbone799: What makes a great musician is how they make something of their mistakes.

Lindsey Stirling GER: Here's one of #LindseyStirling's performances on TV. It's from March:

Jay J: Lindsey performs live on The Morning Blend!

Sergey LeeSoft: Еще одно интервью с Линдси Живое исполнение *Spontaneous Me* и *Crystallize* inside ;)

dancergirl40: This shows that even Lindsey Stirling has nerves that get to her! I bet when she practiced two minutes before none of her mistakes were there it shows that she's Amazing but human! :)

Ian Ault: I was making a joke and I've seen many live bands. I Have seen Lindsey live as well. Besides, I was using the Gandalf premise; that a wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

Jerma San: I heard a mistake but still. Great

Tony Silvio: Are you kidding? Of course it's possible.. Have you never been to a concert? Never heard a fast and/or complex guitar riff live? They screw up - or play it sloppily, at the least - quite often.

rquiksilver182: I really think it's the audio. Sounds like they set something wrong.

Glifter: ... at concert she got an other soundset as in the show y But !! she cant play perfect when she is moveing ^^ if u play musik urself u can hear it

Hoang Lao Ta Ta: Love watching you playing!

rigoleon1423: Dragon Ball Z song

SilverGreekFreak: And play correctly.

Crystal Xie: The best violinist/dancer/composer/singer of all time! :D

Isabel Portillo: Mom walks in. "What are you watching?" Me: "shhhhhh dont ever interuppt me when I am watching lindsey stirling!"

wide-eyed maid: she made tons of mistakes but I love her anyway. <3

Ewa92ful: i'm her fan since 3years ago...

Yaki Termocaos: I want to be lindsey's violion :L

threedfreek1: they dumbed down the dubstep element of the music... stupid networks

Diana Lorenzo: I'm sorry Lindsey but is your d and g string in tune or are you mistaking with your bow . I'm not being rude I'm also a violinist

larry potter: Apparently you did good Mathew. Can you use up the bow?

Jakers457: It's the art of performing music, if you freak up then act like you were supposed to do it.

Timothy Prado: I'm in the sixth grade and playing the violin

Sunny Xu: Lindsey, I'm a new fan but honestly, I don't think you understand how many people's days you brighten up with your music. It's not just phenomenal... It's motivating. It's like I can listen to your music and actually feel like doing something again after a bad day. Absolutely stunning. Keep it up Lindsey, we all love you. :)


Katja O.H.: Please come back to Sweden!! :')

Mitch VH: Great interview, but they made a little typo when she starts playing Crystallize. Its with a double 'L' instead of one.

AceHighSounds: 2:04 = AWESOME

Fabio Santilli: Great Lindsey!

AlainaNash: I saw her live in Nashville and she is always awesome. No one can be perfect 100% of the time. Anyone commenting on the slight imperfections should try to do what she does. This proves she did not fake these interview songs by dubbing them in. I love these live songs and embrace all the imperfections. Lord knows I could not be perfect on the trumpet every time.

The Demianonator: Sounds like a old floor :(

Isabel Portillo: aww man i watched lindsey stirling now i guess i am gonna stay up for a few days

MrJoeray11: moon walking the violin is awesome do a Castlevania lineage tribute

Tiger LoveHeart: they weren't errors, do you know her? no, then you wouldn't know :p also well she's human she can also get tired at some points she practice so much, you obviously wouldn't know this either

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Lindsey Stirling 4.9 out of 5

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