308WIN Federal 168gr Sierra Matchking OTM Vs Ballistic Gelatin

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TheRiggenbach: Slower than I expected

Philonius Dung: I definitely wouldn't call a war that hasn't really ended a loss. Not to mention the fact that South Korea in 1950 was economically where Somalia is today. Today SK is, what, the 6th largest economy in the world. Korea wasn't really winnable in a total defeat of North Korea. China would not stand a capitalist nation on it's border, basically. The story would have been similar in Vietnam if not for the degradation on the home front, and for the really amorphous objective in country.

bartofilms: I'd like to see the same test, but w. the Jell-O @ 200yds, where your game is more likely to be. Who shoots a boar @ 10 feet? If he's that close you'd better be good at climbing trees. :P.

Philonius Dung: And technically, the US did destroy the USSR. We outspent them, pure and simple. Is there any better example of capitalism defeating communism than that? Even if we were to call Korea and Vietnam a loss in the way you said, those were battles in a greater global conflict (hell, there are folks who posit that the Cold War was really a third world war, and that the GWOT is a fourth). We may have "lost" those battles, but we certainly won the (Cold) War.

Artichoke Noise: Technically, the Korean war is not over yet. Cease-fire Armistice only. But yes, I agree the ammo don't matter much in the overall.

Brass Fetcher: Keep in mind this is 20% gelatin .. a standard that came along a long time before the FBI standard with 12" + penetration in 10% gelatin.

bigbenff1: I shot a deer with them last year at about 80 yards...it ran about 10 yards and dropped. the bullet did pass clear through the deer though.

NJallDAY6O9: The USA pretty much lost Korea & Vietnam, honestly. To be fair they wern't officially wars, but when you send a bunch of troops into a country specifically to fight I call that war. Don't get my message wrong I love my country, best country in the world but we did loose Korea & Vietnam. We did not stop parts of Korea & Vietnam becoming and/or staying communist. That was the fight, against communism. America failed it didn't destroy communism, communism just destroys itself. God Bless America!

ezelong: Forgive me for asking...but did it expand as designed? I know it's a match round but I have a truck load of them and have thought about deer hunting with them.

Ish00tback: The block needs to be about 5' long.

dadajack yo: This round is VERY impressive for accuracy. I can get 12" groups at 500 yards with my Ruger American, and it's a $350 polymer gun with a $200 Nikon 3x9 on top. Definitely not a hunting round, but I have some really accurate factory loads that my rifle likes too. But the SMK 168 is an awesome projectile for long range duty. I need to try the 175 when I start reloading.

Jeremiah Johnson: Thanks for the vid. I have been waiting for this load to be tested. Was the block shorter than normal? What was your BB calibration?

Brass Fetcher: They don't expand .. only fragment when the bullet tumbles. If you are using a 308WIN, please keep the range to 300m or closer ... beyond that they don't fragment.

Artichoke Noise: An astute observation!

tartredarrow: That's because the rear end is much heavier than the front. It's like trying to make a top stand upright. It won't happen unless you spin it.

Mrcn99: I can only imagine what this round does with stomach.

rubbindubbin4life: WoW

MavHunter20XX: I don't think the US won, but it definitely didn't lose. Besides I was being facetious.

IBenODI: It would be cool to see these tests at extended ranges, like 100,200,300 meters away so you could see how it would perform down range.

Rob Rosenberger: Like the others, I just can't thank you enough for doing a vid on my favorite .308 match round!

AlwayzPr0: that bullet tumbles like crazy

HuntHardFishHard: @ brass fetcher y'all should do double tap shots at the 20% ballistic gelatin . To see the reactions.

jessfest7: I'd like to request that you also test the Federal .308win 165gr Sierra GameKing to compare with this video if possible. Thank you.

AlwayzPr0: I know why it tumbles, I was making an observation.

cnknguyen: Moral of the story folks? DONT GET SHOT WITH A 308!

Sableagle: Could you do this one again with a 24x8x8 block rather than the standard block, please? I'm really curious about how the bullet behaves after it's gone through the first infected ... or rioter, or whatever ... and how big a hole it makes when it isn't that close to all the edges.

John Venters: and what about the 107 gr in 243 win? what range would they stop fragmenting at? i would like a target load but also as i am a profecional hunter i dont want to be jugling amunition and on my wage i cannot afford a separate gun just now.

supercomp65: Any chance on doing some berger hunting vld tests in the future?

tartredarrow: We lost the korean war too.. I don't think the bullets we're using has a damn thing to do with it.

Blake R: Reckon you need more jello.

GunnerRule S.: and he's dead

308WIN Federal 168gr Sierra Matchking OTM vs Ballistic Gelatin 5 out of 5

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308WIN Federal 168gr Sierra Matchking OTM vs Ballistic Gelatin
308WIN Federal 168gr Sierra Matchking OTM vs Ballistic Gelatin
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308WIN Federal 168gr Sierra Matchking OTM vs Ballistic Gelatin