Citizen Bike TOKYO Model 16 Inch

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Ozgur Bozkurt: Hi! I am thinking about buying citizen bike Tokyo or Miami. I prefer Tokyo, but I am 6'1" tall. Do you think this bike is too small for me?

Lj Anderson: Heavy? The bike looks great! It's not like you would be carrying it for miles.

Daniel Salinas Gonzalez: What is your high?

Lisa Pierson: Would have been helpful to actually talk about how the bike performs, the pros and cons.

UnitedPebbles: Does those hinges work well? I remembered my experienced with those nuts and bolts. How big of a difference of materials could made!

gingercatni: theres too much talking in this video

jaysim83: i thought the 16inch would be too small for me. How tall are you?

OmFgFFsWtF: sounds great in theory but I doubt you can go uphill with those 16 inch rims.

David Legarreta: i am just under the limit, it rides smooth, but i would get the 20 inch if i had to do it again. because the bike is not to fast.

Theenemy38: so how does the bike ride and are you over or under the weight limit I saw on the website that it has a max of 220 lbs and just wanted to know for reference.

Mike S: lbs/kgs?

zmz: Just received mine. Having a hard time to refold it. I havr to start working out in case to be able to fold it in the future. Dont have to worry about it will fold while riding, though.

hefedehefe: What color is that?

ValisFan3: Mine just came in the mail today. I can't really recommend this bike for anyone wanting a portable bike to take on the bus or train. Its really heavy, and even when folded, its still very wide and you'll have a very difficult time even taking it inside a bus or train. The ride is actually nice though, it feels stable, but you do have to pedal a lot.

David Legarreta: The quality is good, not great. One thing you should know , the bike is heavy

sweetfyfteen1: how much do you weigh and how much can the bike hold?

ValisFan3: I'm leaning more towards getting the 16 inch one. Thats because I already own a full 26 inch bike for using in my city, the folding bike will only be used when I go traveling to other cities.

DirectX3: Gay

tigerfanman: are there magnets that keep the bike from unwanted unfoldings? like in other foldable bikes?

tigerfanman: can the handle bars fold on the outside of the bike when it folds in half? looks weird to have it on the inside creating a buldge

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Citizen Bike TOKYO model 16 inch 5 out of 5

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Citizen Bike TOKYO model 16 inch
Citizen Bike TOKYO model 16 inch

"Citizen Tokyo" Folding Bike (Affordable and Reliable!)
Citizen Miami folding 6-speed bike on the road!
Citizen Miami folding 6-speed bike on the road!
First ride, Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike
First ride, Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike

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Citizen Bike TOKYO model 16 inch