Mora Ice Auger Blade Sharpening

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ARCH: only sharpen one side , the bottom side, starting from the inside to outside in one motion .  Don't do it backwards or the wrong side or your blade will be destroyed and unusable.

vangrollerboi: what power head are you using?

JT Outdoors: very helpful I went out ice fishing today and my auger was very dull luckly there was already holes drilled and took an axe and busted them open and fished in them great video!!

Sue Culbertson: Look for the one sided Alaska Ulu knife sharpener. Because the auger blade is only sharp on one side. It has a green handle which looks like the one in the video. You can get one on or ebay. UPC 7 91218 30995 4.

coleslaw1000: Shouldn't need to put that much downward pressure on it

BirchMapleResearch: Look on Ebay for carbide knife sharpener for the blade sharpening tool.The Motor is a (Tanaka engine drill) is attached to the auger by a special adapter that is made by Ron Osterland in Michigan=look on ebay he has them for sale=

allmaster74: Can you give link to buy this one in Ebay or anywhere else? Is it usefull for commercial sharpening? Answer pls. Hi from Russia/)) 

MindDIVErsity: I got the Mora blade sharpener today. I used to sharpen the blade using knife grinding stone at home. I think this new one will become more handy on the ice.

Michael Thao: how much pressure should you be using?

GNBrews: You need to be careful when sharpening, and only remove material from the side of the blade that faces up when it's against the ice....leaving a bit of a "burr" that faces down onto the ice. If you use a regular carbide knife sharpener, it will sharpen both sides of the blade, which will make it extremely hard to use.

TheNewportKid: @MNLoveOutdoors this sharpener is just a regular carbide knife sharpener that could be purchased at about any hunting/fishing store.

MNLoveOutdoors: Is this the tool you can buy at some stores that are made from Mora,designed intentionally to just sharpen mora ice auger blades?

Mora Ice Auger Blade Sharpening 5 out of 5

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Mora Ice Auger Blade Sharpening
Mora Ice Auger Blade Sharpening
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Mora Ice Auger Blade Sharpening