GM 3100-3400 Thermal Bypass Pipe Replacement

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Teddy Banks: What is the correct name for this part, what is the GM part #, I don't think it's available anymore, but might be available on Ebay. Thanks

hugh3rdof5: Wish I'd seen this superb video gem before battling with the thermostat on my 2000 Montana. (I did study your video on that job, but for me, the challenge did require removing/loosening the bypass thermal pipe, as well as the egr pipe/line from the diverter valve.) That said, seeing the steps here was reassuring all the same, as I put it back together. :-) In my case though, I don't need to replace the bypass pipe, so I'm wondering about where to find the replacement o'ring. I gather others use silicone or another type of sealant. (is that sufficient, or do I need to head to the dealer?)

BadTurbulence: i have to loosen up the thermal bypass pipe on this engine in order to get the pipe to allow re-attachment to the nut on the lower throttle body, however, when I re-assembled, and started engine to temperature, i noticed bubbles coming out of the area of the O-Ring you were talking about. I did not put a new O-Ring on it. To put that O-Ring on there, do you think i am going to have to detach all that piping and take that nut off again by the throttle body? or can i pull just that portion up where the O-Ring needs to go (pipe with the bleeder valve on top of it)? I'm afraid it wont allow me to pull the pipe up enough and I dread having to take all that apart again. I'm one worried camper at this point. What do you think?

Jimmy S: The heater pipes can be bought from a salvage yards that are in very good shape. The hoses I can never find is the tiny hoses going to the throttle body. I just connect a small hose between the two and if it does kink it will not even hurt it. Its only there for people who live where it gets very cold places and prevents the throttle body from icing up.

MsGoldentreats: I want to thank you so much this is a very helpful video..I'm installing a thermostat on a Buick Rendezvous not to mention the throttle body have to be removed also just to get to the thermostat I had no idea on getting to the last bolt connected to the throttle body this is my first time dealing with this lol family and friends laughed at me because I'm a woman doing a mans job I don't look at it like that do to the shops changes so much on something you can do once again thanks for sharing your video 😉😉😉

integman1: what is the part number for the oring? i cant find that damn thing

Андрей Смехов: A+++++++

Ran Philippo: where i can get this pipe i got chavy Malibu 2000 3.1L SFI it is fit for it?
its really look like the same pipe

financeranger: another great vid richpin, I replaced my thermostat (in a venture) and now the o ring is at fault. I was bleeding air out but it kept spurting out of the base. Hoping I can just replace that....esp after I just re-installed this very pipe to replace the thermostat.   Bracing for dealer

Ted B.: Thanks Rich! This video was super helpful for me to troubleshoot my 2001 Chevy Venture. Is it possible to simply replace the o-ring if that's the source of the leak? Can I just undo that one bolt, pop the elbow up and out with a hammer, replace the o-ring and push it back in? Do I need to worry about air bubbles or flushing the system afterwards? Thanks again!

dltafrc17: where can you buy the bypass pipe? i cant find it anywhere

Chris Keegan: Hey Rich, can you offer any help in replacing the other bypass pipe, the one that runs underneath the plenum? I got one off ebay, Dorman 626-107, which replaces GM #12590279. My vehicle is a 2001 Chevy Venture. I tried banging it in every conceivable way, even cut off portions of a lawn mower 5/8" spark plug socket-wrench as a make shift tool, which was made of too soft steel to be of any use (seems to make the most sense to hammer from above). Do I have to to fabricate yet another tool in the attempt to bang the suck into it's hole? Or should I just shave off whatever I can with emory cloth and fill in the gaps w/silicon or jp weld (whatever it's called)? Thanks in advance.

beretmp15: I am about to replace all my cooling system pipes and hoses because of severe rust. My question, Why do those hoses from bypass connect to the throttle body? I have it in my hand and have tried to figure it out bu just does not make sense to me. since the pipes on the throttle body are alto rusted away i just cut them off and will just use a flexible hose to connect them two on the thermal bypass hose. do you think there is a purpose for that.


Demetrius Cole: if you can how much did you pay for the pip?

mobes329: Hey Rich where did you find that hose clamp removal tool ?

richpin06a: Off the top of my head that i would not know.

Justin Sprinkle: Hey Rich, any way you can tell me what size of o ring i would need where the thermal bypass pipe hits the left side of the engine over by the water pump?

Kel Vain: Hi, is there a retail store from which i can pick up the replacement pipe? or another name for it?

Azat ALBAY: I don't know how it called but my car is 2001 Chevy Venture LS.

richpin06a: Is it the spring hose clamp you are having trouble with.

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GM 3100-3400 Thermal Bypass Pipe Replacement 5 out of 5

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GM 3100-3400 Thermal Bypass Pipe Replacement