How To Make A Scope-cam Mount

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William McBride: Bt the way. the camera screw is not special. it is 14/20 threaded

Fox_Performance: I was debating between making this homemade mount or buying one. Well today we went to Lowes and I couldn't resist. I put it together and it works great. My good camera broke so I have to rely on a really old one for now so it's a bit blurry but other than that this scope cam mount is great.

bert boem: it sucks dude!

Azkatel: It's tricky but you can hold your camera over the lens and have a partner with you to help get photos. If you can handle a partner controlling the telescope this works well with people who have stuff like i phones. I'm gonna test this experiment out with a friend unless someone on the internet wants to give it a shot just give credit to the persons idea.

Sniper 101: You stole that idea from E Z outdoors

stanley binge:

These are what the clips are called inΒ the UK

Rosendo Moroyoqui: EXCELENTE MUY BUENO

Gatorproof: Hey pretty creative.

HOW to improve your basic craftsman skills.
A) never tighten one screw "all" the way tight. Tighten one screw a few times then switch screws to draw down your ring evenly.

β˜† you could have easily have cracked your scope.
B) always clean up the sharp edges of the holes you drill in metal. It will be safer to handle without cutting yourself.

C) design wise, I suggest you close off the space between the camera and the scope. How? Any type of plastic pipe or paper tube.
That way you will not be fighting glaring streaks of light messing with your view screen, which means you can aquire your target more rapidly.

D) shoot from a rest when possible, which of course would have allowed you to acquire and complete the shot on the bird on the fence, as opposed to all the wiggling.

I give you a solid B+ for your design and construction.

David Geiger: Take a file to the sharp edges of the steel strap/plate, I use these for various things and they will cut you on the edges and corners. Very good design and video. Thanks.

Nawaf Alsaleh: Good joob πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Ruben Mancilla: I just mame my but i pant on black

Luketrigg12: WOW


Outdoorsman101: Where did you buy the part that attaches to the scope?

Avenged Rider: you shake the gun a lot! try and fix that!

BridgesBomberFilms: you can buy screens for the go pro

HaraldDV: buy a go pro screen...

Attachacam Camera Mount: If anyone is interested in a great camera mount, the Attachacam works great for hunting and paintballing. Its aluminum, small, easy to use, and attaches right onto your barrel, scope, or bow in seconds. I got one for myself works great. Check it out just google search attachacam, they have their own legit website. Fits any camera with a 1/4inch screwhole and iphones that have a Diff case

flex2000watt: the zoomed view is very unsharp, if you didnt told me theres a sparrow on a fence, i would not have seen / recogniced it...but it works for 10 credits, THUMBS UP!

How to make a scope-cam mount 5 out of 5

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How to make a scope-cam mount