How I Make My Suppressor Baffles

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Benjamin Mckenzie: freeze plugs......

ImKeyser_Söze: Cool.  Here its a lot of headache to get one, just time & money really.  In the USA you can get just about anything with a little palm grease AKA wads of cash.

Rick Saunders: will you share specs on the dies? (dimensions?)  really neat.

Bret McDanel: You use 1mm steel sheet metal. In the US we use gauge 18 gauge is 1.024 mm 19 gauge is 0.912 mm Commonly hardware stores only have 16, 20 and 22 or 1.291mm, 0.812mm and 0.644mm respectively. The snips they sell are also usually up to 20 gauge. The hinge pin prematurely fails if you are constantly cutting too thick, it will do it with enough force though. Basically it spreads and they cut sloppy after. Just thought I would throw that out there for anyone buying sheet metal in the US

joehunt1980: True that im thinking my book was written during the Clinton assault weapons ban as it goes on about being illegal to use more than 10 round mags on a post ban pistol.. Theres that "thought police" thing that Barry from IV8888 channel talks about. Pretty strange thinking when you consider no unfitted full auto sear has ever killed anybody :-)

Bret McDanel: well to clarify, you can own the sear if its an M16 auto sear. If it is a DIAS (drop in auto sear) then it has to be registered. The same with the lightning link. M16 auto sears, hammers, selectors, everything that makes it an M16 is legal to own by itself. It gets sketchy if you also have an AR15 because you could mill out the FCG pocket and make it an M16 receiver, it is known to be illegal if you combine M16 FCG parts with an unregistered AR15.

Bret McDanel: that was true 20 years ago but since 1996 or so it no longer is. The sear is considered a machine gun, must be serialized, requires a tax stamp, etc.

Bret McDanel: Interesting you should say that. The tax stamps are part of title 26, the internal revenue code. They are not part of title 18 the criminal section. They are quite literally just a fund raiser. To make matters worse Haynes v. United States held that you cant make felons register firearms or charge them with failure to register.

joehunt1980: We have kind of backwards laws to the states.. To buy firearms we have to go through a fairly involved licensing procedure which is quite similar in price and time to getting one of your tax stamps, background check etc. Our pistol endorsements involve belonging to an approved club which is the only place we can use it outside of tournaments at other approved clubs. Seems to me the ATF tax stamps are nothing more than revenue gathering by an unwanted/needed and even unconstitutional department.

Russ Powell: Well the laws are apparently More lax in your country. Here in the states suppressors Are legal to own, but you have To jump through some hoops First. But assuming you have No felony comvictons then You'll most likely get approved And get to have your silencer After anywhere from 3 to 6 Months or right around there.

joehunt1980: Well im glad to say the only ATF we have in our country is Automatic Transmission Fluid... Lol Are they really that anal about having some random inanimate object in your possession? I have a gunsmithing book that says its legal to own a fully automatic sear for an AR15 but its illegal to have it fitted to a Rifle without the right paperwork so I would have thought this would be the same...

Russ Powell: I was lead to believe that ATF Considers any baffles or anything else made or meant To be used to assemble a suppressor including being Intended to be used for that Purpose including anything to be used as the litter tube Is considered to be a suppressor All by themselves. Federal law Does discribe it that way too, I looked it up on the ATF's Website. So am i missing Something regarding just Having those parts and still Being legal too? Or no?

Betrayed Vet: And where do you get the baffle form from

TheSysops666: Any plans of selling the baffle forming gear or posting the plans?

Antoinette Piccolo: THANKS FOR THE HELP

Pat Hines: Excellent video, good job.

0311Ares: looks like someone just had to put in their two cents. after joining in on this argument, did it not click that you would also be considered "retarded"? think about it.... you posted a comment. you joined in. it doesn't matter that your comment didn't have anything to do with what joe and i had posted. you joined in on this. looks to me like you're the "special one". i'll bet your mommy and daddy told you every day that you were special..... ever wonder why?

HooRidingGnome: arguing on the internet will accomplish nothing bro. Its like winning the special olympics, in the end your still retarded.

0311Ares: have a HAPPY NEW YEAR john doe!

0311Ares: obviously not, oh genius one... didn't read it because i didn't feel like it. hate to break it to you, but your feeble attempt at trying to piss me off with your comment didn't quite work. since you obviously don't have anything better to do, other than try to get a rise out of people on YOUTUBE, might i suggest... oh i don't know... a life. it's not that hard. you start by talking to people face to face instead of any kind of messages. also for future reference, a "he made them" will suffice.

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How I make my suppressor baffles 5 out of 5

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How I make my suppressor baffles