Taurus 94 22 LR 9 Shot Revolver

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Shantra Mulani: If you agree that the guy in the video sounds like he's talking with a pickle in his mouth through a fast food restaurant's drive-thru speaker gimmie a thumbs up on my comment!

Alvin Armani: this guy talk too much.....

Mike Wojciechowicz: did you record the audio over the phone?! sounds like you called in and made the review.

StratFinders: Who cares what you did. Tell me about the gun.

KrownSkull: u have sum small hands 6'8"...jus sayin

Stone: Yea I have couple revolvers but the longest one I have is a 3 inch

sixfteightinguy: yes it is, fun little revolver. someday would like to get a longer barrel revolver.

Stone: I have one of these it's a awesome Lil shooter

cronos222: I looked at the Heritage Arms too because you could get 22lr and 22 mag cylinders for only $ 250.00 but it's single action and looked kinda cheap so I went with the Taurus ....I did'nt want to have buyers remorse later .

sixfteightinguy: my whole family enjoys shooting the revolver. i've looking to get a longer barrel 22 revolver or get one that shoots the 22 mag too but haven't found a bargin yet. almost got another revolver on black friday, a heritage arms 22 but i bought a different 22 gun instead, lol!

cronos222: I just bought a 990 Tracker with the 4 inch barrel but used to own a Rossi .357 in the 90's and they do wear in over the years . By the time I sold that gun it functioned smooth as silk ! So yours will probably get that way too in time . I have a Ruger SR22 pistol too but always wanted a revolver as they always function regaurdless of the ammo , and my automatic only holds 1 more round . Should be a fun gun , hope your still enjoying yours !

Armed Medic: Yes, It is a Taurus 94 snubbie..2 inch barrel. Looks exactly like yours but mine is blued.

sixfteightinguy: cool, what length barrel & is it taurus too?

Armed Medic: Just bought the 22mag version. Waiting for it to arrive. Good vid.

saltyshellback: LOL...I actually learned that watching my buddy shoot his single action. He shoots faster with his single action than some people shoot with an auto.

sixfteightinguy: but i do everything with my right hand, lol! i'll need to practice, practice & practice, lol!

saltyshellback: The trick is to use your left thumb to rooster it, that way it is faster and gives your right thumb a rest :-)

sixfteightinguy: it is fun gun to shoot and cheaper 22 ammo is great too, lol! need to look into the wolf springs. it is a heavy double action trigger pull but this single action trigger pull is really light compared to my 9mm, lol!

Fun With Guns Family Channel: :) Man I miss mine. I regret I sold it to a friend. I had a set of wolf springs installed to it. Nice vid!

beelikestowatch: Amazon , not expensive either, and they work nice. I really need to do a video showing off my Taurus, I think you would really love the 4' barrel model. I have a good story about when I took my Concealed carry class, using it as my revolver.

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Taurus 94 22 LR 9 shot revolver 5 out of 5

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Taurus 94 22 LR 9 shot revolver