Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review

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Josh Gregory: U need to pop it before 

Bonersoup183: "We'll swish around my mouth this time yeah yeah yeah." Haha nice video 

Bonersoup183: "We'll swish around my mouth this time yeah yeah yeah." Haha nice video 

Kyler Ferry: If Marlboro did a regular to menthol that would be awesome. Like the NXT but not lights lol 

Brian Choi: It's much more easier biting the capsule than just squeezing it

Julia Myatt: I smoke these on a daily basis. 

Wakanda Comics: Great review

Bj Jones: I find it harder to click after smoking it a bit

T. Rogers: That First One Soaked Up That Non Menthol Flavor In The Butt. Ive Been Smoking Them For A While, Pretty Good.


buryedalive: im gonna have to try these.

yungkatz: i get these for $5 even because some packs have 75cents off lol

ThePokèMasterDrums: Are camel crush and camel activate the same thing? 

DEVprince99: The reason you didn't get menthol on the 1st one is because you were supposed to squeeze the bottom before you light it up.

Sphagin18: My favourite cigarette, Camel filter, has been discontinued in the UK. :( I'm so sad.

Antonio Gonzalez: Hey Dan you have to do a review on camel menthol silver and tell how good are they

justin11905: what is you favorit cig a 5/5

g man: Reminds me of a palm mall pack

Zion Canard: These are my favorite

Jessica Tillo: When you crush the capsule and play around with the filter it makes the liquid go throughout more the filter which makes the menthol taster more strong. These cigarettes are good all around.

daisybbgunboy: I just got addicted to cigarettes today from these hahaha I got buzzed from 5 hits :)

ampeater777: they also have a ton of nicotine in them

Daniel Lane: i can not freaking smoke any Turkish or camel brand fag, it's unbearable and is just so pungent

Hott Ness: Do camel Menthols! :)

drpoetry1: Camel Menthol are my favorite.

giovanni martinez: Which one should i get :O

Shoot4SportHunt2Live: Can u do a review on the Marlboro NxT?

Dungeon287: Lol I have no future, yet you're the one who's trying to "bully" me? Yeah, being a bully totally gives someone a positive future, right?You're an idiot dude, you should stop contacting me, because it's gonna be nothing but a waste of your time.

Timothy Waibel: You should do a video on your second favorite brand of cigarettes

Alan Gardner: How many times does he say not bad?

toastfairy007: "Crush the filter and release the chemicals which isn't really good for you but meh whatever" hahahaha funiest part xD

TingChun Tsai: I'm 22. Well, i smoke cigarette maybe more like 8 years. And you know i tired of a cigarette smell in the car, on clothes or in mouth. The most troublesome problem is it can't smoke inside the building. So, i suggest everyone may try the electronic cigarette. It's a lot better for need to burn's cigarette. It have a lot taste and i guess one thing but not sure is you can smoke at everywhere.

randomnoone: i want to see crush wides

Dungeon287: You call this "freaking with me"? You really are an idiot.

Dungeon287: These are pretty good cigarettes, however I no longer choose to smoke them. I get dizzy as hell after I start smoking one.

Brandon Rickett: @DukeadaWickid420, stop being a dumbass, in menthol cigarettes there are fiberglass, get your crap right.

Luis P.: There isn't carbon fiber in that mint, its just a mint you crush.

EromsidSalochin: what i normally do for a camel crush is i use my thumb nail and my tip of my index finger, it is easier for me.

MrJake81283: Make a video of your truck

GETxS0ME: Well I got em for 7$, and I was smoking Marlboros and didn't like em at all, they gave me nicotine sickness and yeah, no bueno for me. But I got these and I liked it alright, it's rly good, I didn't feel any harshness inhaling it, I liked it

Cobrahead23: This guy is awesome

Jamie Nightingale: Dan, you're amazing at your cig reviews! Peace man...

Arpit Gupta: For menthol and other aroma essential oils contact

Carter Kraus: Am pretty desent haha ur awsome da

blubbycorn5: your an idiot no you have the squeeze the filter decently hard from its sides packing wouldnt even bother the capsule...

jbaldwin1682: How much are they?

Austin Parrish: I love these cigs there awesome

cockkpunch: Pack = letting it burn smoothly and slower

97 YODER: Hey Dan I like your videos for some reason I'm a dipper but your videos are coo, for some reason but for one video you should smoke on of these and leave the mint ball thing and cut open the filter so some of us can see what it is or looks like!

uuuultra: crush are for kids anyway you know camel has always been appealing to kids i.e. Joe Camel

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review 4.7 out of 5

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Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review
Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review
Camel crush bold cigarette review
Camel crush bold cigarette review
Camel Crush Cigarette Review and Announcment!
Camel Crush Cigarette Review and Announcment!
TomsCigReviews- NEW! Camel Crush Bold
TomsCigReviews- NEW! Camel Crush Bold
Camel Menthol Cigarette Review - USA
Camel Menthol Cigarette Review - USA

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Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review