Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review

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Great Dragon: you need to go on a diet and stop smoking cancer sticks before you expire at 40...

Thegaming Bros: You freakin retard do not smoke it is horrible and it would kill tou

SageNymph: Why where they banned

john douo: He is fat

Jacob Jansma: where i live the filter is white

Corneas Cornetto: your mental to pop the mint button before you smoke it lolololol

Sébastien Choi-Maître: These are called Camel Activate here in Europe. Maybe they've changed the name internationally now. But the Activate were newly introduced I think back in 14 or 15 so they are quite new. And since then, at least in my country, and apparently also in neighbouring countries in Europe, they are selling hugely and are since one of the most popular cigs around even though this is a newcomer. And I can't argue with that. It like to compare the menthol in these with taking a ultra mint fresh chewing gum kinda.

Jose Robles: you click on the camel before you light it

Jose Robles: this dumb ass

ORANGE BOY 714: i feel my stomach hurt when I smoke a cig after why ?? I don't mind the light headedness but my stomach hurts when I'm done smoking

EatIt2000: Does anyone remember when Camel had these three or four blends that came in a square tin. They cost as much as a normal pack (sometimes a little more depending where you got it) but I think there were only 10 in the tin I might be wrong tho. I remember one was called Izmir Stinger it was like strawberry. There was an orange one and I think vanilla but I dont remember what those ones were called. Those were good cigs man wish they could bring them back but as protesters have proved only kids enjoy flavored products adults have absolutely no interest in consuming flavored things.

Jay krupa: Just quit smoking ,your nasty as freak and your not cool

Andrew Gutierrez: @Jesse Deniz damn steal

Andrew Gutierrez: @Cody Perkins camel crushes are still available

Stevie Gonzales: F.D.A banned these cigs.

alexander margini: this cigarette is so much better than a Marlboro red.
I cant stand the horrible Red chemical taste. these camel cigarettes are so good they taste much richer and have no nasty chemical taste to them. I dont know why people think reds are better, its probable because of the manly image, yes they are harsher but nowhere as good.

Cody Perkins: These have been discontinued. Guess it's time to quit smoking for me.

ReviewDykeUSA: When I went to Mexico they were different intead of a little ball it was a capsule like and Advil pill but smaller longer and very thin so it's really easy to snap and release the flavor instead of the little ball

milkwad: Sometimes the capsule doesn't break, and I just look stupid trying to find it and chew it.

i tell u im vaping in the boys room: crip vs blood cig

Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review 5 out of 5

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Camel Crush Bold Cigarette - Fresh (Menthol) - Review