Camel Crush Cigarette Review

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Apotheosis: Yo I am the person who asked to review NewGenTaS I noticed its 5 years ago and I'm 20 I highly advise anyone to STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES AND LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

navaro54: Nothing wrong with smoking a cig every once in awhile, but there is if you smoke a pack a day, every day!

laura jackson: your stupid your not supposed to take the ball out duh just leave it in there you dum dum

Chris Read: I loved those things

Apotheosis: My name look familiar... Had to make a different account hit up my channel

barrett chong: freak CIGS smoke some weed african american

Northern Acres: Whenever you'd like. I personally have never smoked one without it crushed.

cam thomson: You think you're freaking cool? Smoking cigarettes at 13?

elad jasper: nice

KodredCud: You should try the Camel Crush Silver if you think THIS is strong lol

KodredCud: You're making me want a cigarette so bad

birdin squidward: lol of course its a small ball, and yes menthol is in vicks its the same crap, and regular menthol cigs always will have the menthol in the filter. don't believe me? swap out the filters.

paul ardoin: ...smoking it then it would change to menthol but nothing happened. So I decided to look it up and found this so thank you for posting this I will definitely try it next time. I've been smoking Marlboro black menthols lately and I've gotten back into menthols and smoking it without popping the ball it seemed more like a light cigarette. Again thank you

paul ardoin: Where I work a cane through with a pack in her car so I asked her how they were and she told me she liked them because of the little menthol ball inside them so today I went and bought a pack and decided to try them. Well Igot home and opened the pack and lit one and I squeezed all around the end of the filter taking drags expecting it turn menthol but nothing happened so I thought she might have been joking. So I looked at the pack for clues and saw regular-fresh and thought maybe if I kept...

definitely not a rapist: "better hits" what the freak are you on to?

Angel P: Thanks for the review info...made me feel better about going out and getting a pack. Awesome.

Ultimatecoincrazed: I hate menthol cigarettes, always tastes like a Vicksburg inhaler.. love your cigarette bids btw

Angel Green: I'm 13, and i take better hits than you. XD

mike adkins: My sis eats the menthol thing so her breats wont stink

David Nelson: Do you eat french fries, do you use plastic products?.... I hope you enjoy cancer as well.

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Camel Crush Cigarette Review 5 out of 5

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Camel Crush Cigarette Review