Camel Crush Cigarette Review

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navaro54: Nothing wrong with smoking a cig every once in awhile, but there is if you smoke a pack a day, every day! 

Apotheosis: My name look familiar... Had to make a different account hit up my channel

OGZxGaming: marlboro lights? I didn't know you were gay..

miloesalazar: Lol just smoke it crap lol Newport's are the worse nastiest cig ever made. And this review is gayyy

umana93: @domokun5555 is that better? :o

David Nelson: Do you eat french fries, do you use plastic products?.... I hope you enjoy cancer as well.

Kyle Suchy: @miloesalazar Wow he really does. Nice catch, bro!

Ali705100: menthol is supposed to clear ur nose that's why it's in nasal sprays

Mr420rush: @loafpan101 let sulfur burn for 1 second?????

132oink: lol good for sinus problems, that's so ironic

barrett chong: freak CIGS smoke some weed african american

jared zoelzer: @illwayz313 lmao now thats funny.

blue2284: Quiting is for losers. Winners never quit.

VvEinarvV: @loafpan101 And matches give better flavor.

eriamjh7: hey man you should get back to reviews :D that is if you still smoke of course or maybe electronic cigarettes?

Gordon Swets: haha you guys think im swerious but ive been smoking for a while haha

TheLandOfTears s: What I found out is that when you buy cheap cigarettes they usually end up being crap, but when you buy expensive cigarettes they usually end up being good, and if you feel you can't afford to waste too much money? then go for the ones that are semi expensive. Don't buy cheap cigarettes they are most of the times crap.

dragonboy127: I love camel crush it's the only kind of cigg I smoke

wakeandbakesam1: I consider these a party cigg. Anyone agree?

hlander93: @advisablyparentable \ camel crush is only thing worth smoking lol (IMO). gets you light headed. buy it...

RoryRedBrooklyn: Crushes are for chicks

Mike Lamb: its a smoothing feeling going down huh? mabye like that pulsating rooster you sucked down moments before you started recording?...homo...

miloesalazar: Man guy get the freak outta here. Its fukn people like you that bitch about smokers. We will stop when the reactors stop polluting.

miloesalazar: N u look like the gay guy from mean girls

conanobrianvomit: I'm going to play this video at your funeral when you die of lung cancer. Everybody will be crying, and they will be asking "why?, why did little Billy or what ever the freak his name is have to die"? And then they will be reminded why you died when I play this video on a huge 3d T.V., and I won't forget to give them their 3d glasses.

paul ardoin: Where I work a cane through with a pack in her car so I asked her how they were and she told me she liked them because of the little menthol ball inside them so today I went and bought a pack and decided to try them. Well Igot home and opened the pack and lit one and I squeezed all around the end of the filter taking drags expecting it turn menthol but nothing happened so I thought she might have been joking. So I looked at the pack for clues and saw regular-fresh and thought maybe if I kept...

Mr420rush: @loafpan101 matches=clean.......bic=fuel

SK8tRinThELosT: yea the menthol taste is good i had cigarettes in costa rica but dont really smoke that much........didnt have these i think it was a type from kool

gonzalezmarcos1: why dont you inhale it dumb ass

lester: Reminds me of when i step on a big ole water bug. Makes that snap. Oh snap.

Dean Lit: @loafpan101 you probably don't know a crap about smoking...

Sandra Cortes: I smoked my first cigarette today & WOW I absolutely loved this Camel Crush cigarette! I thought it would be so disgusting but I absolutely love the freshness of it. I didnt expect it to be so great :) *this is great for first-timers I guess haha

Christopher Sinclair: @breakingthehabit28 lol

kodred996: You should try the Camel Crush Silver if you think THIS is strong lol

Name: Whenever you'd like. I personally have never smoked one without it crushed.

Zurxer: I accidently popped it and went into my right eye it burned like a bitch. :c

Timothy Rodriquez: do you life in Florida?

KinG KillA: @ERPLtl weed doesnt kill buddy. There is not one death caused by marijuana around the entire world.

Zachary Taylor: i smoked these in college and after a month of smoking these they made my throat hurt and it was dry then i switched to smoking joes and my throat was fine

Sylasism: Your supposed to crush it and then roll it around so the menthol spreads through out the filter

fredwasnothere: Looks like those little ice breaker mints you can buy

Nathaniel Hyman: Yeah rap some drugs in paper light it on fire and put it on fire. good idea

minecraftletsplayPL: i just smoking that XD

KidThatSkims: Ewwwwww smoke weed tabacco kills weed heals

blackrose1suicide: camel crush = amazing cig. i started smoking them a couple of months ago after i smoked a bunch of other types of cigs, and these are definitely by far the best ive smoked. they give an amazing buzz and after u crush the bead thing u just get a full hit of menthol which is good, u gotta spread it around the filter first though. but good review, camel crush is the only cig i smoke now :). but i gotta say matches? really come on dude, who still uses matches? lol

Mike Hunt: THIS IS A CIGARETTE REVIEW! Why do people look up a cigarette review then troll and say it causes cancer?! Don't you fags have anything better to do?

Albert Lopez: @loafpan101 freak bic lighters, if he anything he should get himself a Zippo. Much classier then bics, but not as classy as matches. ;)

Mario Magana: I thought Camel stated never to hide their easy taste behind some gimmick


Chris Read: I loved those things

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Camel Crush Cigarette Review 4.5 out of 5

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Camel Crush Cigarette Review