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dullard69: Hey Shootem, So you initially purchased a spring driven 125 then later converted it to Crosman's Nitro Piston? Had you considered Hatsan's Vortex before making your purchase of the spring powered model? It really would be great to get chrony results from your rig since it's possibly different from the Vortex system. Also, other than the Crow Mags did you see major tumbling issues with any of the other pellets? I'm about to pick up a Vortex 125 in .25 myself. Good shooting to ya!

Scott Hildenbrand: So what are your thoughts on it now? Any other .25 Nitro/Gas in the top of your mind that you'd rather have got instead? 

type1Civilization: Have been watching reviews of this rifle and I think I know now I will get one. (the largest caliber)

PrivateerGWX: Nice vid. I've had the 125 Sniper .25 for a year now. It also is the Nitro Piston conversion by PA. With the scope that came with it I shoot Beer bottles at 70 yards. I take the neck off first then the body. JSB's and H&N's are it's favorite Ammo. I've put a better piston seal in it and polished the trigger parts for a much better Gun. I've plans to change the Scope to a 4X16 if I can quit buying other AG's! LOL!

carl ault: The Quality is noticeable. And the accuracy too... I have 2 .25 and a couple .22 I highly recommend these air rifles. The pistol is awesome. supercharged. built well handles well.. not a toy at all. Gave my Gamos to my kids.

rerere.moreno Moreno: hello friend'm from Brazil and I want to get a Hatsan 125 sniper scope, only here does not sell, help me buy one there for me to know that this is where cheap. help me please .... Love shoot. renilson.re@bol.com.br

XortiXz: Do you think this air rifle could take down a hog? Maybe if you shot it in a weak spot?

Sportman-un: Hatsan has very nice and good airrifles.Had several breakbarrels & pcp's. But why didn't you bought the 125 sniper vortex? It is already fitted with a gasram. Nice rifle and video by the way. 

DIOSpeedDemon: I don't know a thing about air rifles, but I DO NO WAT I LIKE!! nice gun great video RH DSD

deniz sönmez: Made in TURKİYE ! so .., just buy it :)

lucas silva: velocity ?¡

Adam Renwald: Hi' i just got this gun in the other day' put about 120 shots in it' than i noticed that when i try and rooster the barrel back' that right when its supposed to click or latch' it doesnt want to and the barrel just springs right back' than if i slam it back really hard than it will catch and hold' but it wasnt like this at first' in the beginning it would just easilly latch when roostering the barrel back' and also theres 3 pins at the back of the gun right above the trigger and below the scope on the main frame' and the very forward pin just slides out' have u ever witnessed these problems? Do u suggest something is wrong and that i should take it back for repair? Hope u can get back" thanks.

RENRICK LALLOO: my hatsan 125 vortex .22 gas ram failed i was struggling to get 748-800fps with a 15.43grain pellet while my friend 125 sniper (spring version) was gettin 932-950fps with the same 15.43grain pellet…they uses the crosman nitro piston gas ram that was made in China..im going back to the orginal spring and learn to deal with the extra recoil and heavy roostering effort

Tristen Naquin: i wouldnt mind having one of those to get rid of some rabbits and squirrels on our property. the benjamin titan .22 isnt getting the job done like i want it too. too much movement after it is shot, and often the rabbit ends up spazzing itself deep into the brush where i cant find it after reloading a second shot. maybe a .25 cal with 25+ foot pounds of energy would do the trick better than a .22 with 12 foot pounds. 

Gary West: Is that the Crosman Nitro Piston or the Vortex that you reviewed

krazor8: wow.. 9x magnification if more than enough... anything over that is better used on a real gun

Elmer Angeles: Hi, Any tips on cleaning the barrel on the Hatsan 125 Sniper? Just bought mine of Pyramyd Air and I haven't cleaned it yet, but I'm worried that the large muzzlebrake may snag some of the cleaning pellets or patches.

shootemfulloholes: there are good videos that show u how to properly do this, i learned from them!!!! but for the love of rifle do not use those cleaning pellets!!!! hey and congrats on your rifle i hope u love it as much as i love mine and if you have any more questions please ask i will help in any way i can and thanks for watching.

shootemfulloholes: Sorry, after the video i have only put 100 pellets or so through and then cleaned it,(not enough time in this world!!!) only yesterday did i take it out again and fired 10 to get rid of any dieseling after the dry patch, then took another 20 shots to check accuracy, to me it still performs the same though its too early to tell. i hope u enjoy this rifle, i have shot springers all my life and this one has been the most fun, just raw power and simplicity of it make it fun.

shootemfulloholes: i don't know about the vertical case but the single scope rifle case works with mine, fits just right.

Math J: what about Hatsan 125 in .22 caliber. Is it powerful than Diana 350 (.22 caliber) ?

Elmer Angeles: Thanks, I'll take off the scope and try it at 20 yards as soon as I get some heavier pellets. It never occurred to me that shooting lighter pellets would cause the rifle to vibrate more. I've been using Air Arms Falcons (13.43g) primarily to get the gun settled in, and I've shot some Predator Polymags (16 g). (I'm saving the polymags for pesting later). I've got some H&N Field Target Trophies (14.66 g) coming in later this week so I'll be testing those too. Mine is a spring power plant.

shootemfulloholes: hahaha proof i can't believe everything that gets blogged!!! you got it straight from the horses mouth!! Hey bud thank you for all the info and i would really appreciate it if after you get the one you want, you let me know what you think of it, have a good one bro.

shootemfulloholes: sorry u tube does not allow me to put a link in the comments. if you get on walmarts web site, typw in rifle scopes, on the left there will be a selection bar of the different brands, centerpoint , it is a 4-16 power illuminated mil dot scope sells for $59 and is a best seller!! if you have time let me know how it shoots the vortex uses air in the ram the one i have uses nitrogen probably no difference what so ever!!!

shootemfulloholes: oil the gun well if it is a spring-gun according to the manual.shoot of a flat table, resting the fore arm on a well folded blanket, sit on a chair, relax and take your time, only 5 shot groups at 20y, check screws after each group. after you find an accurate pellet mount the scope carefully rings first then scope everything nicely snug not HULK SNUG! sight in scope at 20y, check all screws, if things loosen up in normal shooting(ESPECIALLY AFTER USING HEAVY PELLETS), then loctite the BITCH!!!

shootemfulloholes: Pinero there is a big difference between pro shooter and ethical hunter. i have a few medals and a few certificates in national .22 rimfire Bisley (prone) but i would not take a shot at 100 yards with any air rifle simply because i am not target shooting i am hunting, I can fool squirrels good enough to get well with in 50 yards of them. now if u can get a 2 inch group at 100 yards out of this air rifle then u have a very accurate air rifle at 50 yards making a 1 inch group good for hunting!!

Eric Deplata: Cool gun.

shootemfulloholes: THE MARAUDER.

whiff1962: My bad. Yeah, I did loose a wee bit of power myself. I do like what the NP does, but loved the challenge and extra UMPH! of the heavy metal spring. Happy shooting.

shootemfulloholes: multo abrigado amigo!! my spanish is perfect but my Portuguese is not very good!!! Thank you again for watching.

DT5236: How much does it all cost including the Nitro piston kit. Best place to buy this.


whiff1962: The Vortex priced out at over forty dollars more than the NP for my Hatsan 125, in .177 I think I might have been robbed a ftlb or so with the conversion over to NP, but the gun is a totally new creature without the twist and SPRONG! of the metal spring. Still, it was a beast of a rifle with the metal spring and I might go back to it when my NP finally gives up the ghost, years henceforth.

shootemfulloholes: i think it is worth going to nitro piston, the nitro is 30 fps slower but 50% smoother!!! and u will be able to keep it loaded for long periods of time with no worries, also does not need oil like spring pistons.

shootemfulloholes: Hola, de lo que entiendo yo son iguales, la mia no es igual que los otros en la forma que tiene un nitro piston de gas!! pero los rifles son bien comparable!!!

ThePokerClueless: Hatsan USA currently has remanufactured black model 125 spring piston snipers in .25 caliber for $150, a savings of 42% over the price of a new one. I believe the remanufactures are performed by Rick Eutsler of AirGunWeb. I just got a remanufactured .25 caliber vortex piston version for $215 but likely would have gotten the spring version if they had that deal at the time.

whiff1962: Rick Eutsler clamis a fpe of over 31fllb with the metal spring version of the .25 caliber (over 800fps with 21 plus grain). I believe that my Nitro Piston coversion has taken away from my .177 power band. Have you chronied to see if your .25 is spitting out at the purported velocities and power band?

shootemfulloholes: nope sorry! really did not feel like i needed to chrony it!!! though now that you mention it i am curious also, its been very cloudy and raining for the past two days so hopefully in the next couple of days ill have the info for you(((no lights for the chrony so i need to do it out side!!!))) i love the rifle but i don't want anyone spending money with out the right info. so hang on a bit, thanks.

shootemfulloholes: Ok. sunny day today so got the stuff out and this is what the numbers are, the chrony is set at 4 feet from muzzle using JSB diabolo exact kings 25.4g, three shot average of 682 fps. On Airgunweb average is 713 fps so in my gun these pellets shoot 31 fps slower!( note there may be unknown variables that play a role in the difference in speed!!) but all in all 31 fps is actually not much of a difference at all!! so 27 fpe give or take a pound!!! still very worth it in my book!!!!

Robert Allen: does original spring comes with top hat and spring guide? or is it just the spring ?

PHdoner: Nice review! I just bought a hatsan 125 sniper but i have a question. Do you have any tips to be more accurate on target shoting 25± yards btw i have the spring version

shootemfulloholes: on the Hatsan the rings are medium the scope is 42 mm. would not use high mount rings the cheek rest is already pretty high with medium rings but if you have to because of the 50mm objective scope then u might get away with it!!!! as for fitting in the rifle case i think it will be a very tight fit at best!!

shootemfulloholes: Hi. when it comes to cleaning pellets, please DO NOT USE them in any break barrel rifle or spring/gas-spring rifle, these cleaning pellets do not have enough back pressure to slow down the piston and will harm the integrity of the gun.But i recommend cleaning your gun with a simple pull through cleaning device made from fly fishing line or string wrapped in electrical tape. in the front u can use a straw to get past the muzzle and push the string in from muzzle to breech put on patch then pull!

shootemfulloholes: gee wiz that sounds like a ton of recoil, for it to loosen the cheek screw is crazy!! mine is rock solid i have yet to find a screw loose which actually surprises me!!. out of curiosity do you have a nitro- piston or the original spring? BUT NO MATTER lets start from scratch. first take the scope off including the rings leave only the scope base, check all rifle screws to make sure they are snug, now use only the rifle sights,set up at 20 yards now this is where patience will pay off u may need

MrPederrough: With a 900 N at 190 bar nitro piston in this BB your sturdy stainless steel cooking pot turns into a colander quicker than you can think "Holy sh.." Straight thru!

ruben sibuet: Hi ,i have one 125 sniper .25 but spring piston I think change to nitro piston what do you think is big difference in fpe or fps? thanks

robert hoagland: You sold me on the idea of a gas piston rig.

shootemfulloholes: hi there, well there are a few things that can help but it all starts with your setup. 1 does your scope have good magnification and an AO for parallax and range finding? 2 is your rifle broken in? (about 500 pellets +) 3 clean barrel after every 100 from new till you reach 500 shots(dieseling). Most important is pellet selection mine right now seem to do much better with the Beeman silver bear in .25, jsb and polymags are ok, also some rifles like different styles of hold, artillary or firm!!!

Joseph Gonzalez: For some weird reason, I can't copy/paste the link here...Just try visiting 'gatewaytoairguns' and do a search for 'Vortex gas ram'. Hopefully that will do it.

whiff1962: The Benji XL 1500 is a bear of a rifle to master. It is quite heavy, and you will need to master the artillery hold with it. The trigger is also a challenge to master, as it pulls heavy. I would go with a Hatsan 125TH in Nitro Piston and go without a scope, as the rifle has just as much power, is lighter, and has a really excellent trigger. And, it is less expensive, even with a NP upgrade.

25 cal NITRO PISTON HATSAN 125 SNIPER 4.4 out of 5

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