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Woody Woodrum: why did you get a nitro piston? whats its like compares to the vortex piston ?

Kennedy Salazar: amigo no puede acer este video en español gracias

Frank C: is there a difference in power between this nitro piston or just spring?...I know price vary a lot.

Gary Gallant: Are you wearing eye shadow make up?

Ricky Hogan: thank you again for a good review

funshootin1: fps fpe and fps spread are nice baseline numbers to help make decisions about general power and consistency. .but in the end we're all going to have to "see"..as in see , touch and feel what it does to typical materials like wood , cans, stacks of magazines and such, when I was a kid I used to do "ballistic testing " with a big block of clay about the size of a big brick..the effects of impacts would sway my decisions on what pellet and rifles I used all thru to highs choose ..grew up doing it that way .. it gave me a sense of what kind of energy was being put on target at different ranges and diffrent types of pellets.. It was pre Internet and I'm pretty sure I got the idea from a gun magazine doing tests on ammo .. at 38 walking around with my son on our "bb gun safaris " I still find myself lobbing a pellet into thick mud from time to time just to study the size and depth of the hole..

zackroo1: so how is this Benjamin NP different from Vortex gas deal in hatsans ?  do you know if I have to replace seal on piston would I need spring compressor with the vortex/nitro piston?

Gerald Williams: will that center point scope hold up with the recoil of these break barrel, will pyramid air change the seals in the hatsan,I've red reviews saying the breech seal didn't last 100 shots before the seals failed...

Proud Bosniak: I have that Same air rifle but in 22. It is just a beast,I LOVE it.

usasolarwindinc: I have a Hatsan 135 .22 RMA 4 times Vortex ram failures 4 times or 5 in less that two years.  The spring lasted 4000 shots from Feburary 30th  to Oct 2013. Vortex ram upgrade was done at that time.  Then three times after that time it was sent back and replaced. $488.000+- spent just on freight and upgrade sofar still no dependable gun here.  Hatsan USA did all the upgrades and down grades. they now want me to pay for all frieght and repairs.  who are they kidding.  Yes I love shooting it when it was right...... Vortex is prone to Failures

justliketolook: Shootemfulloholes  how is the gun holding up with the nitro piston . Do you know if its possible to use the newer nitro piston 2 . in the 125 sniper

Eric Coovert: You are fortunate to have gotten it with the Nitro Piston prior to the Vortex coming out. According to Chuck on myairunreviews, you lose some power with the Vortex version verses the spring version but the guys on Pyramid Air's "Round Table" seem to feel that you actually gain some power with the Nitro Pistons verses metal springs. The Nitro Piston differs from the Vortex in that the Vortex is filled with air but the inert gas in the Nitro Pistons that Pyramid Air installs seems to be less affected by cold temps and apparently yields more power than metal springs do in the same guns.

I'm not saying the Vortex versions are not good but when it comes to power; of the three versions I have mentioned, the Nitro Piston seems to yield the most power and is also least affected by temperature. My Hatsan 125 is chambered in .22 and also has had the Nitro Piston installed by Pyramid Air. The 10 for 10 test done at Pyramid Air on my gun also shows that it produces more Muzzle energy than any of the Hatsan 125 videos shown on Youtube utilizing a metal spring or a Vortex Piston, regardless of caliber.

Not that it really matters much but those of us who purchased the Pyramid Air installed Nitro Piston versions seem to have lucked out. There may however be an advantage with the Vortex version if you can truly adjust the power as some have suspected you might be able to do with the Vortex version. That is, if it's a similar design as the Theoben gas pistons of years past which could be adjusted for power and be re charged (if needed). As of yet, I have not been able to substantiate any of the suspicions regarding this possible advantage. Perhaps someone who ones the Vortex Version can let us know if this indeed is possible. I can only guess as to why Hatsan would have chosen to use air rather than an inert gas to fill their "gas springs". Allowing the user to recharge the gas piston or adjust the power would be the only reason I could think of that they would have chosen to go that rout. 

Sorry about going on a tangent again. I would be curious though to know if the Vortex can be adjusted or recharged.

Thanks again for this great video.        

Juan Claudio De La Dama: No es un rifle que agrupe. Eso de sniper es solo para vender.
Ponele balines regulares y usa los buenos para otro tipo de rifles.

moiecol: What's the length and diameter of copy suppressor

Plantspotter69: Hey Shootem, So you initially purchased a spring driven 125 then later converted it to Crosman's Nitro Piston? Had you considered Hatsan's Vortex before making your purchase of the spring powered model? It really would be great to get chrony results from your rig since it's possibly different from the Vortex system. Also, other than the Crow Mags did you see major tumbling issues with any of the other pellets? I'm about to pick up a Vortex 125 in .25 myself. Good shooting to ya!

Scott Hildenbrand: So what are your thoughts on it now? Any other .25 Nitro/Gas in the top of your mind that you'd rather have got instead? 

PrivateerGWX: Nice vid. I've had the 125 Sniper .25 for a year now. It also is the Nitro Piston conversion by PA. With the scope that came with it I shoot Beer bottles at 70 yards.
I take the neck off first then the body. JSB's and H&N's are it's favorite Ammo.
I've put a better piston seal in it and polished the trigger parts for a much better Gun.
I've plans to change the Scope to a 4X16 if I can quit buying other AG's! LOL!

Sportman-un: Hatsan has very nice and good airrifles.Had several breakbarrels & pcp's. But why didn't you bought the 125 sniper vortex? It is already fitted with a gasram.
Nice rifle and video by the way. 

rerere.moreno Moreno: hello friend'm from Brazil and I want to get a Hatsan 125 sniper scope, only here does not sell, help me buy one there for me to know that this is where cheap. help me please .... Love shoot. renilson.re@bol.com.br

XortiXz: Do you think this air rifle could take down a hog? Maybe if you shot it in a weak spot?

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25 cal NITRO PISTON HATSAN 125 SNIPER 5 out of 5

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