How To Setup Internet And MMS For Consumer Cellular Android Motorola Defy 2.2.2

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Lewis R. Williams: Thanks, this worked perfectly on my Optimus G. Just remember to restart your phone.

BayArea Organizers: I can finally send MMS on my LG Escape P870! Consumer Cellular could not help me, but you helped, so THANKS!!!

Rickey Mullins: Thank you for taking time to share. It works great!

Mrwaffleandmilk: thank you soooooo much I love u man it worked fro my moto g

swaglord420: Worked perfect on my Nexus 4. Thanks, settings that they sent in the email were wrong.

yamilrx: I actually did the video for a family member. I use a galaxy s2 and a Nokia llumia 900 on tmobile. As far as prepaid i recommend simple mobile which uses tmobile's towers and service which is fast. I get up to 20mbps downloads.

yamilrx: Glad it worked out. When I first tried this there was only one video available and it wasn't as specific. CM is great but it normally brings setting for the major carriers and not the little ones. I also root all my phones, this was for a friend.

veezknight: Dude, thank you so much! The reps at CC were very friendly and polite, but essentially useless in helping me get my Defy working. After hours and hours of frustration I found you video. THANK YOU again.

benjcobenjco: Worked perfect for friend with Samsung SGH i827 Appeal. Tx for the vid.

Corey Snider: Helpful video....Thanks dude!

David Bernstein: I just used this video to set-up a Galaxy S3 with Jelly Bean, and it worked flawlessly. Thank you!

Donna Harrison: Thank you for this got me up and running when CC said it couldn't. Very helpful, thanks for the time and the write up of the settings.

Derrick: Worked like a charm! Settings were messed up on my Bravo after I rooted & upgraded to CM7. Thanks very much for the walk-thru.

Derrick: So you have brought a Defy over to Consumer Cellular, huh? Have you gotten any other phones to work with CC? The phone selection is not very big, and I'd love to upgrade some time soon.

merrickart: I updated my phone and suddenly the data was not working...I searched the internet for hours trying to figure out why and then came across your vid and now it works fine! Thank you so much for your help!!!!! :)

Angela Pierce: YAY! Thank you! Consumer Cellular should link to this tutorial.

Marjan C.: You're right. Consumer cellular customer service knows jack crap. They told me that my phone isn't compatible with their network and I should downgrade to their S3. WTF? After watching your video and following your instructions, I can confirm that this WORKS for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500. Your help is much appreciated !!!!

Sam Edsall: Brought a LG Thrive from CC about a year ago and got tired of apps crashing and running out of internal storage. Brought a used Galaxy Nexus. Love the phone - calls and IM work fine. Needed to get the mobile network up and running. I copied the APN from the old phone and then checked your video. Settings are very similar. I need to get in range of 3G and see if this works. Sounds like others have had success. This video is very helpful. Thanks.

estraub99: Thank you so much!!! Finally got my internet working on my Galaxy S2! Thanks!

How to setup internet and MMS for Consumer Cellular Android Motorola Defy 2.2.2 4.2 out of 5

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Setting your Motorola mobile phone up for 3G
Setting your Motorola mobile phone up for 3G

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How to setup internet and MMS for Consumer Cellular Android Motorola Defy 2.2.2