Paper Glock 17 Tutorial Part 1

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Daniel Santander: we hear the gun remain equal to that of 0:14 minutes. (Use traductor jajaja :3).

MrGetbackjack007: ah! i hate the music but i like the gun

tavis moore: @palmer9fan i thumbs u up by accident i ment thumbs down

jfrorigami: awesome looking gun I'm making one right now!

OfficialDracz: i made this like a year before or something but then i dont know where it is anymore and it was that perfect

Ashnno: @tomaclo That tube goes under the barrel if your talking about 1:50

Joshua Mejos: suck it mr nuclearcarrot94 he was doing good

TimberWolves20001: I remeber these steps from making the berreta! :)

fizhrfrendz: look at mine go to paper glock nd mine is the one with the long skinny screen

Tony Macaluso: Wow dude thanks

tomaclo: when you cut the tube to make a shorter tube is that the barrel or the other tube

denson123321: @Ashnno whats the song at your last part g17?

Travis Macindoe: @Ashnno u can just skip it

MrNoSpoone: If you guys need to use a tut, you have no skill of creation, before you say "Why did you click on this video then" I will tell you, it is to see how somebody else made their glock.

NuclearCarrot94: @njeradoff i know i was just kidding

gameguyARMZ: i like how u show the gun befor you start making it... so many ppl don't do that. thats for the tut though, i got SUPER good results.

Ashnno: @007NURS Thanks!

eric richards: oh

Meere Ereem: Does it shoot

Chanel Brown: Cool

mileysbigfan8: awesome man!! imma make one now!

palmer9fan: @Ashnno haha xD

NuclearCarrot94: Worst tutorial

SupaDupaFarts: Nice=D

maxeem11: Thanks dude, I'm making this into a semiauto gun, you will have to blow to shoot but I will reload from the mag every time you rooster it. If I make that I will post a vid

a Realperson: does this one have a mag?

Teresa garcia: dude make better gun like you know the other gun

Travis Macindoe: @Ashnno can you make a very detaild vid on how to make the roostering mechanisim

do15laps: Cool

Ashnno: @palmer9fan its because you were too impatient to wait for 5 freaking seconds

zexrtyable: can u make the gun with masking tape? i dont have any scratch tape and clear tape

Seemly Films: are that geometry tools

Daijon Joyner: You cannot spell of crap

MrJim2You: @Ashnno AWESOME GUN I made one of these a few months ago

turbox336: freaking awesome dude

ferb1919: Ilike this gunn

boxzita1: seu cusao faz arma que presti se nao vai da o cu seu prostituto viado

adonai gomez: 👍 chida

ury lucker: awesome i will going to make this glock

TyTy16061: can it shoot??

mrkhanfarheen: awesome!!!!!!!

yummy791: @nuclearcarrot94 you're the worst tutorial ever made

phillipcurl3: @MrNoSpoone Actually, tutorials can help beginners get better :)

timmbober121: @palmer9fan crip

HaloGamerGirl518: Maby if you talk I would think about subscribing

Ashnno: @TheodoreZachariades What??

Joshua Mejos: awesome bro and to all youtubers....... ugh whatever

David brown: @palmer9fan Dude just click the X in the little circle on the red thing do it while that clock thing is going :]

Teresa garcia: gun is fail

YoYoMan Catalyst: Cool

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Paper Glock 17 tutorial part 1 4.5 out of 5

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Paper Glock 17 tutorial part 1