Paper Glock 17 Tutorial Part 1

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icyy kaleb: ya music sucks

Chanel Brown: Cool

The_La: You cannot spell of crap

Ð: we hear the gun remain equal to that of 0:14 minutes. (Use traductor jajaja :3).

Adonai Gómez: 👍 chida

OfficialDracz: i made this like a year before or something but then i dont know where it is anymore and it was that perfect

Teresa garcia: gun is fail

Teresa garcia: dude make better gun like you know the other gun

TrueForce3D: Cool

YoYoMan Catalyst: Cool

Meere Ereem: Does it shoot

SupaDupaFarts: Nice=D

Travis Macindoe: @Ashnno can you make a very detaild vid on how to make the roostering mechanisim

timmbober121: @palmer9fan crip

Seemly Films: are that geometry tools

Yacovsup: RIP headphone users -.-

jfrorigami: awesome looking gun I'm making one right now!

David brown: @palmer9fan Dude just click the X in the little circle on the red thing do it while that clock thing is going :]

MrJim2You: @Ashnno AWESOME GUN I made one of these a few months ago

Reiss • #sickedits: @Ashnno whats the song at your last part g17?
Paper Glock 17 tutorial part 1 5 out of 5

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Paper Glock 17 tutorial part 1