212CC 4 Stroke Gas Powered 3 Wheel Adult Trike

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JOHN DEERE: Sorry but this is really poor engineering. The gear ratio is very poor and the clutch will likely burn out quickly. Not to mention cutting the frame up. Build it with a jackshaft or a torque convertor. 

Adonai Zedek: i just sold one to a guy for 300. I bought for 450. It was really fast. I don't like the way trikes turn and handle. I am more of a bike person. I have a 99cc on an older bike i bought as well as some other kits as well as a Silverwing...

Scotty McMasters: PLEASE before I cut the two supports on my rear support like you guys did to clear the sprocket.....Will the missing (cut) two supports Weaken my Bike!!??? Thanks a ton!

lawrence j Winston: i would like to see how it was put together, do u have a vid of that?

firmclock: 20mph LMAO

JOHN DEERE: how many miles do you get out of the centrifugal clutch?

TheFuzz189: what size sprocket on axel please ?

Dj vanhorn: Awesome work... 

Danyae Seay: Nice...

Dan Enus: Thank you very much for liking it. I have to admit, I dove into this one with no idea where to begin. Trying to find a sproket-chain-axel hub- and a centrifugal clutch that will mate up was challenging to say the least. The Meridian is a good platform to start from since it already has a 17mm axel. I machined out a 5/8inch hub adapterforthe sprocket and the rest came together with a lot of luck. Thanks again.

MrArmenta2010: That sound is a cicada there annoying as hell

Dan Enus: It has a back "drum" brake as well. They work well enough. Like any motorized bike, car drivers see a bike and fail to realize we are coming up on them quicker than they think. The best brakes comes in our riding and awareness. In other words, if you are going faster than 20mph where cars are around, there is no amount of brakes on a bicycle that will stop you in time.

AtomicSpud: never mind... call you and found out. I'll probably do a dual battery setup and the 48v system ..... but with the info I have gleaned I may do both AND the gas engine! look for my upcoming video

Dan Enus: No because the Police here pay more attention to how respectfull we ride in and out of traffic than what we ride. They seem to have better fish to fry than bikers commuting.

lane burt: Do you have any braking problems I converted a normal bike to a 80cc motor bike and I go through brake pads all the time I'm on my 3 pair and I've only had it for about two weeks

Dan Enus: It is a Schwinn Meridian 3 Wheel Trike. It comes as a bolt on rear half. It is the only way this Trike comes from Schwinn.

Dan Enus: We custom built this Trike for an over-sea's sale. We do not offer this as a kit.

RapperNamedQUICK: How much weight could it pull if you attached a waggon to the back?

woodengemz2: Actually we come here to watch you ride the bikes, not listen to engines running, as we already know what they sound like.

Ken Moore: Kinda cool, except where the frame is cut off in the back. I can see the rear wheels folding in with this set-up. Totally illegal in the U.S. Good Luck. 150-200 mpg ha-ha-ha-

diaentco: This is an awesome ride. Hey do u mind telling me the sprocket size? teeth number? Hub adapter. And where to find a match please!

ChiIiSauce: were can i get that motor setup ...i looked at the website link but dont see them...

MrArmenta2010: Yes its a bug there harmless but annoying

bryson502: is that a 3wheel kit or soild frame

Dan Enus: What is a cacada? An insect or something technical with my mic?

Steven Albright: You are going to need more than the front brake....Other than that I like it, I like it...

Dan Enus: wwwgokartgalaxycom and you will have to machine the hub for the sprocket larger. it comes as a 5/8 ID Hub but needs be 17mm (if memory serves). I think it was a 42 Sprocket and the clutch is a 3/4 bore centrifugal clutch.

dunetteternes: A kinda stupid why a bike like that

AtomicSpud: Can you do this again and how much would it cost. I live in Idaho an IT IS STREET LEGAL HERE.

ryan wilt: how did you get the back sprocket on and were did you get the cable from

Eli wrinkle: Thats awesome, I built one last year using the same motor on an older tricycle, its on my channel. but im thinking of changing the 4 stroke to a 2 stroke dirtbike engine that way i can have a transmition and a manual clutch.

Dan Enus: Thank you. it was fun to build and ride it but way too powerful. We are presently uploading a video of a more sane version of a 4-Stroke gas Powered Trike. Should be on our channel sometime tonight...Takes forever.

Dan Enus: Ha ha, there is no amount of licensing that would make this street legal.

PcGameplaySby Roger: Gas powered coconut

powrbook17: How did you mount it to the frame?

James Mayberry: I have something like this, its not a Schwinn tho and my engine is much much bigger, and it runs much hotter. but with the bigger engine, means the more power.my mpg is averaging 95 mpg wich is perfect for me because all I do is ride it to school and back and use it in the winter. I have a plywood body and a bunch of other goodies like storage, a dashboard windows mirrors turn signals headlamps and all those realistic car things. (along with some locks). my ratio for mpg is 65 mpg : 45 mph.nice!

Brian Vickery: Hello, 'looks good. Went to website and nothing but electric there, where are engine specs, or is it a 212 Predator?

Sawyer Helle: A cicada is a bug that sounds like the sound in your video

diaentco: How hard was it to mount the motor. And was it a specific type or number clutch u used. Also did u add a extra sprocket to the bike

Peter Piper: Need license on this baby, right?

diaentco: Where did u find the mate for the clutch, sprocket and chain axle hub. I'm troubleshooting and failing miserably

anthony poblete: hello i would love to invest into the motor, just questioning the price and how much this will cost for the motor and how to istalation it on to the bike

Dan Enus: It's a 212cc Predator 4 Stroke Motor

212CC 4 Stroke Gas Powered 3 Wheel Adult Trike 4.8 out of 5

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212CC 4 Stroke Gas Powered 3 Wheel Adult Trike
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212CC 4 Stroke Gas Powered 3 Wheel Adult Trike