How To Rebuild And Reset Panasonic Drum KX-FAD412X For KX-MB2000 MB2010 MB2025 MB2030 MB2061 MB2062

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alysDOK: Hi, any help really appreciated. I replaced the drum on my MB2030 with 2 new drums however the "check drum" message will not go away. I've check the connections at the side of the machine and they seem fine. Could it be a faulty PCB?

Teddy Tan: hi sir. i replace the drum with the new one. and try print it. but suddenly the print out all blank white. no word or something black. just white. what is the problem? need help

László Fekete: My printings were a little messy in the last months, so I bought a can of isopropyl spray and decided to give this cleaning a try. As I disassembled the housing, tons of toner dust was pouring out of the whole thing, you could print thousands of papers with that amount. I'm amazed it was still working, though now after rebuilding, it seems completely fine, not a single patch or graying on prints. But what could cause that amount of dust building up? I used to refill the dust manually and not always buy new toners, but is it possible that some sealing is faulty on the toner cartridge or the drum cartridge? Thanks for posting video by the way!

gazmir onuzi: I cant remove the replace drum message even after turning the white plastic screw??

Ahmad Kajouk: thank you very much ! it would be nice if you have a How to remanufacture the drum cartridge and cancel the message video for KX-FA84 drum !! thank you!

ABIEE ABHINAV: plz upload how to refill panasonic kx-mb1500.

Giri Kulkarni: thanku

Marcelo Marinho: Cartucho Cilindro Panasonic Kx Mb 3010 3030 Kx Fad 404a-d - R$ 200,00

Sinhnhat Bui: kx-mb 2030 call service 6 and check drum la bi gi vay

me me: My panasonic kx-mb2025 printer say the drum life is low. It printed for less than 4000 pages with 2 toners.(1 starter toner =<2000pages and 1 kx-fat-411e ->2000pages). Can I just screw the white pastic to reset the drum life without cleaning step. Will the cartidge full easily? Do you think how many toner can be using without pour out old toner dust?

Camila Borba: Thanks dude! Your video saved me from replacing my printer!

wingerrrrrrrrr: It turns out the large white blank sections I was getting after refilling the toner cartridge was because I overfilled it and it apparently spilled out from the drum assembly and onto the printer itself. I used compressed air on the printer itself to blow out that layer of toner residue and the prints now come out perfectly-

Đậu Đức Thuận: Dòng Pana quả thật là không đơn giản, thanks!

Ahmad Kajouk: hi !! I have panasonic KX-FLB802 !! it shows the message replace Drume +change supplies !! even i did but it still doing!! i made the code menu #9000*550 start and still has the same message !! could u help pls!!

Zaatour36: thanks very much for the video can you explain a little bit more with a video or graph about the gold cornona wire please ? as i dont see it in my drum s:


MOJOMAN54: Hi wonder if you can help? I have a Panasonic KX-MB2000. After using up the initial Toner for approx 200 pages I bought a new Toner cart for 2000 pages. Shorlty after I started getting a black vertical line to the right hand side of the page. No matter what i still got it with different paper and settings with no luck. I returned the Toner to Amazon as faulty but I'm still getting the same problem. Can you offer any advice please?

AKRAM KADHAM: When the ink tray replaced with a new one prompt to replace the ink still shows me what to do please

wingerrrrrrrrr: Good to know, thanks-

sepega8: Thank you teacher

viandant5: KX MB772 and MB1500 use a different toner: MB1500 uses a samsung universal toner but there is a chip, in MB772 indeed works a wide variety of toner refill, even canon and HP

viandant5: happy to help you. have a nice day

viandant5: I can't help you so much, it can be lot of things. verify the telephone line cord is connected from the socket on the fax labeled "LINE" directly to the wall socket. If there are splitters or surge protectors between the wall socket and the fax remove them. if you can try a different fax to determine if the problem is the line or the machine

wingerrrrrrrrr: If refilling a starter toner cartridge for an KX-MB2030, does the drum need to be reset to get the printer to operate for the full capacity of the refilled toner? Does the counter track how much toner is left in the cartridge?

sepega8: If I realize this cleanliness that time can last mas the toner ..?

anibalmaldonado76: Hello, good video, do you know the reset for Panasonic kx mb 1500 ?

wingerrrrrrrrr: Thanks, I'll need to try disassembling it to try cleaning it; trying the compressed air alone on the fully assembled drum unit didn't improve it at all, the same blank streaks were still there in the same areas as before. The areas that aren't blank look okay though, good darkness and contrast.

Gianni Tomesani: at 2.58 minute you'll find how to cancel the "change drum" message

viandant5: You have to refill the toner cartridge, not the drum unit. the toner cartridge is easy to refill, it's only a simple container without chip. regarding the shaky proble, probably the drum is damaged. a repetitive defect like that is often related to the drum

viandant5: the toner cartridge is very easy to refill. it's only a container, it has no chip so you only have to refill it with the new toner

rafiq annigeri: where should fill powder ifill powder in to drum unit after that i got probleme of leakage as well as one side of print is shaky verticaly in 4 sides of a4 paper what is the probleme pls give remidy

viandant5: it may be a problem related to the fuser unit. also try change paper.

wingerrrrrrrrr: I just refilled the toner, and there are blank streaks along the length of the paper; is cleaning with compressed air possible without disassembling the cartridge as you do in the video? I do see toner residue all over the components and wanted to see if I could clean it without first taking it apart. What happens if the roll is exposed to light, as cautioned against in the video?

rafiq annigeri: same what above mentioned

Houda abo halima: good job . i have a problem in FLB802 or 882 fax when i send a page during sending in the middle of the page the fax make restart and not send the page please help me if you are know any thing about this fault

Reza sadeghpour: hi tnx for video plz help for very very Shed toner on paper pl z plz help me

SASI KUMAR: thankyou verymuch

viandant5: Yes, the toner may last more. you'll have more transfer efficiency from drum to the paper and less waste toner.

Ashish Mahendra: I can find lines while printing. Print is good, but i find lots of lines it. and i even noticed that the developer rod has lots of lines in it. Is it worn rod or tonner accumulated on rod. Before it was refilled by some low quality powder.

AKRAM KADHAM: Very entertaining....well done

Luiz Duarte: Thanks a lot! It solved my problem. Do you have any video showing how to refil de toner or its simple?

viandant5: There is a problem related with the corona wire in the drum unit, or its contacts with the printer, may be dirt.“ CALL SERVICE 6” indicates that abnormal charge voltage is output from the high voltage unit. Check if the spring pressure of each high voltage contact drum/printer is strong enough. isn't it distorted or bent? in the description of this video you'll find the Panasonic MB2025 service manual, search for "service 6". Hope it helps.

viandant5: It's simple: no chip or reset procedures, only pour the toner into the cartridge

viandant5: It may be a worn drum, or a dirty developer roller, or some a worn bushing. try disassemble and riassemble the drum unit again. hope it helps

sepega8: Already it marks the multifunctional one that changes the drum. Then with this cleanliness not saldra mas the message ..?

Sanka Muzikant: thanks for the AWESOME video! i took mine apart, and there was a feather on the metal piece. took the feather out, printer does not make a black line anymore.

Nutan Shiksha Sadan: Very well explained but , need instructions to refill the Toner which is missing

viandant5: Try cleaning the developer roller and most important the edge of the developer roller blade with isopropyl alcohol

flrblfreak: KX-MB2025, error message "Check Drum", "Call System 6". has swopped another drum from working set and on-off switch. Still not able to use printer, message still there. Pls advise. TQ

sanjay rawat: can i used mb1500 ink? for kx mb772:)

How to Rebuild and Reset Panasonic Drum KX-FAD412X for KX-MB2000 MB2010 MB2025 MB2030 MB2061 MB2062 4.5 out of 5

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How to Rebuild and Reset Panasonic Drum KX-FAD412X for KX-MB2000 MB2010 MB2025 MB2030 MB2061 MB2062
How to Rebuild and Reset Panasonic Drum KX-FAD412X for KX-MB2000 MB2010 MB2025 MB2030 MB2061 MB2062
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How to Rebuild and Reset Panasonic Drum KX-FAD412X for KX-MB2000 MB2010 MB2025 MB2030 MB2061 MB2062