Home Made Atv Snow Plow And Gas Spring Lift

What do you think about this video?

J gossy: Nice set up

ROTAXD: Bet that top rung ripped off the rack within the 1st winter. If you can't/won't buy a winch, don't bother buying the plow.

Larry Witte: talk

gingy02: Do you have a video of this plow in action??

MrJeffery9076: was wandering if I could get the pdf file. Very nice work with the plow and the hydraulic setup

littlechihahua: Could you send me the PDF it would be much appreciated

MONTE CASLER: Put a patent on it and sell it to one of the big companies so we can all get one that is so awesome and easy to care for and faster than my winch

Jim Barry: Slick setup. After 3 hours on the quad today pushing snow with a Moose plow, I started thinking about how a V blade  would help a lot. If you are still offering the PDF, could you please send it to me? Thanks. woodworkingplans@gmail.com

jasovf Gransdorf:      trunks or hoods have a gas piston? junk yard...

Veikra: Your lift handle works much better and faster than a winch. Love the Vplow hehe

Mark H: I stole your idea for the lift.
My version still needs some fine tuning and I have to find the gas spring, but it works real good. I burnt out a winch before, this works so much better.
Thank you!!!

keith clough: sweet. luv the blade

Trevor Mann: my email is manntr@uwplatt.edu could you send the PDF please thanks

BIOGENACTIVE: Nice! My Email larseklund@me.com thanks

Peter Berrios: pabear0971@yahoo.com, may I have a drawing and parts list...-please

Ronnie P: If you still check the responses, I would like you to email me some info. Very slick set up. Thanks ronnieosu99@yahoo.com

jim mugford: My email is mugfordj@gmail.com

jim mugford: Love it I I would love any info u have PDF or anything....thanks

009BIGD: best manual set up i've seen! could you please send some info to drillin001@hotmail.com thanks

Home made atv snow plow and gas spring lift 5 out of 5

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Home made atv snow plow and gas spring lift
Home made atv snow plow and gas spring lift
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Home made atv snow plow and gas spring lift