1950 Canadian Longbranch CNo.4 Mk.1* .303 (Enfield)

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Snapshooter zeroeight: You will get much better accuracy with a 174RN flat base bullet. .303's love a meaty bullet 39.5 grains of reloader 15, H4895, or Varget gives the mil spec load.

Dalwhinnie15: Nice rifle. I may have to get one, and the patriot in me might just prefer a Canadian Longbranch. I would go nicely next to my Korean War Garand.

3OCALM1: @JRTMIN Thanks.

3OCALM1: I think it was $130 then but I wouildnt use that as a price guide for now. I have another Longbranch No.4 from 1942 but I can't remember how much I paid for it. Have you tried Marstar? I think they're in Ontario and would have more current prices. I've never hunted with one but it would probly work out fine if you use softpoint sporting ammo and do your part. Good luck!

2ndAmendmentable: This rifle is one that was passed down to me by my grandfather. I've shot it plenty and it still shoots like a dream. I also own a 1942 Savage MkI* issued to the Royal Navy in '42, with plenty of battle scars but a nice smooth bore. The action on these is second to none for the rifles of that era. LOVE shooting mine, but GOD DAMIT the ammo is hard to find here!

Mrbeanutube: Well done video! Great looking Enfield!

3OCALM1: @dphitch I don't think I've ever had that happen with either of mine.

3OCALM1: They are fairly easy to find.

NorthPro40: I live in Long Branch, just a kilometre from where these were made. I want to get one now.

3OCALM1: Those were my reloads that I'd had for a while. 174 gr Hornady boattail match bullet, W-W 760 powder, and an S&B case.

QuestionMarker: Yeah, I agree it would be easier to find one in Canada.How much did you get yours for by the way?And how much do you think a WW2 era would cost me?I'm going to use this rifle for both target shooting and hunting.Would you recommend this baby for hunting as well? I would think getting a license is much faster that way,but you're right I shouldn't wait that long, and get one now!And Thanks, boot camp is going to be a good experience.

odinn62: public safety my ass.gun laws are a way to control the masses and make people believe that someone will protect them,what a joke.just look at what happened in richmond ca hs.people gathered and watched a 15 yr old girl get gang raped cell phones and all and not one had the decency to call the cops.you and only you are responsible for your safety.

strechinpick: Just bought one Friday night at an auction. It is also a No. 4 Mk. 1 "1950" Bore is beautiful! and stock is in great shape. Couldnt be happier right now.

Commissar lubi: hey would you recommend the Canadian No4 Mk1 made by Longbranch or the British version made by Maltby? I'm currently thinking of getting one

3OCALM1: I would think they'd be easy to find in Ireland. You ought to get one if you like them that well and can get one.

fortaaron: so when the apature sight is down its supposed to be for 300 yards? how would i aim it if i wanted to shoot 100?

mikelagaffe: i'd need some parts to restore mine...someone cut the wood on it..i think they call that sporterized...the safety is loose, and the rear open iron sight is nearly gone. i'm ffrom quebec.do someone knows where could i find such pieces?

7JDH7NL7: I love the Enfield, Just the sound of it, i am starting collecting Ww2 british.

3OCALM1: I think the Mk. II's came along a little later like in about 1955 or so. The trigger on mine is attached to the trigger guard.

Charlie Wilson: Yes. I'd like to try one of the micrometer sites, but IDK if I can bring myself to alter a correct and all matching gun. I'm sure the mk. 3 is capable of better accuracy than I am.

Robert Vindevoghel: Thanks!

3OCALM1: @strechinpick Awesome! You ought to do a shooting video of it.

NormanMatchem: 90. Deducted 5 points for needing a tool to disassemble the bolt, and 5 for only dual locking lugs. I would deduct another 5 for .303 British being rimmed, but that really doesn't bother me. Other than that, it's the fastest bolt action you'll ever find, with generally the highest capacity, and diehard reliability. 1-2 rounds per second, 4-5 seconds to load 2 5-round clips, and accurate to 800-1000m? What's not to like? The smoothness and capacity is the envy of all other military bolt actions.

3OCALM1: Since you're in Canada it should be easy to find one. Like finding an M1 in the U.S. Good luck.

Catoni52: If would suggest finding out when gun shows are being held in your area, and buy a good one there. Don't be in a hurry. Just ask around and find out when gun shows are held, and wander around the tables and ask questions. I'm sure you will find a good Canadian Longbranch or good British one. Check the serial numbers, and manufacture markings (Don't be too upset if it has the Ishapore Screw, originally a Brit idea) and especially check the condition of the bore. There's lots of info online.

jord caller: Ok, so you seem to know your stuff! I just bought a Longbranch .303 1944, I would like to find out its military history. Any help on were to find that information? Hopefully more of these .303 rifle will hit the market now that the Canadian Rangers are going to upgrade!

3OCALM1: @zulu547 I don't know THAT much stuff or even the history of my own two LB Mk.4's. Anyhow, congrats on your Mk.4 and sorry I couldn't be of any help on the history.

jubbles2343: privi sucks, but the brass makes for good handloading and if you use the bullet heads they are very good

yerchedmad: i have a lee enfield No4 mk1 made in england, made in 1942. Your video is probably one of the best I've seen on youtube about the lee enfield no4mk1 thank you

QuestionMarker: Great Rifle buddy, I'm going to buy one after or during my army career, actually heading off to bootcamp in June. Can I ask, where could I buy a beautiful rifle like the one you have, I live in Toronto too. Cheers,

Charlie Wilson: Nice rifle! I have a 1950 all matching Long Branch myself. I believe 1950 was the last year of production at Long Branch, giving them a little extra collectors value. I haven't shot mine past 100 yards yet though, but it shoots TIGHT at that range!

covertcolt: how easy is it to find this gun?

Charlie Wilson: Something I'm confused about. The no 4 Mk II's came along, but Long Branch stuck with the mk. I*? I was thinking that they seemed to be kind of inbetween the mkI* and the mk II. Does the triggers on these hang from the trigger guard or the receiver?

3OCALM1: By putting a micrometer rear sight on it you don't permanently alter anything. The two are interchangeable.

drcfox: @3OCALM1 and zulu547 go to milsurps.com Lee Enfield forum - they will have plenty of information for you. Some of the people on the forum have been collecting and shooting Lee Enfields for 35+ years. As for my Long Branch - 0.5 MOA at 100 and 200 yards - got to love the Long Branch!

superdave934: make not mike dumbass learn to spellz

Trenton Wall: Ive shot this rifle many times. Amazing rifle.

stonedimaculate1983: i gota find me one of those. i want a wwii one like my grandfather would have used

gyates93: It means that our corrupt government is too afraid to trust us with weapons.

3OCALM1: I haven't done very much reloading for .303 but when I did I used Hornady 174 grain boat-tail match bullets and W-W 760 for powder. I got better accuracy with that than any surplus ammo. I should experiment some more with other loads but I haven't gotten around to it yet. If you can find any, the South African .303 (marked 7.7X56R) is decent for surplus ammo.

RifleGlory: what brand of ammo are you using.

3OCALM1: Most all Enfields are .303 but there are some excepions. If it's a .303 you won't be able to get a .308 round to go in the chamber. The .308 is wider at the shoulder and won't go in very far.

BLuecoLLarcanuck: Nice condition it's in, too. Where'd you buy the rifle?

3OCALM1: @trainguy1218If it’s like most of the ones I've seen including both of mine it has sort of a reversed head common screw, for lack of a better name for it. By reversed I mean where the slot is raised instead of being a slot. There is a tool out there that is commonly called a firing pin removal tool but the T handle of it also has a slot for the front sight screw. I have one but I don’t remember where I got it. You could try Numrich.

3OCALM1: @dphitch Awesome! The rear sight on yours is actually correct for that rifle. Mine had the same one but i swapped it out for the "micrometer" type sight since it is more precise. You ought to do a video of yours.

Commissar lubi: Well the place where I was thinking of getting those sells the Longbranch one at 350$ CAD, however the stock has chipped off wood (you actually see the unvernished wood). As for the British version, they sell it at 400$ CAD and that one seems to be in a better condition. But as you probably realized I'm canadian, so it's in part why I'm hesitating. If you want more details, go google "ps militaria", click the first link and the check the Canada and United Kingdom sections where they show off LE

3OCALM1: @FargoMarc I've had it since 1996 and I think it was about $130 then and that included a spike bayonet.

3OCALM1: Both of mine had the type yours has when I got them. I bought the micrometer type sights later on. You should be able to find them easily enough from surplus gun parts suppliers.

Fred B.: Very nice video! And a great tribute to our boys! Didn't expect that........:)

dphitch: 30CALM1 I Just bought one of these today. I've been wanting one forever. Mine is a NO 4 Mk 1* made in Long Branch 1950 as well. I took it straight to the range and fired off the 20 rounds I bought with the rifle. It shot great. My sights are a little different in that they have a slide catch on the side instead of the knob on top. Great Rifle with a great history to it.

1950 Canadian Longbranch CNo.4 Mk.1* .303 (Enfield) 4.9 out of 5

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1950 Canadian Longbranch CNo.4 Mk.1* .303 (Enfield)
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1950 Canadian Longbranch CNo.4 Mk.1* .303 (Enfield)