1950 Canadian Longbranch CNo.4 Mk.1* .303 (Enfield)

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Grant Burwash: Would like to know more about what your using for a hand load. I have a number 4 mk1 long branch. I would like to load for it. Have you chronyed yours?

Doug Wells: The Red Ensign was the Canadian Flag in 1950 not the Maple Leaf Meats logo

John Edwards: Excellent shooting I couldn't do that with my Longbranch No4 mk1* but then that's about my ancient eyes more than my rifles accuracy.

ZFlyingVLover: 2 inches at 200 yds prone????!!!!! Dang man. I gotta get me one of these

Snapshooter zeroeight: You will get much better accuracy with a 174RN flat base bullet. .303's love a meaty bullet 39.5 grains of reloader 15, H4895, or Varget gives the mil spec load.

storm476: lots of them aaround the best bolt gun ever made

3OCALM1: They are fairly easy to find.

stonedimaculate1983: i gota find me one of those. i want a wwii one like my grandfather would have used

Fred B.: Very nice video! And a great tribute to our boys! Didn't expect that........:)

3OCALM1: I've had it since 1996. I bought it at a gun show.

Rob Vinde: Thanks!

skaaltel: POI is 12-16" high at 100 yards. Aim center of mass and you will still hit. Or aim for his crotch. ;)

NormanMatchem: 90. Deducted 5 points for needing a tool to disassemble the bolt, and 5 for only dual locking lugs. I would deduct another 5 for .303 British being rimmed, but that really doesn't bother me. Other than that, it's the fastest bolt action you'll ever find, with generally the highest capacity, and diehard reliability. 1-2 rounds per second, 4-5 seconds to load 2 5-round clips, and accurate to 800-1000m? What's not to like? The smoothness and capacity is the envy of all other military bolt actions.

fortaaron: so when the apature sight is down its supposed to be for 300 yards? how would i aim it if i wanted to shoot 100?

fortaaron: if you buy a new rear peep sight for them will they still shoot right? i have the big hole Mk.3 sight and i want the small hole one, if i put one on will it effect it?

Charlie Wilson: Nice rifle! I have a 1950 all matching Long Branch myself. I believe 1950 was the last year of production at Long Branch, giving them a little extra collectors value. I haven't shot mine past 100 yards yet though, but it shoots TIGHT at that range!

mikelagaffe: thanks for that, mate

3OCALM1: Marstar in Ontario might have parts. In the US try Springfield Sporters or Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

mikelagaffe: i'd need some parts to restore mine...someone cut the wood on it..i think they call that sporterized...the safety is loose, and the rear open iron sight is nearly gone. i'm ffrom quebec.do someone knows where could i find such pieces?

3OCALM1: Both of mine had the type yours has when I got them. I bought the micrometer type sights later on. You should be able to find them easily enough from surplus gun parts suppliers.

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1950 Canadian Longbranch CNo.4 Mk.1* .303 (Enfield) 5 out of 5

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1950 Canadian Longbranch CNo.4 Mk.1* .303 (Enfield)