Root Xolo Q700, Q800, Q1000 Easiest Method

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Dééprãj Blãdé: after this process may take few minutes then it says failure help .. i guess ? :|

Sourabh Dhawan: how to recover cwm to xolo q600?

Shivam Tiwari: Its fake....don't make us fool

ankit karnany: while rooting my xolo q800 it says... " rooting phone... this may take few min... failed!!! "

drsarju zilate: hi sharvari i have xolo Q1000 opus. can i root it by this method ? plz reply......

Virat Vaghela: hi sharvari malusare, i hav xoloq800i first installed softwares in my pc as u did. but when i tried to run .bat file in debuggung mide one black window appeared and there is failure . Pls Help me.

VYOM KUMAR CHAUDHARY: dude rooting is fine tell me how did you change the firmware as a samsung customised one do tell me also that can we have multiwindow feature available by this method

arun kumar: dude i rooted my q700 phone via fromaroot .. and i m now having q700i rom .. i need to install it but crap , CWM is not working.. it says no command while i reboot in rocovery mode with rom manager ... what shall i do to install the q700i rom .. pls reply me :3 and give a req in FB ,,,

anil v: thank you ...

Melo Singh: thanks it work

Nasser akash: Thank you thank you thank you who ever you are!!!

Prateek Arora: Hey, I had a question. Is there anyway to go back completely to stock. I know there is a stock rom on androidjugaad that is flashable through CWM. But I want completed Stock.. Stock ROm + Stock Recovery. Is that possible ? Having stock recovery back ?

Sharvari Malusare: Sorry.. updated download links.. Video is 1080p Full HD.. i suggest to download the video first in HD then try

Amit Kumar: Hi. I have Xolo Q800 and Windows XP on my PC. I am unable to install the drivers in windoes XP. Please help me, how to install Xolo Q800 drivers in Windows XP? Please, Help Me.

Sharvari Malusare: Okk i will

Sharvari Malusare: its too easy, view the video in hd for clear video

Rajeev Jaiswal: ya it works even i have q800 with mt6589w-m worked for me

Rahul. Ganji: does OTG works on Q1000 aftr rooting,,, & can we swap internal Rom as External SD rom just like this (it was done for canvas hd) plz reply @sharvari malusare

riya agarwal: yes it does

manish maurya: there is no "other devices" option in my device manager... what should I do...?

yatin yadav: Hay I got TWRP at link xda-developers(dot)com/showthread.php?t=2428038&page=3 mediafire(dot)com/download/tna6qety3z29pg5/TWRP_Xolo_Q700_2.4.4_Sharvari.rar Is it by yourself ?? Is it working??

john p john: Can anyone provide me a stock rom..i forgot to backup

Rajeev Jaiswal: dear sharvari thanks a lot for this method its really easy .. i have xolo q800 with mt6589w-m but it got rooted so thanks but i want to install twrp so that i can take backup of stock rom can u please tell the steps for that?

Saksham Khurana: Does rooting void warranty ????

Sabyasachi Ghosh: view in 1080p

shany ak: Hi .. Lot many people commented that Xolo q700 has low call volume and bad camera quality .. can we fix this by rooting and installing custom rom ?

Har Kamal Singh: use wine

Nawab Shaikh: hi is there a way to swap internal sd with external sd the internal storage space is too less to store heavy games..i tried various options like replacing the voldfstab file, link 2 sd also googled alot of websites..n

Rajeev Jaiswal: i want to install custom rom but while surfing i came to know that its important to take backup of efs folder. but i cant find efs folder using root explorer .......sharvari pls help

akkisuperman: hi sharvari r u using s4ui rom in ur phone showing in that video or some another samsung android version plz tell me

Ravikiran Desai: hey wat abt xolo x1000

Sharvari Malusare: join our facebook group for tutorial, link in video description

sahil khurana: HOW TO INSTAL XOLO Q800 DRIVER ON PC ?

parvez K: is this method going to work on xolo x1000 4.1.2

akkisuperman: hi dear can u pls tell me which rom u r using in this video

varun kumar: if tiz method really work ' *7813294# ' if u dail tis num ur phone is rooted and its official rooting method

Sharvari Malusare: Engineering mode has a solution for low volume, join our facebook group for more information, link in description

MrNbond: This Worked thanks - on xolo q800

Bapaomai Danny Augustine: oh my .... this seems too easy.. but im confused with the installation of adb driver...

Jaineil Ajmera: I have already unrooted xolo q700. But how do i delete clockworkmod recovery and return to my original one?

Sharvari Malusare: root your phone, install Online nandroid backup from playstore, do a backup done :) its a cwm backup though works grt

Sudev S Chirappat: Done.. Successfully! Thanks a lot

rakshith nagaraja: How to update Xolo q 800

Goku Kakkarot: Well friend, will this method work for new q800? I meant can we install recovery in new xolo q800 (MTK6589W-M) with same procedure as on old q800 (Mtk6589) and same scatter file.

Arulcbe Kumarcbe: Kindly brief me, wat is is the user of Rooting, after rooting wat is the advantage????

Ankur Arora: Malusare ji , thank you for this method i have xolo q800 white which has downgraded chipset... i just wanted to ask that after using your method of rooting, will be able to get firmware update from xolo.. if they give also, will this rooting, remove the apps like xolo care? please reply asap thanks

Nawab Shaikh: none of them using xolo q700 hope u might come out with something..ty.

Sharvari Malusare: Yes you can go back to complete stock, First Install Stock ROM via CWM or TWRP recovery then Flash Stock Recovery via SP flash tool Boot Stock ROM and unroot from SuperSu Done For Download Links to Stock ROM, Stock Recovery, Visit Our group (link in description)

Zahin Haque: hi bro. I had rooted my xolo q1000 by this technique and it rooted successfully. but then i installed chainfire 3D and now my phone wont start. can you please help me, restore my phone :'(

Krunal Kapadiya: Online nandroid backup is compatible with q800 for Twrp?? I've noticed is that CWM requires you to either boot into recovery or use Rom Manager to flash a rom, while TWRP allows any program with root access (goo manager, Rom Toolbox, etc) to flash roms. There are probably some other differences, but this was the big one for me.

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Root Xolo Q700. Q800. Q1000 Easiest Method
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Root Xolo Q700, Q800, Q1000 Easiest Method