Taurus PT-22

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Ro Gal: Ummm, you forgot to turn on the anti-shake, anti-blur  features of your camera.  What make is your camera, Wham-O? UGH!

Daniel Lemond: Try the Beretta 22 Nanno out  the Magazine. is better. I think,. there both good.
 The Beretta loads faster and less effort if you get a chance try it. . I own both  its a much larger pistol though Good Video I learned a few things  Can you do a review the Beretta 22 ?   Thank Happy Holiday's

Cederick Mckinnis: I had this gun. For a small one I loved it

Jeff Smith: Looks like it needs some serious trigger work. Throw is about an inch before it drops the hammer.

MrTwinGunz: CCI seems to be the best rounds for 22LR. I never really have any problems

orangept7: Anybody shoot the Remington yellow jacket ammo through their pt-22's, and if so how well did it cycle?

MrTwinGunz: Yeah its a good little shooter. Mine seems to be fine now. think it just needed broke in a little.

Flashvette: I bought this gun new and put 100 rounds of CCI Mini mags with not one problem.

john smith: the overall length on stingers is longer and can cause problems. try cci mini mags.

Preston Qualls: Gun sorry

Preston Qualls: What brand 22 do you use or recommend for this going

MrTwinGunz: Wow, I just watched video, thats pretty interesting and scary at the same time. I havent got mine to do that. kinda cool though lol

Theenemy38: I just show mine yesterday and for some reason it did some burst fire. check out my channel I uploaded some videos of it there

Serrgio45acp: Nice lil 22

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Taurus PT-22 5 out of 5

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update taurus pt 24/9 pt145 safety problem
update taurus pt 24/9 pt145 safety problem
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Engine cranks but won't start
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Heater core shortcut

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Taurus PT-22