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XXBattlefield207: What happens if the woman who was currently living their in the carpenters house has died, what do you do to fix it, so that she comes back so that the carpenter can do his/ her thing? I would like to know, because one of the villages that I am helping with needs plain timber frames, and crossed timber frames, and its annoying that she hasn't spawned and that the youth isn't growing and they are all still children! Can you help, it would be nice! :)

richard duijzerr: wow thats long but can you help cuz they arent making my home i baught it gived tha matrialz and only made the outer ring bottom layer and dont they wont build it further

Gaylen Oraylee: I recorded this 2 years ago. I haven't played with this mod since then.

hazim iqmal: Do you know how to get paper walls?

Gaylen Oraylee: Glad to hear this helped!

MrJensinn: thx Gaylen this video helped me alot I was always wondering how those carpenders work thx

castiejahovas lunt: The kids grow over time the bigger the village is the more they grow

Gaylen Oraylee: Why the freak should I be less snarky to people who watched the wrong video and then whined about it? I didn't make a video for people who can't get the mod installed. I'm not obligated to. Nor am I obligated to teach every 12 yo the critical reading comprehension skills it takes to Google for the actual freaking thing they need. You know who did address that problem AND this one? THE WIKI. The craps I don't give about brats who didn't want to read but whined about the video they got, anyway.

Bullsboy225: maybe you can be less of a jackass

Gaylen Oraylee: ... probably because this isn't a video about getting mods to work.

brockacherry: I never got to know how to get mods to work...

Gaylen Oraylee: Well, I haven't played the mod in months, so it would be news to me if they've changed it so that female NPCs do jobs now. When I last played, the dynamic was that the male NPC became the carpenter. The female became the wife who picks up supplies at the town hall for the carpenter to craft with. Then the wife brings the timber frames he's made to the town hall. You need both NPCs to get timber frames. Children grow up over a few ingame days and require a new house to move into.

dylanisacoolgamer: my campenter is a lady and how do the kids grow

Cristos Ortega: You need to sell Spruce, Oak, and Birch. All 3 of those are used to build timber frames. Come on people, it's not that hard.

Jon Snow: XD I love how this game is so realistic, alcohol spawns children.

Robbie Rotten: Thanks for all the help! My town have a carpenter now :) Liked and subbed!

Gaylen Oraylee: Hard to say. Remember to hold off sleeping at night. Kids spawn a few minutes after sunset, so if you're always skipping the nights, that could be why you aren't seeing kids. The mod might be ready to spawn them. Yogsbox might get in the way. If you get all kids of one gender, you'll have to edit the mod's files to add other buildings to the village's plans so that the excess kids can move out and make room for others to spawn.

Robbie Rotten: Ok, thanks for the help. But do you know how long that's gonna take? Btw im playing this at YogBox 1.2.3

Gaylen Oraylee: Well, it's been months since I last played with this mod. But as far as I know, any town center that does not have the option to buy timber frames from the player will eventually have a Carpenter. The town has to build a Carpenter's House and have both a young boy and a young girl move into that house. In order to get kids to spawn, try selling lots cidre to the town hall. The wives will pick it up and take it home, and houses with a lot of cidre have better odds of spawning children.

Robbie Rotten: No. They dont have it. There is no Kids in the town aswel. Will they spawn later on???

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