Review Of DMAE: Benefits, Sources, Dosage, Side Effects And Supplement Info

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Luis Almeida: Can you snort it? like 0.1g of 100% pure dmae? Would it work like speed/amphetamines?

zenpiper: You might want to learn to pronounce the nutrients correctly.

Maverick Alchemist: Tried it twice. Worked up from 130 (350) to 1300 (3500) - 10 pills/day finishing several bottles over a few weeks. Never noticed anything at all; zero, zip, nada, zilch. This is the second time I tried to see if this stuff would do anything. Tried it years ago also.

Karl Burton: I take it at bed time no problem I have nice dreams no more terror dreaming for me

Anastasia B: I started taking DMAE plus multivitamins and gingseng a week ago, it changed my life. My memory, my concentration and my levels of energy got A LOT better. I no longer have to sleep like 18 hours a day in order not to be fatigued and my study sessions improved. It saved my life, not kidding.

Gavin McAuley: Hey Buddy do you know your video animation shows a virus injecting viral DNA (or RNA) into a cell? Just saying.

Fokki yuo: This is not a Review. It`s google info.

tsar70s: i have started about 1300 mg day ago on empty stomach

gman57op: omfg i had some CRAZY ASS DREAMS i had this one dream where my friend god killed and i couldnt stop crying

VengefulSage: Take 3 of these pills it's like limitless movie :O lol

Gregorio Ganesh: Take DMAE for ADHD. It was mentioned briefly in this video that if you take too much DMAE it loses its effectiveness and makes one feel "edgy". This is true along with feelings of confusion, panic, headache and so forth....even depression. However, when taken in conjunction with another modified amino acid, phosphatidylserine, (which also benefits acetylcholine deficiency), for me these side effects disappeared. Taking Phosphatidylserine with DMAE has also made it possible to double the DMAE dosage as well, to no ill effect & without having to increase the phosphatidylserine dosage to compensate. The only other issue I've encountered is, at times, still a slight edginess. This is easily remedied by taking Magnesium (pill or liquid), which smoothes out anxiety without killing DMAE's  "edge".

aesthetics williams: Can it harm hormones? or cause gyno?

ntrelis: I have been taking DMAE for couple weeks and people started telling me that I look younger. I feel much better in general and  have more positive outlook. I always take it in the early morning because it  helps me wake up faster  as well.

LizzieWhiz: I took DMAE and found that my muscles firmed up considerably. I take Synthroid meds and I have become a wet noodle in terms of muscle tone which has really annoyed me but DMAE was fabulous. I think it builds up in your liver so taking it a few times a week after the first 6 weeks is a good idea along with Glutathione. It is recommended you take the supplement DMAE on an empty stomach not with food.   

I: Do you realise the video your playing, is a video on HIV infection?

TheMagwag: Women hoping to conceive certainly should not be taking DMAE, but as for the rest of us, I think we'll be just fine (but thanks for your concern masagrad). This item makes things a little more easy to understand - I hope it helps! examine dot com slash supplements slash DMAE slash

TheMagwag: The articles quoted by devinthayer on Longecity are highly technical scientific papers and I'm not so sure he's interpreted them correctly. It seems to me that in the most part they are referring to early stages of (mouse) embryo development, and at that stage DMAE contributed to neural tube defects because the embryo lacks a certain methytransferase enzyme which an adult can use to produce phosphatidylcholine.

Igor Bredov: Hello! I'm Jacob.I did -35 lbs last 1 month.Go to\#j2pe

CaUdILLo JuAn: TrOll no nothin lady you are hahahaghahahaa


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Review of DMAE: Benefits. Sources. Dosage. Side effects and Supplement Info
Review of DMAE: Benefits. Sources. Dosage. Side effects and Supplement Info
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Review of DMAE: Benefits, Sources, Dosage, Side effects and Supplement Info