Samsung Galaxy S4: How To Enable/Disable Auto Update Of Software

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Adhip Manandhar: how do i get auto update panel? as you said i may have a different firmware.. how do i change the firmware?

Vasto Lorde: I do this and un-check both but still updates... HELP!

Jessica Chung: Good Boy Good job for helping me.

freddy kreuger: this was annoying the crap outta me, cheers for the short video

Ayla de Nobrega: Mine wouldn't work through Play store so thanks for this info!

johnygogo: Also go into Samsung apps and turn off auto update....bastards!!!

johnygogo: friggen samsung makes it so hard to find anything.... why is it under  ABOUT DEVICE!!!  Keep it simple!!!

truthseekers666: Also do this on Play Store. HOWEVER.... it doesnt stop Samsung apps updating by themselves. Its driving me nuts. Any ideas how to stop it. Using 4.4.2 - The Kitkat crap that disables your SDcard ;-(

CRISIS FOCUS: You guys are confusing two different things here
you have the auto-updates for apps and the auto-updates for the Samsung software i other words they both clug your phone with their crap and then when it's loaded mostly with spying software, with advertising software, spyware and so on your phone after few months is cluttered with nothing but rubbish they sell you the phone at a high price and yet they still control it.
The only way to disable them is basically to root your phone and to disable it otherwise in less than a year your phone will be unusable they are here to make a lot of money they couldn't care less about your personal information or your well being, they want to control and the information keeps changing hands they all I mean ALL sell information despite their Bullcrap about the privacy policies and whatever they keep promising.
When they say your privacy is important to us, it means just that it is extremely important because information is sold at top dollar to the highest bidder with or without your consent.

Google is the leader in this big scam yes google youtube the ones that I am using to type this information.
The information is then passed to the largest database in human history to keep a tag on each and every citizen of the world.
They all exchange information I mean ALL no exception all the big corporations and small ones they are all linked with each other.

Grinandbearit: My SG 4 doesn't have an automatic update option in those settings you showed.

Nosferatu_Vampire: my version is 4 4 2

Nosferatu_Vampire: did not work software update still tries to update when i do this

Vampire Goth: thanks mate

Filip Wiberg: very helpful! thanks a lot!

BlackWidow42001: Thanks : )

brodarevo Sandzak: TNX  !!!

Syed Areeb: Thanks very much

Petra Nikolic: My phones started updating and i dont know how to stop update... HELP ME!

Neo Matlhabaphiri: I have done this but once the phone is connected to Wi-Fi it starts to download automatically.  How do I get it to only update manually???

PaperLess85: Sprint disabled it with build number jdq39.l720vpuamf9

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Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Enable/Disable Auto Update of Software 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Enable/Disable Auto Update of Software