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CumminsN14DBest: Great Tutorial Dawg! Can You Give a Brotha some good info? Say you only wanted to cut your ''own hair'' and you were on a tight budget and you want to get one or two Pairs of chippers for just skin Fades, maybe three at the most, One set for a ''Zero gap' for balding and then for my Blending. I Always like a Low Bald Skinfade with a 1 or 2 on top with my waves, so I see no need for the Larger guards. With your expertise which Clipper(s) would you get to achieve this tasks and where would you recommends I Purchase them at Reasonable cost of coarse? (Please Be Honest). PLEASE Help a Brotha out with yo knowledge! PS give the guards sizes too just for skin Fades.

Hakeem Glover: Whats up boss! Good video. Question...What do you think about the purple magnetic guards? Do you think the cut well? Like good Crisp haircuts?

SlipperyAssRat: I cut my own hair and own Oster Fast Feeds with Andis Master Guards, and Oster Classic 76 to cut my pet dogs hair, but I have also bought blades for the 76's to do my hair too. Oster is a great brand, ohh and Andis T-Outliners for detailing

Me-chelle Elli: Ive got a cosmo license and going for my barber license to have dual license. I currently have Whal Designer from my school. Any recommendations as to what I should use for beginning and long term? Ive been told its best to use detachable clipper blades instead of the whal plastic guards? Thanks in advance.

Felix Enriquez: Kid cudi 

canadamtlfla: krayzie bone in the back ground. nice

shield400: If anyone is wondering, that metal guard is a VAUCRO Guard.

Tom Peters: Quick answer to all those askin about different clippers. Your oster 76(or model 10) are more "take down clippers." When someone has a lot of hair that they want taken off,they mow down pretty much anything. Where your masters,seniors and fast feeds you might have to go over a spot a couple times the 76's will get in one pass.you can put guards onto the 76 but you get your different blade size by detachable steel blades. The seniors, masters and fast feeds are great all around adjustable clippers which are great for tapering(fading) very helpful when you have a stubborn line in your fade you need to knock out.if your looking to get into professional barbering it would benefit you to own a pair of 76'ers, wahl seniors or andis masters(its all in your professional opinion which one) and then a decent set of detailers(which there are so many to choose from but the "wahl detailers" seem to get the best reviews). If you are just cutting hair recreationally you really only need a pair of either andis masters,Wahl seniors or later fast feeds(although many people myself included prefer masters) and a detailer. There's no need to spend money on "take down" clippers unless your cutting everyday. hope this helps some people out

Tom Peters: Dude this pronounced an-DIS, not an-DEES

Nick Sepe: I like everything you said great video. Only thing is the speed-o clips. I love them but they do break a lot. Ik it's an old video but good stuff man!!!

veldon fleming: WUT guards do I use to cut ah fro??

James Parker: Very knowledgeable video 

MSotelo503: When using T-Outliners or and zero gaped clippers, Angle is crucial. You can dice some heads pressing hard and using the sharper angle.

arthur edwards: hello just started watching your videos im learning great deal i start barbering academy soon i had one my barbers adjust my andis t outliners my sons jump when i taper them up what i nd do i dont press down hard wn i use on myself they feel good

estela perez: para ti cual clipper es la major.

London Life: lol

adarie pennant: wahl and andis and oster should together allso merger?

teg9095: how do u feel about the purple magnetic guards i feel there the best i use them on my masters.

504girl7: i have 2 boys and getting there haircut is very exspensive for me so i want to learn how to cut there hair my youngest son he wants me to practice on him but i don't want to f him up...lol

ADTheBarber: With the lever pulled down is a 000 and with the lever up is a 1

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Learn to Get Better Fades! Learn about Clipper Guards Sizes   ADTHEBARBER.COM
Learn to Get Better Fades! Learn about Clipper Guards Sizes ADTHEBARBER.COM
Haircutting: Skin Tight Fade  clipper cut by Vaughn the Fade Artist
Haircutting: Skin Tight Fade clipper cut by Vaughn the Fade Artist
Clipper cut: SKIN TIGHT FADE demo
Clipper cut: SKIN TIGHT FADE demo
Clipper Guard Explanation
Clipper Guard Explanation
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How to Fade Your Beard for Added Style Points

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Learn to Get Better Fades! Learn about Clipper Guards Sizes | ADTHEBARBER.COM