HTPC Demo Video - XBMC Eden And AEON MQ4 Skin

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GobbleDog: No talking in the video? Don't want to explain how it works or any details about it?  Instead there's camera views of gaming controllers and loading screens. Thanks for nothing "Alex Moron Cesare". Can't anyone make an easy to understand Youtube video?

Clever Brunozoid: I am having a really hard time getting everything to work. can you show me which tutorial you used?

Alex Cesare: Thanks! Check out my other video series for a more in-depth look at the software and scripts used here. Also check out the guide I linked in the description, and the XBMC forums for more help :)

george welsh: very nice, im inspired! will be looking at this a lot while I plan out my htpc...

Alex Cesare: Thanks! I might sell my 660Ti and go with the new 760 and get a new tv soon... I need to post an update video soon lol! Hulu is the desktop app, which is Silverlight based and it supports auto-sign on. Netflix is the app from Windows Media Center. My remote supports keyboard shortcuts, so I a button for "Close" (Alt+F4), and then a button for "Start XBMC" (WinKey + 1)

Daniel Ellis: same build i got except evga 660ti and cooler master heatsink. im using frodo with mq4 though. I gotta say this bro but you have outdone yourself i still dont know how you did hulu and netflix like that. is it launching in a browser window and auto signing in? how is it going back to XBMC once you alt f4 that bitch

Alex Cesare: This build / software was put together while Eden was the newest version, so at the time MQ4 was strictly on Eden. Now that Frodo is the newest version, support for Eden has ceased. It should work on Eden, but if not, the same features / functionality should be supported in the Frodo version of the skin. I still haven't updated to Frodo due to the system working so well.

dlwalby: Great setup man, I've just rebuilt my htpc with xbmc, does the mq4 skin work ok with Eden? As the xbmc forum states frodo only on the download link

Alex Cesare: Correct! AEON MQ 4 Uses Advanced Launcher / ROM browser for it's games section. I also took a script for AutoIT, that was in the Advanced Launcher XBMC forum page, to make sure Steam always started in BP mode. You can also set a program argument / Advanced Launcher argument to start steam in BP mode, but I can't remember what that is at the moment...

Terry Liverpool: how did u get steam BP to boot directly from xbmc did u use advance launcher?

Alex Cesare: Thanks! I have the full guide posted on the Dolphin Emulator forums. Check out my video XBMC AEON MQ4 HTPC DEMO - GAMES For the link, since I can't post it directly in YT comments :p

Alex Cesare: Thanks! I'm running this on Windows 7 x64-bit, as shown in my build log that I posted the link to in another video. As for the cable box, it is now replaced by a Ceton InfiniTV Card and a TV Tuner (silly bright house won't let us get HD any other way...), and my family loves it. If it were just me I'd just sickbeard / couch potato everything, but for ease of use, I just decided to integrate WMC and the InfiniTV as DVR / Live TV integration. Still a lot better than the old cable box though!

Alex Cesare: For Blu-Rays, we use Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre. I used to use PowerDVD but they frequently "ask" you to upgrade for a fee and then phase out older version support, which is ridiculous. Arcsoft works well for us, and I usually end up ripping new Blu-Rays using MakeMKV and Handbrake, so we bypass the blu-ray drive a lot. However, the lock up could be due to your graphics card / processor not being powerful enough for HD playback. What are your specs?

gruntman1985: Any tips on how to get Blu-Ray working. I've been fighting it for the last several days and every time I try to play one the computer locks up.

Alex Cesare: Haha! Good eye. Believe it or not, we have a ton of old VHS tapes, so that VCR has put in more than it's fair share of work in the past fer years. However, with the HTPC, I can either rip or download those videos, and then get rid of that VHS once and for all.

Alex Cesare: Part 1 of the guide is up on the Dolphin Emulator forums - part 2 shall be up by the end of the week. I've got a couple more videos coming up soon which will have the links to the in progress guide.

Joebot: Great stuff, the Wii emulation looks spot on, I didn't even realise that was possible! Thinking about doing a similar thing myself ( spurred on by big picture mode and a noisy old xbox) BT thinking of going down the and trinity route, when's the guide coming?

Alex Cesare: Yeah, I was amazed at how well it all fit together! I made sure to measure everything out though, which is a big part of it. I'm still working on the seamlessness of it all, but it's still quite nice and my family can use it without confusion which is a big win already :D Steam Big Picture is one of the main factors of why I wanted to do this. I've gotten rid of my consoles and until next gen, Steam sales make it more than worth it.

Alex Cesare: Hey Scott! The Revo is a great little machine, but it's size means you do have a bit lower performance. That's why my HTPC is so massive :p I'm using the excellent Dolphin Emulator to run Wii games on it. However, Dolphin needs a lot of power, which is another reason I went all out with this build. I'll be posting the in-progress guide over at the Dolphin Emulator forums - be on the lookout for another video in a week or two with the link :)

Scott Jones: Hi mate, Great vid....looks like a great set up. I've just recently got into HTPC and got myself a Revo Rl70, great little machine but sometimes lags and I occasionnally have lip sync issues !! I'd love to have a set up like yours, the games look great ( I'm curious how you play Wii games on it ?? ) When will you have a PDF available....please put me on the list !! Anyhow, great vid....very impressed, well done Scott

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HTPC Demo Video - XBMC Eden and AEON MQ4 Skin 5 out of 5

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HTPC Demo Video - XBMC Eden and AEON MQ4 Skin