How To Strip Copper Wire For Recycling

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arrgh garry: I made an auto matic copper wire stripper and when you have to get 100lbs with a machine and seperating the wire a lot easier than that,believe me using that machine you had better be serving a 20 year sentence and have a few cell mates..also just put the wire as it is then use a weight or your foot to crush it,this is the most time consuming laborious thing I have ever seen

Machtek Polska: It's very interesting.

ScrapMonster: Daily Scrap Metal Prices in United States,Canada,UK,India and China

idahohuntfish79: where do you steal your copper wire from? lol!!

Tones Ster: Indeed, l noticed that, lm jealous of your copper wire stripper.

Glen Griffith: where did you buy the wire stripper from? Please email so I can look at it.

MrBookiekiller: LOVED when he said it all matters ! freakING A it's still copper no matter what type you have if it's really thin ribbon wire like used in telphone wire or PC wires just toss it in as insulated wire $1 a lb today ! NOW ya'll listen to me those scales will rip you off if your stuff hangs off ends and onto floor you lose lbs. Scales are off also so i cobat it with a gold spryed 2 lb rock with wire tightly wrapped around it ! In case you got a picky weigh man who starts prying the wires apart !

howtobible: @savagenomore You can find a good stripper like the one I use on ebay for like $75.00! I know it is not exactly a drop in the bucket. But man it saves so much time. The problem that I am having these days is finding copper.

savagenomore: @howtobible ha...I don't know, haven't taken it in yet but I'm thinking about washing it with some muratic acid to clean it up first since I have some acid left over from another job, I know the last time I took some in they took it but i had left it on my concrete driveway for about a week and kept driving over it everyday and it rained on it a few times and it cleaned up pretty good...

Lucien Alacard: I work in demolition driving a truck and the operators who run the jobs get all the copper from these jobs. Im talkin bout loading down the back of a dually pickup on some jobs with copper cable and wire weighing over 1000 lbs at a time. they just take it to teh scrap yard as is because the money is so easy and they are all copper drunk.

savagenomore: @howtobible hey man, that trick worked pretty good, got $3.40 a pound for that cleaned

georgiowee: Yeah: I humbly agree with Your opinion about this stripping cable tool: maybe it is the best to me; nevertheless I will be inspired by Your concept, just in order to make a wooden one which would be able to cut some cables & that ' s all ! Best Regards

Mauricio Robles: What is the biggest size wire the machine would stripp...

howtobible: @savagenomore That's awesome man! I'm still trying to find some more wire! Too many people are involved in copper stripping! lol

howtobible: @canderson8002 Ya I know! I made this video with my Evo 4G and didn't know how to edit it out and make it better. Now I have an iPhone 4S and am using iMovie and iMovie for the iPhone sucks!

Spook50: I should do this for all the old wiring I've got leftover after reworking my shop's electrical. Not a bad idea at all.

howtobible: They were almost new! But had a big burned spot in them

gymover: I have the same machine and I found that if i strip about 1.5 in off the end with a pair of electricians wire strippers, it's much easier to put it through to get it started in the stripping wheels. Being an electricial I have those tools in stock. Otherwise use a pocket knife to strip some off the end.

savagenomore: @howtobible i got a crap load from my brother, he moved in a house and the guy that lived there was a scrapper that had been stock piling stuff, I hauled 7000lbs steel and probably 400 to 500 in aluminum and wire, I hand stripped a crap load today and got tired of messing with it cause my hands started hurting so I finished up with a good hot

1NRG24Seven: anyone building a solar or wind system using battery banks.

analyzingfunny: neat device

howtobible: @savagenomore I think the acid will clean it up good. I haven't tried it before. Copper is up right now I think. So you should get a premium for it! ;)

howtobible: @savagenomore I have grown to hate so-called reality tv! It's all bullsh*t! And yeah! Those show have ruined not only the storage business but the scrap business as well as the antique and collector business.

savagenomore: lmao...those jumper cables looked brand new

savagenomore: @howtobible yeah man, it seems that ever since that show on Spike called Scrappers it's gotten harder to find stuff especially free stuff, I used to get at least 2 or 3 riding mowers a week for free and now people want money for them because of the scrap value, same thing has happened in the storage locker buying business, a friend does that and he said the turn out of people has went for 10 or 15 to over a 100 and the prices have also gone sky high, everyone looking for that million dollar deal

Kris Hartsock: lol

howtobible: Haha!

Eli Summey: Liked Your video, had mine for 3 years and still works like new. I strip everything with it all the way down to the wire from ear buds. it payed for its self in 4 hours. I strip the ends with my hand striper about 1 inch, makes it eazyer to get wire out. way to go man.

Mauricio Robles: Cool man thanks I order one should get it next money...

howtobible: @ytctma Yes! For the most part anything considered scrap, in short bent pieces will be considered #2. #1 copper is usually longer or larger clean pieces of copper tubing, pipe etc. This video is a few months old and so copper prices have went up some since I recorded this video. Thanks for stopping by!

wewexteriors: Get a bucket with lid, get kerosene put in bucket add wire and lid put in back of pickup or trunk of car and go about you business, the sloshing around of the kerosene will break up the grease in a few days.

enigma: I thought i heard a car failing to start in the background?

1NRG24Seven: soak in a solution of potassium hydroxide and water for 10 minutes then rinse clean.

Collin Buckley: why the freak am i watching this hahaha

lenovo erlano: Hi, have you heard about Smarter Money Maker? (search for it on google) You will discover the serious crimes we commit against our bank accounts. With Smarter Money Maker, you will discover how to make money faster.

howtobible: @savagenomore I hear ya there! Did they give you any trouble when you tried to turn in the copper after burning it? The local recyclers here won't take copper with soot on it at all.

1NRG24Seven: You could have made more money on those jumper cables converting them into short battery bank hook up cables worth 10 bucks each What a waste of good cable.

howtobible: Definitely!

dchevron77: Woah. 77,777th viewer! Anyway, great video! Thanks for the tips :D

howtobible: Absolutely! And just so you know, you can make your own blades out of broken screwdrivers or worn out drill bits.

howtobible: @TrandomnesstwO Thanks! I don't get to use it enough! Copper is hard to come by ;)

anonincognitus: Those didn't look like worn out jumper cables to me... they looked almost new

howtobible: I would say that anything bigger than a broom handle would be hard to manage but would still fit easily through the machine. Not sure of the gauges but I've stripped some pretty big stuff.

Mauricio Robles: Thanks

ethan44jones: ive got a question for ya how do you clean grease off copper wire? i found some old wire coverd in grease and can not get it off any sugestions?

howtobible: Thanks Eli! Yes! It's definitely worth its weight in gold. And I think copper is the "New" gold. At least for poor folks like me!

howtobible: Who would you sell those to?

canderson8002: lol said stripping copper wire twice lol

howtobible: Thanks man! You got a good deal on the stripper! You'll love it. Mine is over a year old now and is still in excellent shape!

howtobible: You are right! I help a friend of mine on demo jobs where we destroy old homes and if we don't tear them down fast enough, people will literally destroy the walls and steal all of the copper!

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How To Strip Copper Wire For Recycling
How To Strip Copper Wire For Recycling
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How To Strip Copper Wire For Recycling