Bob (Duby Xpress) Pink Box

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Tamara Graham: really cute

Shecoria Purdie: +MsTonika22 thank you for the tip about curling it omg I was so sad my Bob looks bad right now and it's mainly because it will not curl right. I will try the low settings I hope that helps. Again thanks for the tip...

Paula Alcock: Very cute almost look like your own so on point

vayronda page: Beautiful

AKIYIAKELLY: super cute..
I just purchased this hair.

Shanice Southall: cute

Samuella Sasu: Nice look... 👍👍👍

lino36: I love it

alesiam1269: I have used this hair about 4 times because I like how the cute falls. BUT this hair gets stiff and rough in the back after 2 weeks. I thought it was me but after this 4th time I know it is the hair. As much as I like it I don't think it will buy it again because I need it to last longer than 2 weeks. I wrap it and wear a bonnet but I think it is rubbing on the neckline of my clothes that makes it that way

Tee86: I Would not sew this in.The glue holds it in for a very long time but the Duby Mix Xpress Weave gets stiff and rough starting with the tips after 2 weeks. I wrap it at night and put nothing on it. Does anyone know a product or something to make it last for about 2 more weeks. Yes I know it's cheap hair. Some kind of spray, moisturizer. I'd rather not shampoo a glue in but any suggestions will help. If you also recommend a non expensive weave that falls and looks like Duby that lasts longer.

Ciara Bostick: Loooove this

Cecelia Clark: This is my first time using the Duby and I love it. I'm very particular about how my hair looks and I'm shy about wearing weaves. You did a great job on your hair and u ave some very good tips. I'm going to show my daughter your video and she ,might have to steal your look LOL. thank u

Lonicia Davis: Never mind I heard later on in the video that you used 1 and a half

Lonicia Davis: Did you use one box or two ? Because I used duby premium before and I used one box and still had some left over

MsTonika22: I'm not sure because it isnt 100% human hair so idk how the synthetic fibers would react to color...

Mimi Johnson: can u color it?

MsTonika22: Thank You :)

WinaMac Dolo: Too cute.....& nice attitude also

MsTonika22: thank you :)

Mollie Webb: Cute hairstyle

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Bob (Duby Xpress) Pink box 5 out of 5

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Bob (Duby Xpress) Pink box
Bob (Duby Xpress) Pink box
Outre Duby Xpress
Outre Duby Xpress
Outre DUBY (Bob) Hair Review
Outre DUBY (Bob) Hair Review

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Bob (Duby Xpress) Pink box