BMW Seat Belt Giver Extender Arm Drop Fix E92 E93 E90 328i 335i M3 Coupe 3 Series

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AP: Well I think if I ever get an M3, I'm just gonna pull the fuse on this nonsense. What a stupid design, this is worse than the cupholders in the old E38s.

moe fo sho: Thanks, worked for me :-)

CraigyMonster: Hasn't happened on my M3 yet but good to know!! I love the little butler that presents me with my belt.

Juan Mintes: y q tipo de aerosoles llevan almidon?? gracias. eso le pasa la mio

Xiaoshu Liu: bmw dealer in laurel illinois told me i needa pay 600usd to fix the actuator inside. I was like, go f**k yourself

eugenelgrong: What i do is i bend the belt into a U where the arm normally grabs it by in a direction opposite of how the belt normally bends over the arm. This creates enough stiffness to secure the belt on the arm without making the belt too stiff n uncomfortable.

Sandro Anderlini: There are two problems in the seat belt extender: the weak spring and the L shaped metal piece where the spring is attached. The spring is so weak that the piece of metal can move easily towards the end of the arm. If that piece of metal moves the belt retainer won't be able to push the belt and will let it go. That piece of metal is weak too and sometime it breaks near the point where the spring is attached. Definitive fix: pull that piece of metal all the way back and lock it in position with a small screw. Screw length should be about 7mm and the screw must be cut flush with the inner surface of the piece of metal we want to lock. Once that piece of metal is held in place by the screw you can even remove the spring. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] 

Gearz86: I used to notice that it only happened on hot days so i figured the belt was just real soft...then it started happening all the time.

Michael Mikulski: Thanks!

MrBimborimbo: tried this on mine, step by step as you did. Unfortunately it didn't work for me.

Luqi luq: Wow...1 of my friend who work on all luxury car's he told me it is belt clip you have to buy new one but now hell no. I am going to try this tomorrow on my day off Thanks you so much for this video. 

Carlo Bonino: I did this on my drivers side and works every time now! thanks for the advice

Mark Lambert: Brilliant! Can't believe I didn't think to check the belt itself. Thanks for this!

Mitch Oost: What's the name of the spray that you'll use?

Sjsimmons1019: Boohoo! That's my head exploding or of amazement. It is so embarrassing when people hey in my car and it doesn't work for them. Thanks for the video. 

Julia Moore: Wow - how smart - thank you for sharing!

hashish2007: I hesitated to touch or adjust any safety-related feature of the car myself. I can't tell if the heat may degrade any characteristics of the seat belt. So, when I had the same problem last year and the vehicle was also 3 years old, the repair was covered under BMW bumper-to-bumper warranty. As far as I can tell, the tech adjusted something in the mechanism. And when he got it finally working after about 3 hours, he made a quite amusing "thank you God" gesture (I was looking from the second floor of the shop) suggesting that he dealt with this issue before. :)

klehmann22: your video cracked me up!! nice job! will def give this a go on my E92 as well

Gus Lopez: How long does this solution work for? can anyone chime in? This issue just started happening to me, I'm about to give this a try this weekend and wanted some input from those who have done it.

bondovwvw: Can you do my slacks next

ROSSOLY Mio: Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I just picked up a car and have this problem. I will try it this weekend.

sharigan1988: nice idea!

wojciech zając: To działa sprawdziłem :-)

Nick Murray: It worked for 3 months on my car but the arm then broke for good so I had to replace it and no problem with it since. So not sure if it was the belt or the arm that fixed it for good in the end.

blacklinc: Nice.. gotta try this. Mine just started messing up.

Nick Murray: Maybe the only thing I can iron is a seatbelt?? : )

jasmin5768: hahaha a lot of men dont even own a iron. She will be a lucky girl :)

Joe ASSY: Excellent job, but could you please give me more information about the liquid in the bottle ? Thanks

TheJamesjonajameson: Thanks for this !!!! works a treat... nice one. Mine took 3 goes and is now prefect.

Demetrios Christopher: +1 for using a Rowenta iron! Thanks for the tip! My seatbelt extender has been driving me nuts for over half a year now. Cheers!

jasmin5768: I am so turned on right now...a man who owns a BMW and knows how to iron! Are you single by any chance? ;-)

Jason Walker: Good fix!

corpsman909: finally a solution... fml.

RMZ280: cant even imagine how much that car cost you there!!

Blake Fabick: I'll own one someday :/ In the meantime who will give me a ride? lol

GameZArena2011: hahahahaha

ThePersianpimp336: Nick you're the man! My E92 had been missing for 6 months and my warranty is over. I tried this tonight and it worked like a charm. Had to starch and iron 3 times but it finally smoothed out. Whoever is having the same issue try this first. Thanks again!

Nick Murray: That is ironing starch. You can get it at any market, for adding stiffness to cloth. Good luck!

Mike Nebgen: Excellent solution! I just did this on our car. It worked perfectly and cost nothing. I'm sure the dealer would have wanted to replace half the car to fix this and then it still wouldn't have worked.

rightbrian: My seat belt extender is missing the seat belt entirely on the driver side. Any ideas what to try to fix it?

s643: thank you sir! I was nearly going to change my seatbelt because of this problem!

MattS2272: You should mount a bayonet on the end of the extending arm that shoots out when the door opens with someone already in the drivers seat. As a kind of medieval style anti carjacking device LOL. Imagine being stationary at a set of traffic lights and someone suddenly opens your door then... HUZZAH!! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!!! BEGONE WRETCHED HIGHWAYMAN!!! XD

Sorena sbr: nice

yangjian Hu: great

wojciech zając: To dzika

jdubb408: nice i gotta give that a try mines doin the same thing

pocketkiriyama: Goddamn thanks for the quick fix vid Nick!

Army of darkness: U r real freakin genius. My car giving me that problem Nd now its fixed. Nice:)

Polinex: The e93 doesn't use this system. The belt in on the seat itsealf. BTW, nice M3!

BMW seat belt giver extender arm drop fix E92 E93 E90 328i 335i M3 coupe 3 series 4.9 out of 5

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BMW seat belt giver extender arm drop fix E92 E93 E90 328i 335i M3 coupe 3 series
BMW seat belt giver extender arm drop fix E92 E93 E90 328i 335i M3 coupe 3 series
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BMW seat belt giver extender arm drop fix E92 E93 E90 328i 335i M3 coupe 3 series