Titleist 714 AP2 Vs Taylormade Speedblade Irons Comparison And Review

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Mitch 1977: Titleist on every category you can think of.

fdllicks: i found the titleist hard to make contact. the speedblades were great.

Aadi Jain: Awesome review and perhaps the only one here that compares these two clubs ! These are exactly the two clubs I have narrowed my search down to. I am a 15 handicap and currently play my dads old Spalding irons (lumps of steel). Intend to play a lot in future so what according to you would be better out of the two for me ?

Howard Stimpson: i treid the 714 for me i hitted it 245 yards with the ap2 it was draw shanked four right in the bush in sand in water happy gilmore fail chipped it on the 18 green smashed the window this club is rubish

daniel: so this is just my opinion but when you use the face tape instead of using it backwards just spin it the freak around you freaking idiot 

desertmtman: I went into a fitting today at the PGA store Scottsdale for the Titleist 714 AP2 irons. Started off with a 7 iron (swing speed 100) ball flight 205yrds. I thought this was incorrect since I am currently using old DCI's and I hit a 7iron 175yrds. Technology today has a huge impact, added 30 yards to my 7 iron. 

Ryan Dorn: I've hit both numerous times on Trackman and the Speedblades were 9 yards further with a higher ball flight for me. The 6 iron might have 5 iron loft, but it has the trajectory of the AP2 8 or 9 iron. I went into my last fitting specifically for the AP2s, but the Speedblades simply beat them out. They're longer, straighter, way easier to  hit in the long irons, stop faster on the greens and pretty much beats the AP2s in everything outside of name, appearance and ability to hit a lower shot. I'm a Titleist fan, but it was an easy decision after seeing all the data and they haven't disappointed me on the course.

Lee Manangan: Love the reviews.... And the shoes.

lifeson241: Very cool!  Just got some speedblades with Gold XP R300 shafts.  So I'm the chunky dude..Lol

TheMuffGolf: i would much prefer the ap2 just cause i would rather have the control thats one of the issues i see with TaylorMade i think they need to focus on putting more into a club then just putting a new graphic and sticker with a new gimmick and throwing it at all the consumers it makes it confusing and frustrating to buy there latest equipment and have it become old in a month's time. i like titalist because they put more effort into making the clubs your buying and keep there classic and original feel which makes titalist my favorite company to buy products because they make nice classic clubs with great feel :) just my opinion thanks for reading ~TheMuffin

Alps P: Great video......

Leo Michaels: Speedblades are quite a bit less money than the AP2 although the AP2 will hold their value better.  I don't want to hit the ball further, I want to hit the ball better.  My fear with TM irons is distance control.  My set of Burner 2.0 irons are horrible at distance control.  With the 2.0, a smooth 7 iron goes 160 and a very well struck 7 iron goes 175.  With my old Titleists, Tommy Armours, x-20, or Wilson blades a smooth 7 goes 155 and  well struck goes 160.  This makes me fear the TM irons.  Are the speedblades more consistent than the Burner 2.0?

Ya mum: I have the speedblade irons and they make golf a lot more fun. Before I had these irons I had a handicap of 19 now play off 10 these irons are the best if you keep the ball on the fairway off the tee shot

Malayan PJSu:
Any reasons why I don't see much comparison of various brand VS Yamaha RMX Irons  . suppose to be rather forgiving and expensive

Patrick Kearns: very useful information with a sense of humor.

scorpioncrow: By the way, I'm Not trying to talk crap about Taylormade, I've played them since I started playing golf 10yrs ago, But now slowly switching over to Titleist, because they are an All around better Brand. Most of the Taylormade tour pros, Are still using the MC & MB. I think Sergio is one of the only players using a full set of RBZ tour irons. Don't get me wrong the RBZ tour Irons are Great, But they need to come out with Forged irons, Or real blades again. I think they care more about Distance and "Game Improving". Atleast Titleists 714 series have 2 sets of blades, the Ap2 that breaches the gap between mid handicap to pros, And then AP1 that are for those who need more forgiving.

scorpioncrow: Look My point of view is, Although both are the newest clubs out for 2014, Taylormade Speedblades are Game improving Irons, In My opinion they are basically the same as the Original Rocketbladez. I guarantee you wont See Dustin Johnson playing these. But Almost every Titleist playing Tour pro, Use the Ap2s. For example Jason Duftner who won his first major right after changing to them. Because they are as workable,looks and feel as a Blades, But pretty forgiving. They are more for the "Better player".

Paolo M: So which club is better between the two?

mark stanford: your fat and ugly

oscar mason: Hi Matthew
Can you please do a review on the new Taylormade Jetspeed driver? Maybe a comparison with the SLDR?? Great channel by the way! Keep up the good work!

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Titleist 714 AP2 Vs Taylormade Speedblade Irons Comparison and Review 5 out of 5

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Titleist 714 AP2 Vs Taylormade Speedblade Irons Comparison and Review
Titleist 714 AP2 Vs Taylormade Speedblade Irons Comparison and Review
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Titleist 714 AP2 Vs Taylormade Speedblade Irons Comparison and Review