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Carl Johnson: Jebote HV, a ko je Srpsko nije Ustaško

Jeff Swartout: Oiled Walnut is the only wood used on M70....but walnut can be very distinctive and attractive grain.

Bradley Johnson: What does it cost??

LiL Hustler: Nice gun but please cut back on the weed!

fuckin bullsht: good review but cant stand this dudes voice blow your nose or something makes me wanna pap myself

399923A: I just got my Zastava O-PAP. I noticed that there is an alignment issue of the gass block with the rest of the body. The wood on the gas block sticks out a little more on one side. I took it to the range and seems to shoots straight. Is that something you see on yours?

James Morfison: It's a CLEANING ROD ,just leave it in your bag it's not that big of a deal

Драгољуб C: SERBIA !!!

nick kuhar: stepped down? I was born in Croatia, nobody stepped down, its called genocide and crimes against humanity. Stepped down? How ignorant can you be?

Urban Cowboy: Dude awesome review I have the 2013 an I'm in love! ...

alex m (KINGTIGER88): the serbs always controlled the zastava factory because its on serbian land.

gwane1uno: Beginning Music was corny .. Other then that it was good information.

attilahun77: U don't have a gun with a proper fire selector... It is normally produced in tree steps: Safe - semi automatic - full automatic   

vlada jovanovic: its allways been in serbia,factory is older than yugoslavia twice and on the start it was croatian flag not serbian or yugoslavian.

Martin Miljkovic: Hi, love the video keep em coming :) A hint on how to pronounce the name of the factory. First letter is "Z" and you say it like in the "Z" in "Zoro" the masked hero. The rest of the word you got just fine.

Shawn: There's no such thing as a "single stack bolt" or a "double stack bolt". An AK bolt is an AK bolt. The only thing that makes an AK a single stack or a double stack is the magazine well. Just saying.

Buddy Rowe: the lower rod @ 1:50 on mine keeps coming out when I am firing it. i saw that it had a threaded base, but it will not thread into anything in its home slot. anyone else's do the same? I just took it out and put it in my carrying bag

Roger Gaither: Just got mine for $518

Lewis Medlock: I bought one in April of 2014 and CIA has improved its quality control considerably. I believe the wood is birch. Mine has a double stack bolt, and a side rail mount. There were no tooling marks whatsoever and the mag well mod was much cleaner with absolutely no debris or rough edges. The only thing I do not like about it is the buttstock comb height and the lack of contouring on the foregrip. If CIA would modify the furniture and put a standard rail mount (there is a company that makes one specifically for the N and O PAP, but it is $160) it would be the best AK for the money. As this rifle becomes more popular like the SKS and Mosen did, there will probably be a lot more accessories available in the future.


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Zastava Planet
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Ciao. no more. 2009 Alan Phelan
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