1978 Ford F150 Custom 351M Running

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Jason Ross: hard to find parts..i think this motor was made one year..i could be wrong...i have a f250 costum highboy 1977 or 78 with the 351m it has balls of steel i got it from a friend that died i drove it home and its ben here in my yard for 10 years...it still runs but it would run better if i put a carb back on it..lol..when gas was 1.55 a gallon i could drive 24 miles on 20 dollars of gas lol..but it was a hell of a ride!! i hope you enjoy your truck i certainly enjoy mine!!

TheFrameoff: Starts real nice

Hardogger: why does every truck i see like this have a cb in it?

Jay Gomez Sr.: hey i have a glove box you can have it ....Its brown let me know how to send it to u

Chamblizi The All Mighty!: i like how it goes chirr *POOF* GLUG GLUG GLUG LOL

SmalltownTractors: @hugheschris827 i have found the glove compartment and ashtray but i still need the license plate lights and window seals.

SmalltownTractors: @MrWiKeD653 cool, i love these old fords

SmalltownTractors: i do go through them, and npd, summit, jegs, speewway, jcwhitney, mustangs unlimited, and a few ithers, but used is always cheaper

SmalltownTractors: heck yeah!

SmalltownTractors: right on, the exhaust on mine is 2.5 true duals no cats or nothing all the way to the back

Will Roberts: thats a 351m/400 big block i just got done rebuilding that exact same engine just a couple of days ago lol awesome engine just be careful of the 500 horsepower k my truck is a monster i have a 1978 ford f-150 ranger with a 400 big block with a 4 speed transmission and all straight pipe duel exhaust

hugheschris827: Have you found a glove compartment, ashtrey, yet

Eric Hernandez: restoring the same car just 1977 loking great mines got everything, i just need new transmition and planing on puting a V8 and the details like rims paint ect...

SmalltownTractors: @NotDavidM this actually never had cats.

hugheschris827: i have what you need. i have a 77 F350 doner truck that i was using for my 78 rebuild. i know the light are there but i need to check the condetion of the window seals

CBRHurricane6: mine had the 400, i had the duals n Gpacks....sounded like that :) i miss mine so much, NEVER shoulda sold it

dustafurmustang: If you still need the glove box door i have one that is the same color as your dash.

Garnett M.: @SmalltownTractors don`t worry about the coil I can use the ones I have - I googled Purolater holy shxt they want more for the shipment up to $115.

Garnett M.: @SmalltownTractors Ya I think i do have a ashtray just thinking of it be gold color - I`ll find it all buttons ashtray what else you need I`ll send it to you when our mail strike is over COD. Have a grill too .give me your email address thru my channel mess.

Sean Fuhrman: Sweet. I got same thing but not rebuilt. I have had it for 10 years, keeping it going at all cost. Next is new fuel tank. I'm getting oil on my passenger side spark plugs tho. Piston rings or head gasket? ?

CBRHurricane6: Ever find the speedo cable? i looked FOR months and never got one

SmalltownTractors: i got that but i need the hood letters

austin tomecko: most of those parts are an at lmctruck.com

NotDavidM: lmfao, did the same thing on my 89 f-150... just hanging cherry bomb where the catalytic converter was

hugheschris827: @SmalltownTractors just shipping send me your email address

SmalltownTractors: @MrMrtiki thanks a lot!

SmalltownTractors: @MrMrtiki okay, and you wouldnt happen to have a speedometer cable would ya? and color dosnt matter, it can all be painted, lol

blownpiston: go to lmc truck you can order a free catalog online

SmalltownTractors: @hugheschris827 awesome, it is smalltownracing@gmail.com

MUDDVSDAVE: Nice truck ! It makes me wish I still had my 1979 F150 Custom which was 4X4 with the 351M and 4 speed standard transmission .

Garnett M.: @SmalltownTractors I`ll look

SmalltownTractors: Its a base coat clear coat by ppg that i sprayed

lynnsuy: LOL... I am not the only one with a toolbox under the hood of my 78' Ford F150 Explorer Custom 351M.... 2wd.... She just turned 99,000 original miles. I get a lot of original stock parts from a place called Collis Junkyard in Bath, PA.

dave haywire: go to lmc truck.com you will git what u need for it bran new

MrJeremys2388: how did you paint that truck? bottle cans or a spray gun. either way looks pretty good.

Joshua Creech: nice ford,i got 3 fords a 77 f250 78 f150 ranger 65 f100

SmalltownTractors: I know

SmalltownTractors: @MrMrtiki thanks, you wouldnt happen to have a glove box or ash tray would you?

SmalltownTractors: thanks, its a great truck, i just did get the rest of the exaust on and painted it last week

SmalltownTractors: @hugheschris827 okay what would you want for the 2 lights and 2 sets of seals? (right and left)

SmalltownTractors: @Foxracing192014 yes, they are brand new, in my new vids i have painted it.

SmalltownTractors: @karatedavid what do you want for them?

Garnett M.: Anything you ever wanted to know about these trucks i`ve had so many , At one time had 9 of them 34 all time I have ----a head , rotor , carbs starters distrib,moduels,hood steer column ,C-6 trans , probably have original radio buttons , ready install 2.73 -5 carrier for that , front bumper maybe more She`s a good runner here I had 3 of these plus the rare 67 F-100 4x4 shortbox 4spd full body 360-90 motor so much power tears off motor mounts had to wrap cable from frame to engine .

chooperXmane: tool box under the hood is a must lol

Ford Man: man that thing is cleeean! nice job!

SmalltownTractors: @NathansBackwoods yeah, i have their mag for my truck, dads truck and blazer, but im low on money so i cant afford new, thats y im looking for cheap or free used parts.

SmalltownTractors: @MrMrtiki okay, i still havent found a coil it is a pain in the but to find one!

NathansBackwoods: LMC truck, parts

Foxracing192014: did you change the bed sides ?

SmalltownTractors: @MrMrtiki okay, ive not seen any 2 cyl kohlers around, tons of briggs but no kohler

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1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running 4.8 out of 5

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1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running
1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running
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1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running