1978 Ford F150 Custom 351M Running

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Southernpride 252: what kind of gas mileage do you get out of it

Andrew Roebuck: what kind of gas mileage do you get

N8 Morehouse: I have all of that stuff laying around. But I'm sure since the vid is 5 years old, you've located all the parts by now.

Abdul Quadir: rock auto or partsgeek. com

Abdul Quadir: bronco graveyard

Jill Minnick: Well, LMC Truck out of Kansas has all kinds of replacement parts for one, and then there's NPD National Parts Depot in Michigan look them up online you can find more stuff than your wallet can afford!

Th3Sabator45: worst part of the video is when he shut it off

Jason Ross: hard to find parts..i think this motor was made one year..i could be wrong...i have a f250 costum highboy 1977 or 78 with the 351m it has balls of steel i got it from a friend that died i drove it home and its ben here in my yard for 10 years...it still runs but it would run better if i put a carb back on it..lol..when gas was 1.55 a gallon i could drive 24 miles on 20 dollars of gas lol..but it was a hell of a ride!!  i hope you enjoy your truck i certainly enjoy mine!!

TheFrameoff: Starts real nice

Hardogger: why does every truck i see like this have a cb in it?

lynnsuy: LOL... I am not the only one with a toolbox under the hood of my 78' Ford F150 Explorer Custom 351M.... 2wd.... She just turned 99,000 original miles. I get a lot of original stock parts from a place called Collis Junkyard in Bath, PA.

blownpiston: go to lmc truck you can order a free catalog online

Sean Fuhrman: Sweet. I got same thing but not rebuilt. I have had it for 10 years, keeping it going at all cost. Next is new fuel tank. I'm getting oil on my passenger side spark plugs tho. Piston rings or head gasket? ?

Jay Gomez Sr.: hey i have a glove box you can have it ....Its brown let me know how to send it to u

CBRHurricane6: mine had the 400, i had the duals n Gpacks....sounded like that :) i miss mine so much, NEVER shoulda sold it

CBRHurricane6: Ever find the speedo cable? i looked FOR months and never got one

SmalltownTractors: right on, the exhaust on mine is 2.5 true duals no cats or nothing all the way to the back

Will Roberts: thats a 351m/400 big block i just got done rebuilding that exact same engine just a couple of days ago lol awesome engine just be careful of the 500 horsepower k my truck is a monster i have a 1978 ford f-150 ranger with a 400 big block with a 4 speed transmission and all straight pipe duel exhaust

Joshua Creech: nice ford,i got 3 fords a 77 f250 78 f150 ranger 65 f100

Ford Man: man that thing is cleeean! nice job!

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1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running 5 out of 5

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1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running
1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running
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1978 Ford F-150 Cammed 351M
Mud run. 1977 Ford F-150. 351m. 4speed
Mud run. 1977 Ford F-150. 351m. 4speed
1978 Ford F150 351M/400
1978 Ford F150 351M/400
1978 ford f250 custom 351m
1978 ford f250 custom 351m

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1978 Ford f150 Custom 351M Running