NBA Jam Review - Bangalanga-Do-Dah!

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Матвей Евсеев: what's is his name??

Benjamin Munroe: what's his name???

Hell Spawn: 0:30 funniest crap EVER.

BlueJellyGamer: I wonder which one of the names belongs to PBG...


mario57764: if only remix modes were in on fire edition :C

Rlynngray15 Raegray: I think Bangalanga Do Dah is funny and creative. Sometimes I wish I find ways to be noticed to the world unless I knew how to make a YouTube video.

Matt McLeod: Did anyone else notice the box labeled "BAWLS"?

AG Emerald: Hahaha this is before he was in normal boots. (Or did it just have a different name?)

lorelei miller: Ha hard grave

Josh Howatd: I agree my 2 favorite remix modes are 21 and Elimination

Tiana Court: Waaaaait... your name is AUSTIN! I know what I am naming my first kid.

Kululu737: Is PBG David, Alan, Austin, or Brandon!? Please reply, PBG. PLEASE!!!

motherdragonman: Bangalanga Doh-Dah!!

lava bite: i know pbgs real name...

Wade Crabtree: he has s Japanese soda bottle on his game shelf

Tedy Dimitrova: Actually Bangalanga-do-dah is freakin' awesome! I don't know why people hate it. It's really catchy and funny. Good job on makin' it. And btw I rofl-ed at 4:28! :D

Jack Hughes: Bangalangadodah or Boomshakalaka

ThisGuy: GO SPURS GO!!!! :P

ProjectRedfoot: it really is a weird catchphrase...

Corey Murray: I've noticed that Has Rudolf Giger in that pic looks a lot like Walter "Pavel Chekov" Koenig... Hey, that gives me an idea for an HR Giger biopic starring Walter Koenig!

joebob44870: I like bangalanga do da

Icằŗūs Kūŗøı: 1:17 not trying to sound stupid but that sounds like that cry youtuber.

Killian Kelly: The mobile version is a lot less confusing.

Undead Unicorns: Bangalanga do da

YOLO BROS: awesome cathfraze

LordOFrogs: I think we're all Bangalangadouchebags here.... Or at least sometimes

Gameworld: Pause the video on 00:41

Andrew Oodles: Pbg is austin

McKenna The Microwave: Congrats!


Enderdragon906: #Bangalangadodah!

Rob D.: terable XD

Benjamin Munroe: also my brother doesn't believe me that catchphrase is even in the game more than PBG made it + the game is fun 

Clouds Dulce: bangalangadouchebag is still my favorite insult of all time

SteviesGamingVideos: BANGA! LANGA! DO! DAH!

Xiu Greyson: Boom shaka la ka!

over4000: #bangalangadoha

Awesomeness King: youre last name is haregrave!

melinda carter: the voice that said he hate thatthing its kick buttowski

Olaf Wijbenga: what a shirt

WillGore12: Bangalanga do day

Dominick Wright: Balanga-do-dahawsome lol

Stunninja82: Pickup line: aye baby, bangalanga-do-DAH

Wolfgang Amadeus: PBG, you're such a bangalangadouchebag

zach wilson: whats pbgs real name

Teaghan Moreno: I just play the N64.

robertsfunny1995: If I ever got lucky enough to dominate PBG in a game of TF2, I'd follow up with the line, "you just got bangalangadodominated!"

Andrew Oodles: PBG =Austin Hargrave

Doge Pirate: Bangalanga-do-dah!

NBA Jam Review - Bangalanga-Do-Dah! 5 out of 5

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NBA Jam Review - Bangalanga-Do-Dah!
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NBA Jam Review - Bangalanga-Do-Dah!