Logitech Attack 3 With Virtual H-Shifter

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arklyz: can you tell me how did you get it to work? becouse when ever i release it goes to N it does not stay in like 1gear when i release it

hvyft45: Thanks for the comment, and thanks for agreeing with me! :)

Yelpats03: Wow moron, Virtual H shifter? LOL..Some people are so dumb.

hvyft45: All you have to do is run the program and set things up through the program. PM me when you get your joystick, I will help you out!

bobdole92: no he said it doesnt

Camtoo: thats fair enough, but ur missing out.

pagi dagi: so u use the joystick as a shifer? u actuly change gear with the joystick_?

hvyft45: You'd be suprised, haha.

Joedidyjoe: As long as you have 2 USB ports.

Keit Tamm: Nice ! I have same wheel and same joystick for H shifter + Logitech formula force EX pedals for clutch.

Erikas Nav: How did you set it ? Because Virtual Shifter for me only reacts to the 4 corners, not the middle, but the corners ;\\ so let's say only 1,2,5,6th gears would work but not in the middle, the middle has no reaction :( Can you pls help ?

dreihoden: omg logitech attack 3 is soooo freaking gay i have buy 3 and all uncalibrate after 3 min. unplayable i have now a saitec evo and the same problem after 3 weeks i hate joysticks!!!!!! i think this is a jew mafia or someting profit monkeys!! good video

sunay osmani: i want to do the same thing cause i got today the same joystick and Virtual H-Shifter also i got the same wheel and lfs can you tell me step by step how to do this

hvyft45: No...Attack 3's do not have FFB, as I stated in the video: "I am running Virtual H-Shifter, which is the program for Non-Force-Feedback Joysticks".

hvyft45: nah, that was the bad thing about it.

Cpt0Rex: game?

Eru: i got the same wheel and the same joystick. i can get my joystick to work with H shifter but i can get my steering to work in the game. *it steer with joystick instead of the wheel* any advice?

Camtoo: but can u drive in real life like u can in live for speed ? doubtful.. get it ?

g25racer: I understand were your coming from but, the G25 is definatly better. But, I am getting a ffb joystick to use as a handbrake. Th3 g25 could really use a ffb shifter and a handbrake but, I am very happy with my G25. Well worth the $260 I put down for it. Next on the list is the handbrake and a button box!!!

hvyft45: It is very hard at first, but you will get used to it. Practice is the key, I follow that tip every time I drift.

Mark Turbott: go into the advanced settings tab of the program and select press once in stead of keep pressed

w4tt7: @denieru94 define gears in virtual H shifter's settings, then go in game and edit controls - delete all what's joystick runnin' and set only those letters you've setted in VHS settings. Noproblem (:

Camtoo: G25 is definitely worth it. Makes the game so much better. Also the G25 is bigger and has a leather cover so it feels more like a real wheel.

nirtime: how do u get virtual h shifter and lfs to work with the press once option? it never seems to work for me, it never even shifts into the gear. It works fine if i use keep pressed and hold it in place.

Венцислав Василев: plss send me this softwere skype: venco95

xenoxiduis: thanks you just gave me a another trick to ma joystick attack 3 of course

MattySP34Ks: @hvyft45 ingame username?

jianh1989: what game is that?

Daneexr727: how can u keep in gear ? o.O (sry for my bad english)

hvyft45: If the G25 is as realistic as you say it is, then technically I am not missing out, because I drive a real car...get it?

hvyft45: I don't want to pay $250+ on a steering wheel for a video game. I didn't even pay $100 for the steering wheel, 2nd set of pedals, and joystick. I don't mind the "horrible" noise, because normally I wear a headset.

Exitachy: remove spring inside it.

in heaven: U can use wheel shifter as handbrake and joystic as shifter

Edgar Cisneros: How did you connect the h shifter and pedals to the steering wheel was it with an adapter and if it was could you tell me what its called please

Ryan Freman: Where do you go to get Virtual H-Shifter?

Sixten Björling: LFS!!!

Венцислав Василев: plss name this softwer plsss

Thiago Schmitt: sorry, the question is... HOW do you disable the neutral point?

Nismo200000007: 5/5 Nice Wheel setup :) Need more practice though :P

Viorel V: Can you play all the racing games that suport's H sifter? for example test drive

g25racer: Man, get a Logitech G25. Alot better!! I have one and just about nothing beats it!!!

Jochem Drenth: allright i have the game but how do you fix so you can use the gears with the joystick

MGMan37: I have a gamepad and a joystick separate.

jerseykid565: i got the same 1 for fsx

zooyork3502: i try this ,with my "thrumaster stick x " on gtr evo , tdu , impossible to parameter , in the better way , i only have 4 gears , so i look the video , and it seem not have the fourth and fifht gear , good idea but , it dont run for me or does someone could explain me ??? and i don't understand the setting.xml i vave only 4 axe , so only 4 gear !!! ????!!!?????

mattbkoi727: How do you keep the gears in place in the game cause it seems that when i let go it goes into neutral. I Have virtual-H Shifter and LFS and the dame joystick. tell me instructions how to set it up. Please. Thx

Isaac Montoya: nice and i agree i rather spend $20 on a decent 1 then 200 on something that il never use or dont even have room for that

Balint David: driving good :) nice one man :D

PixelTuner: nice...is it hard drifting now? or is it easier every time u drift?

Joedidyjoe: Hey mate Ive got the same joystick as you, but with Vhshifter or J2hshifter it doesn't find the joystick, even though I can use it in games.

Logitech Attack 3 with Virtual H-Shifter 4.8 out of 5

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Logitech Attack 3 with Virtual H-Shifter
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