Logitech Attack 3 With Virtual H-Shifter

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Edgar Cisneros: How did you connect the h shifter and pedals to the steering wheel was it with an adapter and if it was could you tell me what its called please

Jochem Drenth: allright i have the game but how do you fix so you can use the gears with the joystick


Jochem Drenth: whats the game??

valentin ivanov: what is the program for the shifter plz tell me

No Bones Movies: 1:50 gots you some shift lock boyo ;) reallllllyy nice setup!! Its convinced me to buy a DFP instead of a g25/27!

Erikas Nav: How did you set it ? Because Virtual Shifter for me only reacts to the 4 corners, not the middle, but the corners ;\\ so let's say only 1,2,5,6th gears would work but not in the middle, the middle has no reaction :( Can you pls help ?

scuderia ferrari: @hvyft45 I have a question Does it work on Windows 7?

AceGamingProductions: i need help with this thing... i bought it for battlefield 3 and so far its OK with the exception that most buttons i bind to it dont work. like the TRIGGER doesnt even work. and i used the keystroke for left mouse and i even tried space and nothing is working.

davidhogahoga: just make a casing with the 6 places and make som kind if mechanism that holds it in place, som gummy bands or something

JBuddyW: Hey mate Ive got the same joystick as you, but with Vhshifter or J2hshifter it doesn't find the joystick, even though I can use it in games.

mattbkoi727: How do you keep the gears in place in the game cause it seems that when i let go it goes into neutral. I Have virtual-H Shifter and LFS and the dame joystick. tell me instructions how to set it up. Please. Thx

MattySP34Ks: @hvyft45 ingame username?

w4tt7: @denieru94 define gears in virtual H shifter's settings, then go in game and edit controls - delete all what's joystick runnin' and set only those letters you've setted in VHS settings. Noproblem (:

Eru: i got the same wheel and the same joystick. i can get my joystick to work with H shifter but i can get my steering to work in the game. *it steer with joystick instead of the wheel* any advice?

in heaven: U can use wheel shifter as handbrake and joystic as shifter

Billkwando: I just figured out yu can map axis to buttons easily with Xpadder 5.3, which is still available for free. I just chose 8-way joystick and it lets you map 4 or 6 gears to zones, and then choose which button you want to assign to each. No more searching for Virtual H-Shifter!

nirtime: how do u get virtual h shifter and lfs to work with the press once option? it never seems to work for me, it never even shifts into the gear. It works fine if i use keep pressed and hold it in place.

Keit Tamm: Nice ! I have same wheel and same joystick for H shifter + Logitech formula force EX pedals for clutch.

zooyork3502: i try this ,with my "thrumaster stick x " on gtr evo , tdu , impossible to parameter , in the better way , i only have 4 gears , so i look the video , and it seem not have the fourth and fifht gear , good idea but , it dont run for me or does someone could explain me ??? and i don't understand the setting.xml i vave only 4 axe , so only 4 gear !!! ????!!!?????

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Logitech Attack 3 with Virtual H-Shifter 5 out of 5

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Logitech Attack 3 with Virtual H-Shifter
Logitech Attack 3 with Virtual H-Shifter
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Logitech Attack 3 with Virtual H-Shifter