Minecraft Biomes O Plenty 1.7.2 - Mod Showcase

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Willber Murphy: I dont like this song and the reviw wassnt vary good

Ima Cupoflemonade: I came to see more about the new dimension in this mod. The video didn't help, considering it didn't even say anything and it just showed the biomes.

scamrox5600: when i change the world type to biomes o plenty and i load the world it crashed meplz help

Ken Shi: I heard you need to config this part from the forum In the server.properties file, you have to change the level-type setting to BIOMESOP

TCL: Yup I think so

Enkhsaruul Lut: forge is better

MrSkavery1: link?

Monique Madsen: lol nice

Monique Madsen: lol

divajazz: No its called biomes o plenty

thephoenix4ever: that's ok, I actually figured it out, but for some reason all the videos on how to install it in multiplayer didn't show how. I had to go into the server properties and put "level-type=BIOMESOP".

Hannah D.: Are they supposed to be few and inbetween?

MinerManc3X: Minecraft has not been around for 10 years!

Rasmus Craelius: When you create a World you need to go into advanced and cahnge to Biomes O' Plenty

MegaJello1234: Did you select 'biomes o plenty' instead of 'default' at the more world options?

Maya H.: This isn't that interesting.

MegaJello1234: Have you selected 'biomes o plenty' at more world options?

MonsterSpawnerStudios: maybe you got i glitch when doing it when I add mods on my server it does it to me some time they just won't pop up so you might want to try again if it does not work still it means you have a bad .jar and you need to get a new one

ColdFireTheGamer: can this work with forge?

Savhanna Young: i have the same problem, but on single player it only generates the regular biomes and not the mod ones

Xgrezzer: how do you download and make this work?

TheSkillfulN00b5: Cool :)

chris gibson: Dont you mean plenty o' biomes

Paulo Peregrina: Much better than Extra Biomes XL...

Danny Van Ommen: I have been playin minecraft for like 10 years and only just found my first diamond LOOOOOL

thephoenix4ever: I tried to install this on my server. I installed Forge and placed the biomesoplenty mod in the mods folder in the server but when it generates the world it only generates with the default biomes.

Spidey Spy: 72 biomes WTf

TCL: Sorry but I can't help. Have no idea about server mods

Wubbleston Cumberdale: Use F1 to hide your hud/hand.

Zach Seaman: hey maybe one day we can do a vid together! but can u please make a vid on how to get a skype! i really need help! thanks! im subbing to u!!! :)

Chiplover2: I liek this showcase. No rambling, just some sweet tunes and some sweet biomes :3

Conán Mulholland: Awesome music

Danny Van Ommen: Bahbahbahbah

Monique Madsen: i downloaded mod but it dosnt work theres only vanilla biomes and no new items help plz

Monique Madsen: lol nice

David Burden Jr.: forge is better than modloader

Danny Van Ommen: Actually I've been playing for 6 months and I hve found 5 stacks of diamonds XD ROFL

MegaJello1234: 10 years? Means you played it back in the ancient times of 2003... Congats...

TCL: It's in the description :)

Arnold Swinehart: yup really cool biomes should make my minecraft a little more fun!

raul rodriguez: Awesome mod review, subbed! :D

JamoXploder: Awesome.

liam skuse: can you put the song in the description

MasonPepper: Name of song ?

jamie blake: really

Enkhsaruul Lut: get a minecraft forge or modloader and put it in the %appdata%/roaming/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar folder. Delete Meta.Inf file before that and the forge or modloader will work. then FORGE: first load your minecraft and youll see 3 mods loaded. Then go to %appdata%/roaming/minecraft/mods folder ( close minecraft first ) then put the mod you want in the mods folder and open minecraft , it will say 4 mods loaded. MODLOADER: put all your files of the mod you want in your minecraft.jar folder

cacao man: what the name of the song?

TCL: Thank you :D

Veyleus: OMG I talked to u on Skype! :3

지환 김: 님의 바이옴 오 플랜티 모드

Minecraft Biomes O Plenty 1.7.2 - Mod Showcase 4.6 out of 5

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Minecraft Biomes O Plenty 1.7.2  - Mod Showcase