Mossberg 930 Loading For Home Defence

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Stopsign32v: What an idiot...2 shells of 6 shot for HD. I'm out...

Rascal77s: I wouldn't trust birdshot. if you are pulling the trigger so is the other guy or trying to bash your skull in. #4 buck is the way to go if you're not living in an apartment building with paper walls.

Chadster357: I know this shotgun cycles every type of round....however, it is more likely to FTF FTE with light field I would use 2 Hi-Brass  birdshot loads as my first 2 shots.

Robonthemoor: 6 shot game case will blow a person apart you don't need bigger" you need smaller less than 21 grams 9 shot, try that at a cabbage it will blow it to sh1t rags, I have named you danger man.

monster max: is it cool to keep your Mossberg 930 load all the time. Would it hurt the spring?

Dan63558: is the 590 a better fighting shotgun then this one? thanks, Dan

wydeglyde00: short vid for good reason. The m4 is ridiculously superior- but at 2 or 3 x the cost. Good gun ,but you get what you pay for. Just sayin.

NeverdeadCube: Those will go through your assailant and easily two walls, which means possibly hitting someone you didn't intend to. 8 rounds of 3" duck load would make sense to me, though. Not too much over-penetration, but plenty of firepower.

Robert A: I'm sure the intruder will appreciate his thoughtfulness when he sues him!

Robert A: His attorney says you were 12 feet from him when you crippled him with bird shot and he only had a knife! Unequal force will make him a winner! Shoot to kill!

theARMORYchannel: bird shots not for freaken birds it depends on the size of the shot, once again go get educated big mouth!!

Jeremy Taylor: besides, 2 rounds is pre-meditated, an empty magazine is being scared for your life, and while dead mean do tell tales, they don't give opinions or sob stories.

Jeremy Taylor: i never understood the point of stacking the magazine. if you are in a position to need to fire to defend your life, or your family, it makes sense that it would not be in your best interest to give him a fighting chance. load the most lethal, most likely to stop load you can find, and shoot lots of them to ensure they cycle. if you actually did need to use the gun, you would go on adrenaline, and would empty the magazine anyway, whether you wanted to or not. (although there are exceptions)

CK_32: Just a heads up you might want to revamp that set up. good idea but semi shot guns hate different pressures on their gas actions and is #1 for creating a jam. 2nd these have SOME issues with some people yours might not but you never know it could be that one time but the low pressure rounds first may be the first thing to jam and it being the first shots you might not get any off. I say buck buck buck then slugs. Bird is just looking for issues function and legal.

GZVSI: defence? I have a mossberg 500 Mariner for home defense.

ervb84: If you keep the tube loaded wont the spring eventually fail? I've always thought this thats why I just keep one chambered,and a few extra shells on my nightstand. Any thought on this would be helpful,Thanks.

TheMultiGunMan: ★★★★★ That's a bad-ass Shotgun!

ZachandCodyCrazyLife: how many guns do you own?

ballistolballs: I was told by several folks that in a house less then twenty feet away (close range) even bird shoot is going to be lethal. I ended up giving up the idea of shotgun in a small house as to hard to swing.

Thwick: Unless you are worried about birds invading - get that bird shot outta any type of home defense weapon. Works great for snakes, birds, and tin cans, but you are simply uneducated in thinking its a good idea for personal protection.

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Mossberg 930 loading for home defence 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 930 loading for home defence