3 Best Ways To Remove Window Tint And Glue

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Raymond Sheppard: What if I used a torch? šŸ˜…šŸ˜šŸ¤”

Ali Juman: You susposed to use formula 409 not glass cleaner

redskin4040: I always throw a brick through it. The trick is open the door and and throw it against the inside of the glass in your enemies yard. No clean up required.

Behram Cooper: Can I use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun or steamer?

Mario Colon: Thanks for the recommendations. I used the steamer (Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat) to remove some stubborn tints, and it worked great. The best part is that using the steamer didn't leave goo on the windows.

Will Mercier: This is yet another reason to make me seriously consider NOT getting my windows tinted...

Nitro: So, i watched this video and ran outside to remove my front side window tints using the first method, so i sprayed some window cleaner on the inside of the windows, covered them with a black rubbish bag, and opened the doors to face the sun, which was extremely strong at the time. After about 30 minutes, the tint came RIGHT OFF in ONE PIECE. I am baffled.

Many thanks dude!

YouTube Automotive Tutorials - ProjectCarTV: Good info on your video! Here is one I made https://youtu.be/m5IvF38dyD8 #ProjectCarTV #WindowTintRemoval

Daniel Bergschneider: Just got a old dodge truck with very old horrible tint. Will try the iron and wet rag method along with heat gun and see which works better.

Bill Carini: Never had to remove it but have put it on a few times and it came out perfect, not a bubble in sight!

SS: Hey its Aarons brother from Gas Monkey.

Mark Porter: I've been tinting for 20 years and own my own shop. I tint anywhere from 60 to over a hundred cars a month depending on the time of year. Let me clarify a couple things:

1. On the side windows all you need are 1" razor blades and soapy water. Scrape the tint off and then scrape any remaining glue. It helps to have an olfa knife to get into the hard to reach areas to get glue/tint out.

2. The trash bag method is only necessary on the rear windshield because it has defroster lines and a razor will damage them. We call it "sweating" the tint off. I use left over tint liners but a trash bag works good too. You do not need Windex, soapy water will do the trick. (Soapy water = a spray bottle of water with a small squirt of dish soap or baby shampoo) What you are doing is creating a layer of steam and trapping it on the tint. What that does is soften the adhesive. After a few of applications of soapy water and a couple of hours you should be able to remove the tint in one piece from the rear windshield. The condition of the tint will determine how long this process will take. It can be anywhere from 1 hour to all day for the bad ones. Typically it takes 2-3 hours. If there is any glue remaining, I use Simple Green, and a non scratch scrubbing pad to remove it.

3. A steamer is handy and can help on over cast or cold days but it's more work and usually leaves more glue to scrub off the rear windshield.

4. Once in while nothing works for a back window. Sometimes the tint has been left there for about 10 years longer than it should and nothing less than razor blading the tint off will get the job done. In that case say goodbye to the defroster. Those cases are very rare and 99% of the time you can get it done with the methods described above.

5. Finally, if you're just going to hack up the tint on your car and destroy your rear defroster please leave it to a professional to remove it. Most of the time when a customer removes the tint they do a crap job and I have to go over their work and finish cleaning it properly. This takes longer than it would have if they had just let me do it in the first place, and I charge them for it anyway.

Derpu Wolf: I want to remove the tint installed in the front glass. It's my aunt's car and last time I checked, front glass tint is illegal and it's a bitch too look through.

rain guy: OMG THIS GUY ..... okay people try his razor method on the back window .... plz make a video of it so I can ROST you šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚... FYI Iā€™m a professional film installer

Aaa Bbb: Can we use hair dryer rather than the steamer ?

Tim DAmelio: during the summer i used just 409 closed the door waited 5 min and the whole tint came off i used no razor blades to removed it was easy

TintStuff: Very nice explanation! I tint for a living and you definitely hit the nail on the head. We share the same experience with the trash bag, I've never had it work consistently in a timely fashion so I usually resort to a steamer on the back glass and a razor on the doors. Keep some adhesive remover handy for some more difficult jobs. The older the film, the more difficult it is to remove. It can be a very time consuming job!

Cyn: A good tip, pull the tint or vinyl at a very small angle (as possible) to the surface. I find this reduces the residue left on the surface

JWise: Only problem with this technique on side windows is that the sunlight doesn't reach the windows at that angle. Works great for the rear glass though

Len Zielenski: The absolute best way to remove the glue afterwards is a product called Bestine.

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3 Best Ways to Remove Window Tint and Glue
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3 Best Ways to Remove Window Tint and Glue