The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How To Season

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Gerald Poss: I have to agree with false advertisement. I also seasoned the pan as instructed with cooking/veg oil in a 300 degree oven for 1 hour. The oil dried to the pan and I could not wipe it out. Every time I've used the pan my eggs stick and I end up giving it a water soak and a hard scrub to clean. Oh well, it will make a nice rifle target come deer season sight in.

jis z: I bought this frying pan at Ross for $8 . And I've been using it regularly. It worked perfectly. Until I left it in the stove on high after I had cooked in it and the oil and residue burned dry on the pan . Now I can't get that black residue off. Should I try to season the pan again??

jis z: Also what I read on the instructions was to season it in the oven never mention stovetop.

morebeauty: I have one of these and I LOVE IT. they were on sale and I bought 4 more for my closest friends/relatives. great product, and no chemicals 

J Peez: you really do not know what you are doing or how to follow instructions

reynoldmn: Awesome stuff, just got it seasoned and on to let cool to dry, thanks alot mate! 

Diana Brannan: I am thinking about buying one of these and, based on the comments and the video, I will say that you should not need to season a non-stick ceramic surface. Second, seasoning means baking it UPSIDE DOWN in the oven for a predetermined amount of time at a pretermined temp akin to seasoning cast iron, which this is not, and usually with a coating of lard either animal or vegetable and letting it cool in the oven. This seasoning thing makes no sense for a non-stick pan. 

Bobby Harper: Mine works well even after a year.

Ren Dawn Rooks: Um, olive oil has a low smoking point, you should have used peanut or crisco.

BAROLO dog: This is a sub-par product. I'm about to try to return mine and see if the company stands behind the product. I believe it has a long-term guarantee. We shall see. Well marketed crap , but one gets what one pays for. Also a friend of mine bought a couple as well and agrees w/me. DO NOT BUY. 

B Welkinator: "hard to do without getting oil on the camera" - why not use a paper towel to spread the oil and keep your hands clean?

Steve Morris: I have one of these pans .I fried up scrambled eggs and the eggs stuck to the pan . 

Chris Marino: Don't say you are going to see if a product "works as advertised" and then not follow the Manufacturer's instructions for seasoning it. Instructions say to season with vegetable oil not olive oil and use the oven not stove top. 

deinemuddaisdoof: olive oil has too low heatpoint and he uses way too much, the thing with seasoning is to wipe all excess oil off, get it to the smokepoint, let it cool down, wipe, and repeat a couple of times for best results...

hillsmom hillsmom: I love mine and have given the 10" skillet for gifts, too. My DH managed to burn mine by cooking (ugh) liver at too high a temp. (I don't eat liver) but I'm glad to see you also have a video for re-seasoning as I had forgotten the instructions. Do you have any suggestions for cleaning burnt on grease from the bottom of the pan? My DH doesn't seem to understand about wiping off the "lip"...8-) Oh well, I'm glad he does cook.

barakah856: I followed directions to the letter, using vegetable oil that I wiped on with a paper towel, as it said a light coating. Baked it in oven at 300 for an hour, just like it said. When it cooled, there was a sticky film from the oil and it felt gritty, not smooth. Directions said to wipe oil out with paper towel when cool- I couldn't do this as it was so sticky and gummy. Washed it in very hot water with soap and got some of the stickiness out but now I wonder if I un-seasoned it. I even tried to use a green scrubbie to get the gunk out. There's no way to contact the company about this, as the contact info on website is just about your order, and I bought it in a store, not from the website. 

Silvia Figueroa: False advertising the pan is not what they say it does no stick not true

Lisa Jones: Also, my directions for seasoning called for an oven seasoning! 

Loong97: Don't buy it. I had this pan before. A lot of misleading information from the As Seen on TV commercial. Also the pan seasoning instruction told you seasoning in the oven not on the stove from the instruction package. Never use olive oil for high heat or seasoning. 

Leo Guy: Some like it some hate it, should wash and dry the pain before seasoning any pan. Only $20 if they are miss leading consumers they will know about it when the Government takes them to court!

Dashdedeh: do not dishwash. dishwashers ruin them.


Tula Chuchu: The company states not to use spray oils, olive oils or canola oils to season the pan. Use veg oil or shortening to season the pan. I have had my pan for right at a year and am about to season it again. There are reasons not to use these oils and telling them lies about what kind of oil you used is not going to help anyone. I do not work for the company and am not brand loyal, but when people do not do what they are told and then have issues, it is their fault, not the fault of the pan.

Lisa Jones: I have used them for quite some time! As long as you season properly, they work fabulously! I love it! I'm also, as it ages, try to season again.....

PsuedoMyht: We have tried a number of these pans and the Orgreenic thus far as has been fairly good to us. Seasoned using the oven method for the first one, we purchased a large set and are trying the stove top method (saw some folks and I am telling the wife to go with the oven method). Here are a few observation from others comments I must make: 1) Cooking eggs - this is THE classic test of the non-stick nature of a pan - but for all non-stick pans it must be a HOT pan, not luke warm but hot! 2) None of the non-stick pans should ever be placed in your dishwasher... It seems like dishwasher detergent is too abrasive for the non-stick surface. 3) Do not go directly from hot stove to cold water, while this is great for metal (tempering), it seems to wreak havoc on most non-stick coatings. Always allow the pan to cool before washing it with water (unless the water is blazingly hot). All that said, I hopeful that the stove top method of seasoning these pan works - I know the oven method did... we will see!

loganrollo: Why would anyone season a NON-POROUS surface?

John Momonee: I love mine but lately it's been sticking. I'll give this a shot, hope it' not too late.

basilador alburero: dont buy it it scam

john t: After 6-8 months, mine started to stick in the center. Once after washing, I noticed the center part of the pan had what looked like a residue, but I could feel nothing there to the touch. I cleaned the center with a paper towel, water and baking soda, which removed the residue. Next, I'll season it again with hopes of having the success I had with it initially. Actually pleased with the product. But my seasoned cast iron fryer is the best non-stick pan I have.

Bill Doremus: I have on pan that I got some time back and seasoned it the oven method and it works great. I received a whole set for Christmas and the directions said to season them on the stove top. I did this now there is burnt oil all over every pan I have now and they are sticky to the touch. I tried to wash them with dawn but it would not come off. Do you think if I try to season them by the oven method that this would help? 

Nancy Storrs: I tried this. It resulted in a grease fire. Do not season these pans. The company no longer recommends it.

Jeanice Walters: My first OrGreenic said to season by coating the entire green surface with cooking oil and then put it in a 300 degree oven for one hour. Remove, let cool completely, wipe out and wash thoroughly. My next two skillets (nothing is wrong with the first one, I just bought a smaller one and a larger one). My experience is that the oven method works better than the stove top method.

Miztle vazquez: I bought mine like two months ago and it was perfect I love it but I cooked an egg and stick I'm so sad what can I do?

mdondo55: they need to have this on their site as they have nothing about seasoning their pan....

Laura Foye: Did you not wash the pan first? I think that's 'step zero'. I just received a set of these as a gift, and I'm hopeful, but doubtful, that they will meet the expectations the company puts out for them.

Timothy Acker: Such an important step should be done at the factory. It's like telling us t attach the handle. Had mine on the stove for a half hour and never did see it smoke.

ExcelDriveVideo: I've heard that from a few people. I've read my instructions ver batim....I beleive they may have two versions of seasoning instructions out there. Curious

peggy seay: did you season it?

ExcelDriveVideo: I'd bump up the heat....keep a close eye on it. Good Luck and thanks for watching!

ExcelDriveVideo: Look at my other videos. It's called: The ORGREENIC Non-Stick Skillet Frying Pan Review: Does it work?

Austin Walls: kermit?

Ambaa: That's strange, I've used mine for a couple months now and I've never needed to use any oil on it. Everything slides just like it's supposed to!

Paul Wu: And after seasoned, should I rinse it?

Al Vignart: My first orgreenic (bought in August, 2012) was replaced yesterday -October 31, 2013- by our local CVS store. I brought it back because it did not perform as manufacturer states: everything I attempted to cook did stick to its center area. It looked 'new', for I took excellent care or it, except for a few inexplicably very small chips at the bottom coating, where aluminum was visible. I noticed this new unit calls for a different seasoning procedure: one hour in a 300º oven... (continues)

allensacura22cl: is there a part 2? i can't seem to find it...

Robin Daniels: My small pan had stove top seasoning larger one had oven seasoning instructions. I think the oven method works better. I love mine and have two small ones and one large one. I am buying another set for my camper......

ExcelDriveVideo: There's the answer. People have been telling me about the alternate seasoning methods. Good comment and thanks for watching.

avisdillon: Call the company. They will probably replace the pan free. My first one came up with scratches somehow..don't know how it happened, but no questions asked, they sent me new one free.. didn't evenhave to return the damaged one.

peggy seay: i have been using medium heat and a very light coat of oil. it's been 51 minutes. no smoke. i see the oil turning brown, but it's not got to the smoking point. i am following the directions. waiting on smoke.

Louise Florida: Flaxseed oil is what the professionals use. It has omega 3 and fatty acid's in it and will take a high heat. It also creates the bonding polymer that is why you season a pot in the first place. :) I have this fry pan, the deeper pot and the small pot and they are great. :)

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How to Season 4.1 out of 5

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