The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How To Season

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jungle305: did you wash newly purchased ceramic skillet with liquid soup before seasoning or season first and then wash it with soup.

Mr Skull Top: Coconut oil?

Edward In Anaheim: I've had one for a year, looks perfect, no scratched but every thing sticks. my mistake was not saving the receipt, and buying it.

Nicole Bergstrom: Does anyone have scratch marks on their pan, and is that just a scratch or should I throw the pan out? (my eggs don't stick) Thanks !

Joe Ruda: it worked good the 1st week I had it. about the 2nd week, the egg stuck to the pan like a magnet sticking to a metal bar. it is junk!!!!! don't buy it!!

khricket: Olive oil has a low heat tolerance so I would use vegetable oil to season.

Becky Grant: It doesn't matter what you do, within 6 months your food will be sticking.

Carl Hezel: NEVER cook on high with OrGreenic it will wreck it. Cook on medium

David Ogle: I've Had One (Frying Pan)....For About A Year Now. No Problems, Until....A Few Weeks Ago: Heated The Pan, Added Oleo (Preparation For Grilled Cheese)...Added Slice Of Bread, Turned For A Minute...Smelled Burning Bread....Tried To Turn, STUCK To Pan.
Afterwards....Burnt Bread Residue, Still STUCK...Unable To Remove, Without Further Damage.

VirtualLife: That's strange that u have to season those things. It looks like a non-stick surface, kinda like teflon or ceramic or combination. I've heard alot of complaints that they stick, but some say they work well. How is it holding up for u after yrs of use ?

Trilok Agarwal: very good


Jim P: I have the complete. Using for over 3 years. Treat it with vegetable oil. Don't use metal spatulas. Re-treat about once a year.

Johnny Wheeler: My wife refuses to "season" hers.  The pan works great and does not stick.

Louise Sawyer: This was a wonderful skillet, for about eight months.  After that, the "seasoning" tip didn't work.  Sad,  so sad, when a once good product goes bad.

Kim Fenske: I use green ceramic pans for all of my cooking, in-house and camping.  I also season with olive oil a couple of times per year.  I have never had any problems with food sticking to my pans.  The ceramic pans are wonderful if you know how to cook.

Gerald Poss: I have to agree with false advertisement. I also seasoned the pan as instructed with cooking/veg oil in a 300 degree oven for 1 hour. The oil dried to the pan and I could not wipe it out. Every time I've used the pan my eggs stick and I end up giving it a water soak and a hard scrub to clean. Oh well, it will make a nice rifle target come deer season sight in.

Colorme Beautiful: Also what I read on the instructions was to season it in the oven never mention stovetop.

Colorme Beautiful: I bought this frying pan at Ross for $8 . And I've been using it regularly. It worked perfectly. Until I left it in the stove on high after I had cooked in it and the oil and residue burned dry on the pan . Now I can't get that black residue off. Should I try to season the pan again??

reynoldmn: Awesome stuff, just got it seasoned and on to let cool to dry, thanks alot mate! 

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How to Season 5 out of 5

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The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1:  How to Season
The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How to Season
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The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1:  How to Season