The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How To Season

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jungle305: did you wash newly purchased ceramic skillet with liquid soup before seasoning or season first and then wash it with soup.

Mr Skull Top: Coconut oil?

Edward In Anaheim: I've had one for a year, looks perfect, no scratched but every thing sticks. my mistake was not saving the receipt, and buying it.

Nicole Bergstrom: Does anyone have scratch marks on their pan, and is that just a scratch or should I throw the pan out? (my eggs don't stick) Thanks !

Joe Ruda: it worked good the 1st week I had it. about the 2nd week, the egg stuck to the pan like a magnet sticking to a metal bar. it is junk!!!!! don't buy it!!

khricket: Olive oil has a low heat tolerance so I would use vegetable oil to season.

Becky Grant: It doesn't matter what you do, within 6 months your food will be sticking.

Carl Hezel: NEVER cook on high with OrGreenic it will wreck it. Cook on medium

David Ogle: I've Had One (Frying Pan)....For About A Year Now. No Problems, Until....A Few Weeks Ago: Heated The Pan, Added Oleo (Preparation For Grilled Cheese)...Added Slice Of Bread, Turned For A Minute...Smelled Burning Bread....Tried To Turn, STUCK To Pan.
Afterwards....Burnt Bread Residue, Still STUCK...Unable To Remove, Without Further Damage.

VirtualLife: That's strange that u have to season those things. It looks like a non-stick surface, kinda like teflon or ceramic or combination. I've heard alot of complaints that they stick, but some say they work well. How is it holding up for u after yrs of use ?

Trilok Agarwal: very good


Jim P: I have the complete. Using for over 3 years. Treat it with vegetable oil. Don't use metal spatulas. Re-treat about once a year.

Johnny Wheeler: My wife refuses to "season" hers.  The pan works great and does not stick.

Louise Sawyer: This was a wonderful skillet, for about eight months.  After that, the "seasoning" tip didn't work.  Sad,  so sad, when a once good product goes bad.

Kim Fenske: I use green ceramic pans for all of my cooking, in-house and camping.  I also season with olive oil a couple of times per year.  I have never had any problems with food sticking to my pans.  The ceramic pans are wonderful if you know how to cook.

Gerald Poss: I have to agree with false advertisement. I also seasoned the pan as instructed with cooking/veg oil in a 300 degree oven for 1 hour. The oil dried to the pan and I could not wipe it out. Every time I've used the pan my eggs stick and I end up giving it a water soak and a hard scrub to clean. Oh well, it will make a nice rifle target come deer season sight in.

Colorme Beautiful: Also what I read on the instructions was to season it in the oven never mention stovetop.

Colorme Beautiful: I bought this frying pan at Ross for $8 . And I've been using it regularly. It worked perfectly. Until I left it in the stove on high after I had cooked in it and the oil and residue burned dry on the pan . Now I can't get that black residue off. Should I try to season the pan again??

reynoldmn: Awesome stuff, just got it seasoned and on to let cool to dry, thanks alot mate! 

The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How to Season 5 out of 5

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The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1:  How to Season
The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1: How to Season
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The ORGREENIC Frying Pan Part 1:  How to Season