Nostalgia Chick - City Of Angels

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Hex Maniac Lane: I like the art or nc

Michael Shockley: Honestly, it's probably a good thing that the Meg Ryan character died; I don't think most people would be comfortable going under the knife knowing that someone so irredeemably stupid would be holding it.

ChaosSorceror_Davidicus: Kyle is like salt and pepper (maybe extra salt), he just makes every other person's review that much better.

Nelson Aperson: BEST THING that came out of this was "Iris" by the Goo Goo dolls. God, what a Amazing song with a great Video to it. But this movie was completely forgettable and disappointing.

Dominic Abbs: pears are a good fruit

Dominic Abbs: angle from buffy the vampire slayer

cupcake5114: I actually did a thesis on Wings of Desire.

Lauren Mercedes: i think those pears were oranges

Jamie Sleeman: Don't try and perform, Lindsey. It ain't in your blood. Just review.

HTFsplendid: 2:10 is that music from the sims makin' magic?

Bijinius Cross: ...oh, lordy jesus! that "art house" guy is the most gigantic tool outside of that new Home Depot made specially for Giants! and hey, not to throw TOO MUCH shade around, but that guy's Nicolas Cage impression wasn't no thang! The NOSTALGIA CHICK'S was better!!

hakukahn: This was the first movie that literally made me angry and angry for a while. This was a certified piece of crap and that ending literally hurted me. F*ck this movie!!!

ArrantEye 804: this movie and twister were a big part of my childhood.😑 man my childhood was werid.😐

spawnshell1: omg persona q in a nutshell (well in a part of this video)

Ferenc Szaffenauer: Oh come on, this isn't a bad-bad movie..

Jim Vick: No.....don't play that evil Christian song we Christians are trying to forget.....No.....we're killing its existence, I swear,'RE TEARING ME APART, LINDSAY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Jade “Sylveon” Fuji: If this is a bad movie, I find it to be my guilty pleasure! I love this movie!

Angelo D.: why does she, of the sky, speak so often?

Adam Hoffman: "Der Himmel uber Berlin" would translate directly to "The Heaven over Berlin". So, I'm guessing "Wings of Desire" was a name created to increase marketability.

Also, who was that art house movie critic? I didn't think I could see a critic more full-of-himself or quick to anger than the Nostalgia Critic.

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Nostalgia Chick - City of Angels 5 out of 5

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Nostalgia Chick - City of Angels