Oblivion Keyblade

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Nokitfer: @RubixBloodyHanded Where did you buy it?

lostpersona: he's just hatin

killnumber1: thats cool i might be getting oathkeeper to so YAY=)

KingdomHeartsGroup: The other thing that is bad is you're grammer. I made this when I was like 10. Don't hate. ;P have a good day sir.

Venitix: i saw a way better looking oblivion cosplay on ebay. that one was actually made of FRP ( some kind of metal) and looked amazing. but its 330 dollars....

Darkshadows118: @ventuskh93 I found the guy who sells this key blade stuff on ebay, this guy probabaly got this keyblade for about $70-80 at most. no shipping cost.

imtayz: u shoud make uor own

Alex C: holy crap!!! its amazing!! but it doesnt seem like it would be worth more than like 100 bucks on ebay lol

XblackXnoteX: about 350 - 450 on ebay now..... -.- 2 years ago they where only like 70

GamingNerd117: a painted on chain is pretty stupid they need to make one with the narrow gap in the blade and put a real chain! now thats worth the money!

Allen Sohrweid: Yawn kid it's not made of real steal.

tyson898: awsome keyblade

zombiekiller2012: how much did it cost ?

Bird Tori: im makeing my own keyblades this one im working on right now

WildToeFu: The handle looks like it is REALLY uncomfortable to handle for prolong periods of time.

ShotgunEnthusiast: your*

Victoria Saigg: *your grammar

Victrix Mortalis: cool keyblade but ur voice it's a bit annoying. 6th grade i take it?

SonicKoolz192: ddddduuuuudddeeee thi is awesome that thing must of been efffing expensive!! holy crap thats cool im still a kingdom key fan! lol

ישו חי: @ventuskh93 lol, do the math. 2009: he was 10, 2011: he's either 12 or 13 years old now.

AK46supr: lol it looks like it was made by clay, just saying lol

Angel Abascal: dats awesum!!!! O_O

Paulo Victor: u was 10??? really? so it's great!! i'm 15 and i don't yhink i can do this

Killswitch750: how much did you pay for this???

KingdomHeartsGroup: thanx!! :)

alana91194: how much did this cost u?

zeitgeist925: its so INACCURATE!!

MMprotopaintball20: ha mines made out of steal and doesn't look like the actual thing at all

EthanSecondServe: A better, yet more expensive, way would be to have the middle hollow, and a real chain inside.

sakuraXsasuke99: how much was it??

PhatSevenEleven: whats it made out of?

qazwsxedc24631: Didn't look legit they should of put work on it It looks like an unfinished copy with a sticker on it:( But on the bright side it won't break easier LOL

beybladeheart: @ninetailedsaru2 yeup

Redvsbluefan900: if you were 10 this is good man

gamemasterCA: oblivion is my favorite. yours is nice. I like my homemade one it pretty sweet to but on mine the center chain is actually a chain. yours is nicer than mine though

KingdomHeartsGroup: birtchwood or something idk i bought it on ebay

Thanks Obama: Couldn't you make your own?

darthsalt: how much was it

jullianflores: i'll pay you 10million dollars for a oathkeeper

XxXRangerXxX: this keyblade not very detailed ==

gamemasterCA: thanks for the responce my goal is to get 15 in total haha when i viewed this the views were 222

nova4121: very good artwork on it but uhh, u know the shaft is supposed to be round right?

bassline123456789: pretty nice, i seen someone make it where they didnt paint the chain on in the blade, they cut the middle out and put real chain in it

Ad10weiss: Real cosplayers do everything on their one and don't buy it on ebay -.- look up to the real cosplayers. thanks

darkriku2464: im getting the full roxas costume and the oathkeeper for christmas so im happy XD

MANICMICKY: 0:46 that's what she said!

Kryanwan8: Wow, incredibly unrealistic job whoever made it. It wasn't that bulky, nor was it that colorful. It had colors besides black and gray, but they weren't that intense. You got ripped off.

Riku's Road to Dawn: i've seen that one on ebay 8)

MistressDragonblade: no ofense or anything but that keyblade looks crappy you can get someone to make a really detailed one for you thats what i'm doing me and my freinds are goign to make my oblibion we have a month and a half cause were going to momo con but after that i can focus on getting my axel cosplay together i'm going as deep dive riku and the oblivion blade looks great with him


Oblivion Keyblade 4 out of 5

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