Oblivion Keyblade

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umbreon567: On ebay either you get an awesome looking keyblade that's over 100 dolars or some crapty versions that cost near 30. Where can I find A oblivion keyblade that looks good for me and isn't that expensive!?

Paulo Victor: u was 10??? really? so it's great!! i'm 15 and i don't yhink i can do this

Antonio Perez: did you brough it in ebay.com ebay has everything trust me

Allen Sohrweid: Yawn kid it's not made of real steal.

Redvsbluefan900: if you were 10 this is good man

Victoria Saigg: *your grammar

ShotgunEnthusiast: your*

lostpersona: he's just hatin

Thanks Obama: Couldn't you make your own?

EthanSecondServe: A better, yet more expensive, way would be to have the middle hollow, and a real chain inside.

PandaWarlord: @ventuskh93 Well it honestly it isnt the best quality. I mean dont get me wrong its good but not nearly as detailed as the more expensive ones, thats why its so cheap.

Jacob Dailey: @Darkshadows118 holy crap thats the lowest price i have heard of i thought 180 was cause i haven't seen one that low i mean holy crap thats a f@cking low price

PandaWarlord: I see that it looks good but how does it feel? Is it heavy or fragile? Does it feel natural to hold?

PandaWarlord: @ventuskh93 I found the guy who sells this key blade stuff on ebay, this guy probabaly got this keyblade for about $70-80 at most. no shipping cost.

Winter Sunset Roses: Real cosplayers do everything on their one and don't buy it on ebay -.- look up to the real cosplayers. thanks

ישו חי: @ventuskh93 lol, do the math. 2009: he was 10, 2011: he's either 12 or 13 years old now.

Jacob Dailey: @KingdomHeartsGroup how old are u now

jmadude: lol I thought it was a wii remote XD

Jacob Dailey: HOW MUCH

Brian: Wow, incredibly unrealistic job whoever made it. It wasn't that bulky, nor was it that colorful. It had colors besides black and gray, but they weren't that intense. You got ripped off.

Oblivion Keyblade 5 out of 5

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New Keyblade Review!   Warning: Unedited
New Keyblade Review! Warning: Unedited
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SEDJA: Metal Oblivion Keyblade Review
Hand Carved Oblivion Keyblade
Hand Carved Oblivion Keyblade
OBLIVION Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts
OBLIVION Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts

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Oblivion Keyblade