Sears Craftsman 16 Inch Scroll Saw

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Larry Stoulil: I have an older Craftsman scroll saw and I think they are very good machines, not that much vibration like you said and the dust blower on mine works fine. I see on your video you didn't even have the blower pointed at the area you were cutting.

Flyer-rcplane: what I don't like about the saw I don't see how you can turn the blade sideways like the old craftsman scroll saw for long cuts.

Richard Ahlers: please have a video on how to fix the tension knob.

MrHollick: Great video even though you said "ah uh", five thousand times lol

Susan Nash: I like the saw but the dust blower is useless. is there any way to increase the flow,volume of air?

2stent: Thanks, wish I could have been of help. Good luck on your project!

Aaron Brennan: I understand. Thank you for your time. I decided not to buy this product, I need a stronger machine like dewalt. I am also looking at proxxon they have a scroll saw thats around $250 thats really good. Best of luck to you. Great vids!

2stent: Aaron, sorry have been away for a while. Don't know if Craftsman is good or not. Suggest DeWalt would be top of the line. Suggest you check other sources. I haven't enough experience to advise you on mahogany wood.

Aaron Brennan: I need to cut 1 inch mahogany wood with a scroll saw. Do you think that is too thick or too hard a wood for this machine? I can only spend around $120 dallors for one. If this modal isn't good could you give me advise to buy another? I am a student and I have a tight budget. Thank you for your help!

2stent: Sorry, haven't been doing much with pinless blades....I know I saw a youtube vid on pinless blades on the craftsman but I don't recall who did it. You can also buy an adaptor at Sears for about $25. Good luck. If my memoru serves me you can just snap off the pin on the blades or just one end and go from there but I'm not sure. If you find an answer feel free to post it here.

rex Lobo: how to change pinless blades on this saw im having a lot of trouble with it

Candi Daitch: Hi guys! I'm expecting UPS to drop this saw off today, it's my first experience with a scroll saw and while I 1/2 wish I went for a Dewalt or similiar I figured it was safer to see if I enjoyed the hobby by starting with the Craftsman. Two quick questions. I'd like to use a thumbscrew for quicker blade adjustments, can someone tell me specifically what I need to buy (and where to get it?) also, I've seen mentions of a zero tolerance insert or aux. deck... could someone give me more info?

2stent: Sounds good!

berighteous: First thing I did was remove the guard thing, and took the orange thumb screw and put it on the top blade lock so it's toolless now to rechuck the top blade. The blower came loose right away and you can't screw it in, so I crazy glued the screw end to the tube so now it works properly. Now I need to dampen the vibration...

2stent: Thanks, keeping up on basic maintenance goes a long ways!

2stent: Yes, I'm using a foot switch as well!

2stent: Thanks for the advice! Sounds good!

Molten Mozzarella: I had a friend weld me a small wing nut for the top clamp and I removed the left side cover as small parts sometimes fall through the table and I can get them out very easily, just keep things away from the motor cam assembly. A little thinking goes a long way and saves alot of money. This saw rocks and is very accurate. I often cut parallel lines 1/16" apart with no problem. I have probably cut a couple of miles with it so far and no problems, just keep it clean and lubricated.

Molten Mozzarella: To stop the vibration, I put a 1/4" thick piece of medium soft rubber under the bottom at the rear and a 4" thick piece of foam behind the saw (between the saw and the back wall of my bench). Then I put a 4" piece of foam under the front of the saw. The saw is not bolted to the bench but kinda floating, however it does not move. Zero vibration. Cuts like a champ. I also installed a tap on, tap off footswitch as sometimes I cut continuously for an hour or more without stopping the saw.

Molten Mozzarella: I have one of these. I insert the blade in the top clamp first (lightly tightened), then I push the top arm down with my right hand and insert the blade in the bottom clamp and tighten it lightly with my left hand. Then I use my right hand and hold the bottom clamp secure and tighten it all the way with my left hand. Then I loosen the top clamp and let the blade come free and reinsert it and tighten it all the way. Sounds hard but is actually pretty easy. I can change blades in seconds.

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Sears Craftsman 16 Inch Scroll Saw 5 out of 5

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Sears Craftsman 16 Inch Scroll Saw
Sears Craftsman 16 Inch Scroll Saw
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Sears Craftsman 16 Inch Scroll Saw