How To Set Up Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone

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shakinahglory russell: Talk about the USB port also

Tyler Hilbert: do i have to actvicate the service for the red signal no bars to turn green

Angel Flores: Great idea for homes without dsl ports

metaldad2112: I Was given instructions to follow prompts to update my voice mail with my phone cell carrier ~ When i went to insure I did not loose old messages I found I had ~ Called the company on my time & cost per minute to be put on never ending hold & Transfer from one rep to the next speaking in broken tongue unable to be understood English from one person to the next ~ I Received texted instructions to call 6127205711 to have voice mails retrieved & or saved ~ Another dead end & impossible to contact company that the Straight Talk claimed service would be free & the company that provides such service is impossible to contact by phone (That's Phone Service for you) A Fee of $20 is being extorted from me by both this outsourced company as advised to use by Straight Talk (For FREE) & The Straight Talk company ~ They are calling this a Voice mail update when in fact it's a purposefully deceitful way to traffic moneys from me to save voice messages I Am originally told belong to me (Obviously They do not belong to me & The Phone Company uses them to EXTORT Funds from Paying Customers) TOTAL DISSERVICE TO LOST VOICE MAIL MESSAGES SAVED That's the Straight Talk about it ! A Company That's only motivated to steal from it's customers & In the USA There is nothing anyone anywhere can do any damn thing about it so just bend over consumer for some Straight Talk up your ASS ! T.C.KARDOS

James Hale: How many house phones can be used?

artactical: I cannot seem to be able to set up my voicemailbox on my ST homephone..........any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jose Lule: please check this page has a lot of great deals on straight talk phones

Jose Lule:

Diane Underwood: I've been using this for a few years now and no problems. I even had to change my card that I had it billed to a couple times. Not because of anything Straight Talk did. All I did was go into my account online and change the bank card number. I did do everything online because I have a hard time with middle eastern accents. Although one time I did have to call because at the time you couldn't just change the bank card yourself but that was a few years back. It's changed now so you do have the option to do this yourself online. Call quality is nice and clear. I just have the calling set up for the US only. Total is $16.30 a month. The only caveat is that if you choose to purchase phone cards at Walmart you had better add your card the very date you are told to. Don't do it before either. It's best just to have your Straight Talk account set up to take the payment out automatically.

BW PYRO: Can I use my fax machine with this

Atti Oak: No contract service!!!!!  Bullstuff!!!  Just try to cancel!!!!!  They have no conscience.  They will keep billing your credit card.

Trixie C: I've been using this phone service for over a year and I never had any problems with it. works great for me & I was able to dump my local phone company & save a TON of money. I just buy the $15 phone cards & add them once a month, I wouldn't do autopay because this company tends to mess up autopay too much & their customer service is a hassle, but I've never had a problem just adding a phone card & the money I save makes it worth it.

jj gg: Good Video 

Kenney Jones: i was going to do tbis with my home phone ... but bad customer services

Abel Corona: yes

James B: I have this and it works for me. I was paying 4 times as much to have a land line and use my cell phone most of the time anyway. My cell service is with Straight Talk (bought my own phone and got SIM card from ST) and I haven't had a problem with it either. Maybe I am just lucky.

Linda Sheridan: Yes, this device is a piece of crap. I'm so sorry I wasted $100. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. You'll never get a good English speaking person on the phone. I have to call every month and get very frustrated trying to understand person on the other end. Don't waste your money.

emcastillo40: So "caller id" is just the number no name?

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How to Set Up Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone 5 out of 5

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Straight Talk Home Phone Review
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How to Set Up Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone
How to Set Up Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone
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How to Set Up Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone