The Single Shot Shotgun For Survival

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Chacote Outdoor Recreation: Dead on accurate thinking and well said, every video on this channel is good hard common sense, but if this was the only video I ever watched on this channel I would subscribe immediately -Dam good video on a controversial subject and it hit all the corners of the argument in a fair and concise manner.

Norman Holt: Great vid.

Steven Wells: if i use a these isn't there a chance of the round hitting the end of the barrel and damaging the shotgun? I have a rossi 12 gauge slug gun and was thinking of getting but i don't want to damage the riffling.

Fred Weller: I have an old Savage Stevens cut down to 19.5.  The .410 adapter is the best (20 ga ammo is more expensive and rare).  The pistol adapters aren't very accurate, indeed.   Still, good to have options in a SHTF scenario.

conner you: great video

Racks on Racks: It's a beautiful gun, just gotta saw off the stock and barrel and you're all set for anything, including the zombie apocalypse.

Ronald Butler: love the video man I got a new England armies 12 gauge full chock that shots 3 1/2 so of course it shots them all and I love it I have taken every wild game we have here where I live from doves to white tell deer and it has been the best shot gun I have ever had

ZAZAP: this gave me good guidance in terms of purchasing my first gun, re: rifle or shotgun.thank you.

lyliah2008: you need to stop spitting it is nasty

powderedtoastmanzack: I have an H&R "Topper" in .410, and it's an awesome shotgun.  I intend on getting a side by side or over/under in 12 gauge for it's simplicity, durability, and versatility in ammo choices.  With a 20" barrel and interchangeable chokes I can shoot every animal from birds, to bears, and two legged predators with simplicity.  I even shot a couple limits of ducks this last year with a 20" barrel and modified choke.

moofushu: Do they make an adapter to shoot a 357 magnum in a shotgun?

tkarlmann: How do the shells extract when using the adapters?  Do you have to poke them out with a stick or what?

Ralph Cooper: Thanks for the info subscribed! I did see at gunadapters they have o-ring's on them now.

Christ Child: Not only I am glad, I am so happy that the SHOT GUN is still in business..I am a sri lankan.. I have always had passion for shot guns and will tow words about that..but as i must say,sri lanka is a poor country and we dont have all the good ones like you guys do.. now i live in Dubai.. Hope and pray that one day I ll be able to come visit you and have a good shoot..nice video in respect of our shot guns..cheers

MuzzleMike: I have to agree ! I did go with the 20 gauge though . I will be getting the adapters for it . Thank You for the good info !  

VikingPlaysGames: Some one has a dip in there lip

Scott Sherman: Thanks for the great video.

Russell Suender: I purchased a used single shot Armi San Marco 12gauge from Cabelas.Assuming they inspected all their used guns before selling them,I took it out to the range and release was jammed.You needed to use excessive force to break open the barrel.I bought it for survival purposes,plus I had a few boxes worth of shells at home from a shotgun I used to have.I talked the manager at Cabelas into letting me return it for store credit.I want a single shot as their light and simple.Yes,they're a great all around gun.

C Kim: All well said in this video. I might add with a coin,knive or screw-driver you can easily take the H&R shot gun apart and put them in a backpsck. H&R also makes accessory rifle barrels to fit the the receiver! 

Ely Molloy: i could see the advnatage of the single shot over the double barrel, 1- weight and 2- more accurate due to the fact the round is inline with the barrel, one could even scope it i suppose. 

The Single Shot Shotgun For Survival 5 out of 5

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The Single Shot Shotgun For Survival