F-35 RCPowers!

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N37BU6: Just unsubscribe. I did a long time ago, but check back in every few months just to see if anything has changed. I see nothing has, so I'm glad not to have all these vids on my feed. The button's right there, man. You subscribed because you liked what he was providing, but he has stopped... so just unsub. No hard feelings.

gpiano88: From an aerodynamic standpoint it makes perfect sense to have counter rotating props. Better overall attitude and more manageable control surfaces.

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john81blaze: im about to build my first plane....i need to kno basics before i start cuttin the foam...any suggestion on video to watch....im a total beginner.....please?

KeepSpamUnderControl: the fact the you guys scratch build these things is so awesome

kdknitro: I will respect dave till the end, he pretty much started the whole youtube rc scene, i just wish he would come back and be fun like usual but hey peoples life's change and i still cant knock dave

JHOVA1780: aint that the truth.... like people should spend all there money but get nothing for free at all ...the last free plan was the f35 what a year and a half now come on

JHOVA1780: it doesnt rain anyware that bad that you never get to fly at all or make a video over 1 minute

JHOVA1780: he really needs another gig cause this one isnt workin out anymore

JHOVA1780: flight test is great they teach for free rc powers was like that now they sit back and collect on old stuff its a shame

Giantsasquatch_GamingHD: i personally love rc planes i have a mini super cub

NorthStar: Dave, can you please discuss thrust alignment. I've been getting very strange pitch effects when I mid-mount the motor in my yf-23. 1st model had the prop washing going over the tail slightly which may have induced a pitch effect and I'm about to fly a scaled up model which has no tail exposure to the prop wash.

Glenn Mason: I crashed mine into a tree! watch?v=EjWh34bRYZI

Eric: Mr. Powers... I've been a long time subscriber and I remember a ways back you did a few fitness videos. I hate to bring it up here but I could not find the videos, you take them down? Anyway, been having long time back pain as you had decribed and I think it is my ab to back muscle ratio. Any advice would be great, message me if the videos have been taken down. This is for real too, almost constant back issues... Thanks!

BlockHeadFlying: Sad,, not even making your own vids any more... You said you were going to be more like Hobby King looks like you are.. Not even giving us 20 sec vids any more... Wish you did not move... I know the weather sucks were you are... Try making a water proof series of plane so you can fly in the rain.. would not be hard... Look to the rc car side for waterproofing. Then you could crash into lightning ... Hope you are working on something big in the future.... But u wont read cause you are like H.K.

Kawaii Ninja: Hi I want to have a job like you do. Creating PDF airplane plans, but what should I study to get it. Like computer 3d design, computer graphic design. What I want to do is like Scott does

Sean Fitzpatrick: Leave Dave alone. He has no time to make videos like he used to because of the success of RCSuperPowers.

bottlerocket3333: Me Dave, me no longer make good videos. Unsubscribed. Flitetest leaves you in the dirt Dave.

Paul Vallack: Just unsubscribed. This channel is dead. go to flitetest

bombardierdude15: who are u and what have u done with dave?

F-35 RCPowers! 5 out of 5

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F-35 RCPowers!