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r0adcrossingchicken: I the second half of the first movie back when it was new, forgot about it, then watched this one last night. I enjoyed it so much that I went back and watched the first one all of the way through and I have to say the first one was more entertaining for me. The sequel had too much sappy love stuff (which would be ok if it weren't the same old sappy love stuff you see in kids movies). This plot was more predictable and overall felt more generic. But it was certainly a great time... no alcohol required at all! But I did like the first one much better.

Guilty As Charged: DM2 was really funny. I love DM1 as well, though, cause it's a sweet story, but DM2 made me laugh more.

Darion Dayson: This offers more fun. The humor was legendary! XD Especially when I ask at the Minions Ice Cream scene "I wonder if the minions will get a brain freeze after eating all that ice cream" XD

Edgar Chavez: The kids in this movie are sooo freakING CUTE!! It makes me want kids of my own... I just realized I'm a grown man who just admitted to not having any kids and watched DM2... I'm not ashamed. Ladies... call me lol

gamingsfinest1: Little Anna was cute as crap. Probably the only good thing about the movie other than the songs. And yeah I know the movie hadn't released since the time this video was posted. But yeah, cutest kid in history, baby Anna.

cesarmanuel51: Despicable Me to be honest almost made me sleep when I watched it in the theater though for a strange reason I like it and consider it a good film (I'm very weird on films) but the second made me laugh the whole way and.... I like it better than the first one.

AlakazamMast3r | BlazeArchive: Despicable Me: 8.5/10 2: 9.3/10


Kim Chem: Haha, safe to say you don't have kids, Jeremy? :-) It was a great family movie, cuz, ya know, kids tend to connect with the 'family' themes. Perfect Xmas timing on Bluray, too.

Gold Lama: they should just make an el macho movie

Derek Omar: despicable me isnt quite good for me nor one or two, it just doesnt do it for me, the minions made it worst

WolfsGamingBlog: I think Despicable Me had more heart, and Despicable Me 2 had less heart but was funnier.

Nathan Applegate: My 5 year old brother laughs his head off at the mutated purple minions.

Rebecca Breeden-West: I love both of the Despicable Me films, they're great fun and I LOVE animation. However, I just don't see how they're going to make a 3rd film out of it because of its ending? Sure, they can make a minion movie, but they don't speak English so no kid is going to want to watch a subtitled film. It was pretty conclusive so if they make a third, like most trilogies, it's gonna suck!

CaliforniaGirl1604: I prefer the second one I loved it and thought the purple minions were hilarious but maybe that's cause I'm 15. It may have scared children of ages 3-6 but I thought they were funny

Rob Bob: In my opinion, it was OK, it was funny and action packed, but I don't feel the heart of the 1st one :(

LadyGagaDonatella: 0:18 his hand goes green xD

Thomster24: You all are maggots that like despicable freaking me its for kids animation crap voice cast is crap it goes over your not going to remember it T minus 1 week yep forgotten 

Nikola Manev: first was way better for me

The Awesome Gamer: i thought it was good but some of the jokes were kind of forced, like the whole running joke about that girl who wants him to date people and what not :/

Mrpanda8000: i would say this was a good animation but it came out the same year as monsters university and frozen so it makes this feel like a more shallow irrelevant movie

Antonio Caruso: Despicable Me 2 is better than the first one!!!! 

Aubrey Acuna: There were many main points in Despicable Me 2, so many that I forgot some of the movie and had to watch it again. I think that the movie writers had lots of different ideas, but I think they used too many of them and should have just focused on a couple.

Destiny Hayes: I love both but I prefer the 2nd one

AlexAndriy1995: But minions in Despicable Me 2 was Awesome)

ickeyViki: I don't think i liked the minion at all. I mean yeah they were funny at first ....then it sort of got annoying .........i liked them when they turn purple much funnier. The stroy/plot was not bad. Al Macho was the best .....

Sujosh Mukherjee: I really loved despicable me 2 more than despicable me 1. But Despicable me 2 could have been absalutely phenominal if it wern't for the childish ending but whatever

MrFX313: I prefer the 2nd movie...Despicable Me 2 is something I can watch over and over...the love interest was actually quite funny and the parts with Shannon had me cracking up.

RandomMan8910: I prefer the 2nd one but i still say that there should be a 30-45 mins short film of just the minions 

Arry Ferrari: Better than #1

belac madas: the minions are so horribly stupidly terribly unfunny.

ric ancira: i heard the 3rd one is gonna be all minions.

Wolter Wyshen: Al Macho was voiced by Al Pacino, and you looks like Al Pacino, so it's no surprise that you like Al Macho!) 

Paula Ortiz Cortada: My favourite movie!

Conor Hagen: I wish I had a minion 

Katharine Shelby: I love both

baby powa: KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junwoo Jang: LIPSTICK TASER!!!!!

MrDrawingboard1: I would say I like both of them evenly overall, but because there were things in the first movie that I liked better than what's in the second one, and theres things from the second movie that I like better than the first (If that makes sense). Both of them made me laugh every 10 seconds so I'd say there about even.

Owen MC: I would say I would buy it on Blue Ray if I had kids and they liked it which I'm sure they would.But as of now (Good Time,No Alcohol Required) is the perfect rate.

Jesus Galvan: 2nd the 2nd is way funnier

John Castano: I liked The 2nd one and it's animation, buttt the way a lot of my friends hyped it i was a bit underwhelmed but still really good fun

pensfan044: First one was better. Also, did anyone else see the Batman/Bane reference in this?

Joe Pomponio: First off, when i saw this movie in theaters the only good part of the movie was the credits. I don't really understand why people liked this movie really. I hated. The script and the acting are terrible and people at my school liked the movie because of the minions and really i thought of myself, did u really pay attention to the story or u just want to see this movie because the minions. Don't give me that excuse that it is a kids because thats not excuse to make a awful movie. I really hated the half of the movie and before the second half, i rated the first half a 0/10 and the second half i rated a 4/10 because i liked the el macho part when he became giant and he was trying to stop gru form saving his girl which i hated in this movie. Why was it nearly a billion dollars in the box office for this movie because of the minions, big freaking deal and despicable me 2 is not the definition of a kids movie. A definition of a kids movie is toy story 9.5/10, monster university 8.3/10, lion king 9.6/10, finding nemo 9/10 and wall-e 9.4/10 and all these movies i listed is from pixar/ disney and see these movies because they actually teaches your kids something about life and these movies have amazing quotes that teaches your kids how to accomplished their lifes. Despicable me 2 doesnt teach your kids something, it's nothing about dancing, gross humor and terrible acting. Despicable me 2 was probably the worst kids movie i have ever seen in 3 years and the #1 worst kids movie i have ever seen was Shrek the third 0.2/10.I rated despicable me 1.5/10. If you are looking for a kids movie, don't watch despicable 2 it will make your kids even more and more dumber. 

Lourdes Saenz: 2nd one

Mary Mukherjee: my cousin cried when i saw it with him

JOSEPH O JAMES: This movie is horrible....just horrible

Chris Rambo: this vid came out on my b-day!!!

AlexAndriy1995: I liked first more than sequel. IT got same funny moments but for me Despicable Me 2 was just ok, nothing more

john lopes: Hey jeremy, awesome review. Can u please review Surfs up. 

Despicable Me 2 movie review 4.9 out of 5

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