Despicable Me 2 Movie Review

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Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!: Can't believe this video is 4 YEARS old!

queendsheena1: Wow. So after criticizing D1 for not being nearly as good as Toy Story or How to train your dragon, this heartless sequel is what you love? I love the Despicable Me franchise and even I refused to see this sequel because of the lackluster trailers. I still gave your video a like since your review was good. But I'm confused outside of El Macho how you can love this movie.

Awesomebacon: I prefer the second one. I thought totally agreed

RyeCustard: Wtf you mean "a little bit of the love interest" they got married in the end

Corey Messick: You ARE 2 despicable you foul mouthed jerk

Berserk Gantz: is movie is kinda boring

Herohammer Studios: I didn't like this film and I thought Minions was a lot better

Eric Ryder: Hello Jeremy, Eric Ryder here wonderful review on the movie "Despicable Me 2". As a whole I really enjoyed the movie immensely and I liked the idea that the protagonist in the story was more like an anti-hero rather than cute, fuzzy critters like in most animated films. It was great to check out on Gru and see how he's settling with life with his three daughters and I thought by adding Lucy Wilde to the mix was great, though I found her a bit too cheery at times even in very dangerous situations. The villain in the story was fun El Macho a beefed up wrestler with a concoction to provide super-strength even turning the Minions purple and evil. In enjoyed the fact that Gru wasn't fully watered down, he can still be menacing if he chooses to. The Minions were the best thing about the movie as they were fun to watch and were the funniest things about the movie. The only gripe I had was that the narrative was too loose and I think the characters were underused to their fullest potential. Also the movie drags a bit midway, but at least the climax pick up in the end. Overall, it was a great family film I truly enjoyed. Please visit my channel sometime and check out my review on "Despicable Me 2". Feel free to leave a comment. Okay? Nice job!

Joseph Chambers: How can you like this movie and not the first one?

Doriartus: I personally prefer the first one just because I prefer Vector to El Macho don't get me wrong El Macho is cool but Vector is like a cross between Gideon Graves and Bill Gates and I just love that 😂😂

John Berchmans: This is actually my favorite animated film. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I stand to that decision.

thetruephoenixful: Minions need to go away

Robert Mills: IIITTTSSSS SOOOO FLUUUUUUFFFFFFFFYYYYYYYY!!! that line alone makes the first movie better...

gradgurl2007: The chicken! El Macho's Chicken!

Natalie: I like the second better than the first

dcskaeur: Seeing this video right after your "Despicable Me" review and realising how fast you actually talk.

Conner Tobey: I prefer the first movie, I think the villain is better, I think it's funnier and I think it's a better story, I watched the first one a few times, but I will never rewatch this movie

ClaudiusValentine: ok the 1st film obviously didnt know how the people watching would take it of who they'd love and fans took to minions and gru so in part 2 we got more crazy comedy from minions and we got to see what we all thought as gru is better off being good then evil plain and simple

Travalon: Despicable Me is the film version of the Rayman Raving Rabbids entries. Raving Rabbids 1 and 2 were okay/mediocre (as party games, not Rayman titles). Then the producers figured out that it was the crazy/silly Rabbid creatures that were selling it and so just made a game about the Rabbids.

Despicable Me 1 and 2, okay you get people like Jeremy who take the film as a whole, but a lot of people are just like "hurr hurr minions" and probably don't even remember the okay/mediocre plot, so now we get a film where its just the minions.

redmoon: I always automatically agree with you Jeremy. haha Yes, this was better than the first one.

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Despicable Me 2 movie review 5 out of 5

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Despicable Me 2 movie review